It’s a happy day for Pandora collectors the world over, as today sees the Pre-Autumn 2018 collection hit the stores! Offering contemporary signature designs (and the odd slice of pizza), this collection aims to highlight how well Pandora’s three key finishes – silver, Rose, and Shine – complement each other.
PANDORA drop 4, signature beads

Again, I wasn’t able to preview this collection in advance, so this is going to be something of a Pandora Pre-Autumn mega post, offering a detailed walk through the collection, live images and a promo alert, too! ?

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 collection overview

Beginning with the bracelets, our first offering is a Rose take on the popular mesh bracelet, priced at $150 USD / $165 CAD. This looks absolutely stunning and is one of my favourites from this launch!

We already received a silver version of this bracelet back in Spring, but to me it’s more beautiful again in a Rose finish. The Rose sets off the shimmer of the CZs in the clasp very nicely! It’s pricey, however, at $175 USD / $195 CAD.

This bracelet is also available in a Pandora Shine finish, priced at $200 USD / $220 CAD.

First up for beads is this lovely charmification of Pandora’s classic Crown ‘O’ logo, available in silver, Rose and Shine finishes. The silver version is priced at $45 USD / $50 CAD.

The Rose version retails for $55 USD / $60 CAD.

And, finally, the Shine version is $65 USD / $75 CAD.

All three of these Logo Hearts clips are silicone lined, meaning that they’re intended for use on non-threaded bracelets such as the smooth charm bracelet or the bangles. The silver version is $55 USD / $60 CAD.

The Rose version will be $65 USD / $75 CAD. The Rose finish always sets off clear CZs very nicely, but you do lose the oxidation that brings out the heart detail in the silver version.

The Shine version is $75 USD / $85 CAD.The Spinning Hearts of Pandora, retailing at $65 USD / $75 CAD, is an unusual design, as the two halves can be spun! It reminds me of a little cotton reel.

The Hearts of Pandora spacer offers a stripped back version of this design. In silver, it costs $45 USD / $50 CAD. In Rose, it’s $55 USD / $60 CAD.

In Shine, it’s $65 USD / $75 CAD.The Spinning Pandora Signature charm has a spinning centre, one side adorned with pavé-set stones and the other with a sweet silver heart. This is priced at $55 USD / $60 CAD. These new alphabet beads will be replacing the Vintage Letter charms that were introduced back in 2016. The front of each charm is plain silver, but the back of it has some pretty beaded detailing and Pandora’s beloved little silver hearts. These are rather sweet, although I wonder how well they will sit with other charms, given their very 3D design. Each is priced at $35 USD / $40 CAD. Next we have two slightly oddball newcomers! These are two pendant charms inspired by Italian cuisine – pizza and pasta! I can imagine these being most popular as tourist souvenirs. The Love Pizza, retailing for $50 USD / $55 CAD, is adorned with coloured enamel and CZs, and has a little dangling pizza slice to accompany the main charm.The Love Pasta charm would be a little more easy to style, given its all-silver design. It’s cheaper at $45 USD / $50 CAD.

Finally for charms, we have the Dazzling Love Birds, which is exclusive to China. Pandora’s copy for this charm states that there are ‘love bird’ motifs in the charm – I can’t see them from the stock image, so I assume they are silhouetted beneath the crystal in some way?

Pandora country exclusive China

We also have a selection of accompanying jewellery: this is mainly silver, but there is one pair of Pandora Shine earrings, too. Again, the pieces focus on Pandora signature motifs.

Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 live images

Many of the live images focus on the beautiful arrangements that are possible through mixing the three different finishes, with the new logo charm a particular favourite. There are few full bracelet designs – most focus on simple bangle or leather stylings, picking out a handful of the new beads as focal points.


Pandora Pre-Autumn offer for the US

Starting today, Pandora US are offering once again this white leatherette jewellery box as a GWP! It’s available for shoppers in the US with spends of $125 USD or more.

Pandora US jewellery box

My Comment

This is a pretty and contemporary collection – nevertheless, nicely put together as it is, it doesn’t quite set my imagination alight, primarily as the focus is on decorative rather than collectable pieces. The new bracelets in their different metal finishes look gorgeous, however, and I particularly love the two Rose options. The charm that I think will stand out for many Pandora lovers is the Signature ‘O’, which looks striking in every finish. It would be beautiful styled alone, and I like the idea of contrasting metals – putting a single silver ‘O’ on a Rose bracelet, or putting the Rose ‘O’ alone on a silver open bangle. The pizza and pasta charms are very quirky, but I struggle to think how I would style either.

What do you think of this collection? Is anything on your wish list?

83 Comments on Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 collection debuts

  1. Wow it looks absolutely beautiful I especially love the pandora versatile earring, the pasta charm is so cute. Looking forward to seeing it in our south African stores.

    • Yay, glad you like it! My favourites are the new bracelets and the Crown logo bead – particularly in Rose ?

      • The pizza is the only thing I fancy from this collection, shame we don’t get it. I have my signature bracelet and I don’t need any more of the same :-/. I’m gutted that the box isn’t a GWP here in the UK as I’m waiting for our next promo in order to get the pieces I do want :-/. I’d rather have a free bracelet as mine are all almost full but I’m patiently waiting for any promo right now before I buy what’s on my list ;-).

        • I’m waiting on a promo too. I’ve got 2 charms that I desperately want, but I’m wondering if there’s a promo coming up at any time soon?
          There was one last summer, I got 3or 2 on some charms!

        • There’s usually one at the end of July but it tends to be 3 for 2 on rings or earrings but one year it was on leather bracelets, that was my very first Pandora :-). It’s been many years now since the leather bracelet promo that I feel we are about due for another one ;-). Passed couple of years we’ve had an Essence free bracelet earlier in the year but that didn’t happen this year :-(. I’m hoping we don’t have to wait for the Christmas ornament before we get a promo here, they seem to have one every month in America :-/.

        • I hear that there is a 3-for-2 offer starting in the UK next week – if that comes off, then that should make up for missing out on the jewellery box promo! :)

  2. Hi Ellie, thanks for the post. I’m keen to get the crown logo charm that’s all. Wondering if there will be any upcoming GWP in AU here?

    • Hey Shirleen, I’ve not heard of anything but then I am still catching up. I’ll see if I can find anything out! :)

  3. Nothing special. Signature jewellery is farcical.
    I saw other charms like lace hearts, grains… When will be rest collection?

  4. I don’t see the pizza or the pasta charms in the german website ?. Do you know if these items will be available here at some point?

    • Pandora is quite unpredictable on this kind of thing, but I would have thought that if they were planning on releasing them in Germany/UK that they would have done on Thursday. I can’t see why they’d delay them. :/

      • I just asked in my local Pandora Store (Baden Baden) and they told me that the pizza charm, pasta charm and the love pods will not come to Germany :( (at all) ??‍♀️

  5. Nothing for me in the Pre-Autumn collection. I do like the Rose Mesh but it’s a bit more than I’m willing to spend on a bracelet. I’ll be waiting for the Autumn collection to be released as well as the Disney additions. I already snagged 3 of the Jewelry boxes during the Mother’s Day promos so I don’t need another one. I was able to finally get the Dream Catcher during the 20% off sale Tuesday. So unless Rue La La gets anything new between now & the Autumn releases I’ll be saving up for those.

    • Both Rose bracelets are lovely but yes, expensive! Gosh, three of them, that’s rather nice. :D I’d be tempted to try and do the US promo to get that jewellery box, as I do like the cream, but I think I’d be better waiting for some new beads to go on Rue La La or for the 3-for-2 promo in the UK. I have enough jewellery boxes! ?

  6. The pizza and pasta charms are being sold here in a “passion for Italian food” pack. Wonder if they plan to release further foodie charms.

    • That would be fun! THey’re doing a hot cocoa charm for Winter as well, so they do seem to have a little trend of doing comfort foods and drinks. :D

  7. Ellie,

    Love the Signatiure O’s my plan is to eventually get all three, not at once though. Well my next favorite from this release is the new 3D letters! Guess who is finally going to get her ABBA bracelet, ME!!! I think I will be able to do backward B with this letter design! Just in time for the Mama Mia 2 movie. As a kid I had their albums , then cd’s. I think this new style will be fun to play with and no CZ’s! Hurrah! I love the two sided option and the use of beading. The spinning hearts is so elegant and I love that it moves, I fiddle with my charms as a way of self-soothing when in a boring meeting, this charm will come home with me for sure, just not sure in which finish.
    Whoever is running Pandora’s design team should be given a pat on the back for putting out more charms with themes. I do plan to visit Italy and the pasta or pizza bead would work great. Actually hubby & I do pizza once a week and have been for a few years, so perhaps the pizza charm before going to Italy. The enamel works on this charm & it was smart to make the pasta all silver with no enamel. I agree either of these would make a great souvenir charm.
    I am pleased to see Pandora being more playful.
    Ellie, thanks for this fab post! I realize waiting for the Pandora OK is new and perhaps frustrating, but you are an inspiration in patience.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa, what a good idea for an ABBA fan! You are brilliant. I could have think of it myself all that years ago when I was a pre-teen and totally crazy for them. Shame there was no Pandora back then, lol! I still get thrills when I hear their songs. However, I wouldn’t want to wear their name around my wrist nowadays. It was a very brokenhearted brat they left behind when they parted ?

    • Hi Lisa! Ahaha, I would never have thought of doing an ABBA bracelet but now that you mention being able to do a backwards B I can just imagine how perfect that will look! Please do send me a picture if you do it :D I am also a terrible bracelet fidgeter when bored, so I totally empathise with the appeal of the spinning heart, haha. The thing I like about the little pizza bead is that they added the extra slice as an extra dangle, such a cute detail. ^^
      Haha, thanks Lisa! Patience is honestly not at all my forte, but as always I try to be better! ? Thanks for commenting, it was great to read your thoughts on these pieces :D

  8. Nothing for me in the Pre-Autumn collection. I shall keep my pennies for the next collection, I shall need them by what I’ve seen! The white leatherette jewellery box available in the US is pretty, I wish they offered something similar in the UK.

  9. If I were to get anything it would be the silver crown O eventually. And the pasta for my daughter’s future bracelet, as it’s her favorite meal.

    • I love the ‘O’ as well, but I am getting it in Rose! :) The silver O was a close second though.

  10. The only thing that peaks my interest in this collection is the rose mesh bracelet. I’d like to have it to wear as a companion piece to my rose moments bracelet. Otherwise my credit card can stay safely tucked away in my purse.

    The pizza and pasta are cute but I stay away from dangle charms as a general rule since I don’t like the noise they make on the keyboard and desktop but I know my granddaughter needs the pizza since she’d eat pizza three meals a day if we let her. Maybe a good way to start another bracelet for her.

    Thanks so much Ellie for the post and your informative comments. I really appreciate the time you put into this.

    • I used to avoid dangle charms, too – my very first bracelet doesn’t have any apart from a safety chain – but there are too many cute ones these days for me to be able to avoid them! I like the symmetry they give in a bracelet design as well. Haha, your granddaughter sounds like me when I was growing up. Love a good pizza!!

      Thank you, Beth, I’m glad it was useful! It was really nice to finally be covering this launch. :)

  11. Hi Ellie!

    The Rose mesh bracelet is coming home with me today. I missed out on the jewelry box at Mothers Day, so I’m happy to get one today.

    The pizza, pasta, and spinning hearts dangle are on my wish list. I’m not into the logo collection, but I do like the look of the new letters.

    I’m anxiously awaiting the Autumn collection. When it drops I will be in lots of trouble!

    Thanks for the preview and live shots. As usual, you have helped me refine my planned purchases.

    • Hi Deborah! Oooh yay, enjoy your new bracelet! I like the new letters, too. This set and the previous Vintage letters are my favourite alphabet charms Pandora have done so far. I was a bit Goldilocks about the previous launches – I wasn’t much of a fan of the CZ pendants (too flimsy for me) or the original silver/two-tone letter blocks (a bit too heavy), haha.

      So pleased to hear it was useful! Thanks for commenting! :)

  12. Hi Ellie, my most favourite piece is the mesh bracelet in rose, but again I don’t even dream about it bc it’s huge ?
    I still live in hope that Pandora makes smaller sizes for bangles one day.
    Another interesting option I see is the crowned O on its own on a leather bracelet. Nevertheless,I’m not planning on getting it at the moment.
    The flipping hearts ring has posibilities. I like it quite a lot. Anyway, I must see everything in person. Maybe this evening (?)?
    All in all, though I don’t think much of the collection, I don’t hate it either. Not bad, but I’ll need the money for Autum! ??

    • Hi Marie! Ah, that’s a nice idea with the crowned O bead as well. It would look lovely on the black leather in particular, I think. I have the Rose ‘O’ and it’s so pretty! :D

      I hope you got to go see the collection, haha. I think my thoughts on this collection overall align with yours – it’s nice, but it doesn’t extremely excite me. Autumn is the one I’m most looking forward to! Thank you for commenting ?

  13. I really like the pizza and pasta charm . When I found out about the hamburger and the pizza and pasta charm a few months ago I made a food bracelet just so I’d have some where to put them ?.

    • Oh gosh I love the sound of a food bracelet. The only downside is that I’d glance down at my wrist mid-morning at work and immediately want my lunch! ?

  14. I’m not thrilled with this collection. The lock bracelets I feel they copied Tiffany’s. I’m tired of the tiny little hearts!! The block letters I like, but on the back there’s hearts!!! I’m just buying less of the new stuff and trying to find older pieces. I do like the rose gold mesh bracelet, but at that price I’ll pass for now.

    • Yeah, Pandora are very heavy on the hearts these days! I’m fortunate in that I quite like them, but I can appreciate that they do crop up all the time in completely unrelated designs. :(

  15. Hi,
    I agree nothing for me in this collection except the Pandora Rose Mesh Bracelet – but too pricey for me!
    Thank you for the updates and glad that you are back…we all miss you!
    Any promo coming to Canada in the future?

    • Hi, that’s so nice to hear – thank you :D I will let you know if I hear anything about Canadian promos!

  16. Hi Ellie, Thanks for going ahead and posting the Pre-Autumn Collection. I would love to have the Rose Mesh bracelet to stack with my silver mesh, but it will have to go on the ‘back burner’ for now given the $150 price. My only other pics from this collection are the Crown ‘O’ charms and maybe the spacers. I’m more interested in saving for the Autumn release at the moment. Hopefully, we’ll have a good promotion coming in the near future!

    • Hi Emily! Ooh I know, the Rose mesh bracelet is stunning. I love the padlock bracelet in Rose, too. You’re being very sensible saving for Autumn – I only bought one £9 bead in the sales here, so I figure that I have already stacked up enough brownie points to be a little indulgent when Autumn comes out haha! :P

  17. Hi Ellie,

    i bought two of the Hearts of Pandora spacers. i’m really sad they didn’t released the pasta charm here (Netherlands) as i’m a big pasta lover. i also saw the letters in real life but i thought they where really chunky so i didn’t buy that one.

    luckily there is nothing else in this collcetion for me so i can save up for the autumn. If Bruno isn’t released here i go crazy. he is looking so cute!

    • Hi Manon! I think Bruno is one of the core pieces for Autumn (he’s one of the Pandora ‘friends’ like Bella Bot), so I imagine he will make it out in every region. :) Fingers crossed anyway haha. Enjoy your new pieces, and thanks for commenting!

  18. Hi Ellie,

    Nothing in this collection for me. Waiting on Autumn. This collection has a very modern and contemporary look to it. I’m still after the lock your promise bracelet:)

    • Hi Ashley! Yes, I’m mostly waiting on Autumn, too, although I have got a couple of these pieces. Hope you get the bracelet soon! :)

  19. Nothing here I like, which is ok, I spent too much in the sale! The modern signature style is not for me at all, I like prettier more vintage looking pieces. The filigree and fairy tale of the Autumn collection looks much more suited to my personal taste. But it’s nice that there are pieces available to suit all tastes this year.

    • I only bought one bead in the sale – the Libra star sign for £9! – so I feel like I’ve accrued enough Pandora karma to excuse a little bit of spending when the Autumn collection rolls around, haha. I do like the contemporary style of these beads, but they don’t strike me as being collectable as the classic character pieces.

  20. Not much in this collection excites me. The letters are large and to me not appealing. I love the vintage style. The rose mesh bracelet is really pretty. I have seen all of this collection in person and my purse will not go flat with this group.
    Thanks for the great post. I really enjoy reading your post and missed them while you were gone. Congrats on your engagement!

    • I didn’t know whether I’d like the letters in person or not, but I have just received the ‘E’ and actually really love it! I like how shiny it is in person, and it doesn’t look oversized to me. :) But yes, overall, this collection is not in itself all that exciting, even if it does help tide me over to Autumn. :)

      Thank you so much! It’s lovely to be back. I’m really glad you enjoyed the post!

  21. Thanks for the overview Ellie! I am not sure there’s much for me here due to the branding and less of the character beads in silver. I do love the colour of the China exclusive bead, it’s soooo pretty! Maybe this is good for my wallet so I can wait for autumn and play catch up on some of the Spring and Summer collection :) I really look forward to seeing how you style the Rose ones. Have a lovely day!

    • Yes, I liked the China exclusive bead too – it reminds me of the blush Radiant Hearts bead from a few years ago, which is one of my favourites. :D I’ve not seen it on the Chinese website yet, though, so I wonder what’s up with it. Thanks for commenting, Pauline,have a lovely weekend too! :)

  22. Hi Ellie!
    There is nothing for me… I’m in love with old design charms!
    But in Italy we have both slice of pozza and pasta… let me know who needs help!

    • Hi Barbara! That is very nice of you to offer to help! <3 I love old designs, too, but increasingly this year there have been lots of new Pandora charms that have appealed to me, too, thankfully.

  23. Hi Ellie, thanks for all the details and photos! I always love when a new collection is released.
    My daughter has recently started her first bracelet, and it is exciting to see her collection come together. Most of my collection is in 14k, so I was wondering if you had any information about Pandora’s decision to continue this line. Thank you!

    • Hi Susan! Pandora are putting out a couple of new 14kt gold pieces across the Autumn and Winter pieces, as they have done for the past few years, but the focus remains on Shine. So, for the immediate future, the answer is that the 14kt gold line will continue – however, long term, it’s hard to say!

      • Many thanks for your reply, Ellie. I’m so glad to hear there will be a few pieces released with the new collections. Recently, I have purchased discontinued 14k charms on Ru la la and at the Pandora outlets anticipating further scaled-back availability of the Gold pieces.

  24. Hi ellie the pre autumn collection is allways my least favourite the bracelets are nice but a bit pricey. My favourite is the pizza charm as I love pizza. I’m thinking about doing a happiness bracelet at some point and put it on that. I would be a great travel charm but j haven’t been to Italy so wouldn’t suit me for that lol. Is there a uk promo going soon I heard rumours on Facebook. For once I’m hoping for a promo a little later on as I’m in Spain currently and they have a 50%off sale lol.

    • Hi Nicola! Yes, I think I’d agree with you – historically, there haven’t been many Pre-Autumn collections that have knocked my socks off. I did like 2015 with the travel and pet beads, I think they got it right with that. :) I heard that there would be a 3-for-2 offer in the UK next week, which would be great as there are a couple of things I think I might want!

  25. I love the new spinning necklace, the o charm and the new Alphabeat.
    But Its sad that we dont get the love pod?

  26. I may eventually get the Love Pasta charm, but fortunately no beads are must haves for me. I’m waiting for the Autumn release. Thanks for the preview!

  27. I like the spinning dangle and the spacers but I don’t need them so I won’t be buying. The rose bracelet is nice but too pricey. As you say the pasta/,pizza charms are perfect for a travel bracelet but haven’t been to Italy yet. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next release.

    • The Rose bracelet is stunning, and I love both Rose and silver charms on it in the photos I’ve seen. The mesh texture works beautifully in the Rose. The pizza/pasta ones are good fun, but I think I’d struggle to style them as they’re quite novelty in style and I don’t know what I’d put with them! Thanks for commenting :)

  28. The crown “O” is veery beautiful. In all tree colors. I m looking forward to seeing it in a shop.
    are the letters smooth on both sides or on one side smoth and on the other with citcons. Love them also, very much.

    I m looking forward to some new promotions in Serbia. I don t know when it will take place.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Helena! The letters are double-sided – one side is smooth silver, the other is studded with little hearts and oxidised detail. You can see in the ‘A’ at the top of the collage :) I have the ‘E’ and will post a review at some point!

      I haven’t heard anything about Serbia, but I hope you get something soon! Thanks for commenting!

  29. Do you know when the new disney releases are available and what charms they will be for I am looking forward to seeing new releases in the disney range. Thank you very much.

  30. The pre-Autumn collection looks very lovely, but no a very big fan on all the products. I do love the new option of the rose gold mesh bracelet and I adore the new pandora signature logo charm, the quirky pasta and pizza, as well as the new letter charms. I find those very cute and stylish to go along with my pandora bracelets. As for how to style the pizza and pasta charms, I think it will go well with a food themed bracelet. Such as the delicious popcorn charm, and the drink to go charm. I think those could possibly work well with the new pre autumn collection. ?? Thank you so much for sharing this Ellie. I always read your blogs before I decide on my pandora charms. I can’t wait to see what else there is to come!!! ????

  31. I do not like the new amulets in addition to pizza and pasta, they are too redundant, for me the ideal charm should not be an abstract design but represent something that exists in reality and also include objects drawn between stories, animated films and so on. However, something we have all been able to see and have accompanied us for a period of life. I like vintage and I’m looking for but I’m always afraid of finding fakes, here in Europe there are many. I am desperately looking for the cat’s bowl, 1 month ago my beloved cat was missing and I would like to always have the bowl with me. I hope to have the unicorn here in Italy, otherwise I will ask some of you for help. Big kisses

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