Today brings a brief update on a couple of new Pandora Halloween charms that recently launched for collectors in the US! Pandora didn’t do anything for Halloween for years, but finally got back in the game with some US-exclusive engraved charms last year. This year, they’ve continued this trend with two new US-exclusive Halloween designs.

These came out last week with the Autumn 2018 collection, and are available to buy now – read on for a fuller look at them!

Pandora US exclusive Halloween charms for 2018

The first is this adorable Hocus Pocus dangle, with some very cute enamel detailing! It’s a little pricey at $75 USD, but very nicely done.

Pandora Halloween 2018 charmThe Bootiful charm is a button-style regular bead – it’s very similar to the wildly popular My Boo heart charm that came out last year, and offers a new ghostly pun to enjoy! It’s $65 USD. Pandora Halloween 2018 collection Bootiful

Of course, for those who aren’t in the US, the Sweet Pumpkin just came out worldwide and is a little cheaper, too, as it’s all silver:

Pandora Autumn 2018

My Comment

I absolutely love the cute Hocus Pocus bead, but my Halloween bracelet is quite nicely balanced for dangles as it is! I’ve changed it a little bit since this photo – the old-school clip Dreamcatcher safety chain has been added – but the layout is fundamentally the same. I’ll definitely be getting the Sweet Pumpkin for it, though. As for the Bootiful charm, I like the idea of it, with the ghost’s funny little eyelashes and bow, but the execution isn’t quite there IMO – the ghost looks a bit like Pacman, and the bow is a little like a plaster (band aid).

As a quick PSA, I’ve been a bit snowed under lately, so there probably won’t be a news round-up for this month – plus, most of what I’d report is still embargoed! Hopefully that will be sorted soon. I’m also going to try and get round to comments ASAP! :) I’ve bought myself the adorable Bruno from the Autumn collection, and he’s been worn on his own on my new silver sliding bracelet. I wasn’t sure initially about the bracelet, but having got used to wearing it, I am really loving it!

Are you getting either of these two?

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  1. I caved Saturday and got the sweet pumpkin the Regal heart and the crown clip which I’ve already put on my Cinderella bracelet. But the rest must wait until the next spend more save more. I’m trying to be good LOL. thanks for all your updates Ellie have a great week!

    • Any word if the spend more save more will happen this month in US? Pandora usually has the promotion in September. Thanks for any information ?

      • Not a word. Pandora has really clamped down on information. on a different note has the Peter Pan charm up this morning.that’s the first I’ve seen it available for sale online.

      • A sales associate told me on Sunday that there will be a promotion at the end of the month, but she didn’t share the details.

    • Ahh excellent haul! :D I hope another promo rolls around soon so that you can pick up a few more things! Have a lovely week too!

  2. Hiya,
    Initially when I see stock images of the pandora exclusive charms they never appeal to me but as I keep seeing the iG photos of the actual beads I find them
    Sweet and quite endearing. I love your little ghost from last year it is a perfect addition to the classic pandora Halloween charms. Does the enamel ever come off of those pandora exclusive charms that you know of ?

    • Alex I have not had a problem and have purchased many of the enamels. Fingers crossed. Like the rose gold, I really take care of it. All like new.

        • Margaret, each day I run my cloth over all my charms and bracelets. Amazing what I find. I also store them in little plastic bags, bracelets with charms on, and keep them air proof. They stay perfect. I store in my jewelry keepers. So sorry AWOL for a while and just saw this! I have a large collection and I simply cannot fall behind!

        • Margaret: Stackers. They stack on top of each other. They come in a small, medium and large. I love the classic but own two large ones as well. The container store online, you can also use and they will ship from London, I believe. They also sell those wonderful charm bars that fit inside some of their styles.
          Corrosion Intercept Antitarnish bag, 4 x 4, favorite size. 1 bracelet w charms. 10 for $6.60; also 4 x 6 clear $6.88 for 10. Can hold 2 bracelets w charms.
          antitarnish Tabs also handy, $6.75
          Also sells the silicone rubber stopper. We squish them under a charm to keep it from moving. Clear and they work! Like Pandora black ones.

    • Hi Alex! Yes I think charms often look much cuter in person :) I have never found the enamel to wear on engraved charms so far. The only issue I’ve ever had with enamel on Pandora is that white enamel often fades or goes a little creamy/yellow. :)

  3. Pumpkin is cute but the other two are cheeeeeesy. However I do like the way you styled your Halloween bracelet – charming indeed

  4. I’m liking the pumpkin. I think he’s adorable. Though I don’t have a Halloween bracelet going yet, I like it well enough to consider starting one.

    • The Pandora FB pages are a great place to go to try and get help with country exclusives. Otherwise, there is an eBay seller called tiedyedeb (she’s trustworthy!) who gets the latest Pandora releases and ships them round the world. I think she mentioned she was expecting to get a few of these, so it might be worth checking with her.

  5. I did the pumpkin, the best and so cute, black witch and the dangles for holloween, hocus pocus and bootiful and did the holloween charms last year so thought I would fill it up. I am adding the Asian sunny doll since she looks ghostly to me! I have my boo bracelet with letters and it is so charming. I am a sucker for Holloween. Wearing all my stuff most of October. The shine seeds and scarecrow will be for evening time. So brilliant and dressy.simply too broke to get those silver and rose white muranos. LOL, sale needed or more promotion?. My BFF not good for this addiction!

    • Yes I think the Sunny Doll is a lovely addition to a Halloween design! It is a little like a homemade ghost :D

      • When we were kids we used tissues, one for stuffing the head and the other to wrap over. Magic marker made the eyes. We tied thread from Mom’s spool of white thread to hang them down with. We used to have scary puppet shows. Good times…

  6. Ellie don’t remember if I got that darling “my boo” last year. Hope so! Cuter than the bootiful! Thank you for all your reviews. It was really handy to have that preview for the Fall release for planning. Our shop did not get the open rose bangle. Still waiting since MOA was sold out.

    • You are most welcome :) I know the Winter release is in the catalogue but I am trying to get approval to show this too.

  7. I love Halloween, so I love all of these. I woule like to see some sparkling crystal or rhinestone round beads to go with these. I dont think Pandora has an orange or black crystal bead, do they?

    • Colleen has a good idea with the new Disney bead being black (although you pay a premium for Disney), but there are certainly murano glass beads that would match that colour scheme.

  8. Hi Ellie!

    I love the pumpkin, and the Hocus Pocus, and I kind of like Bootiful. If it looks like a “boo boo” with a band aid, maybe even better for Halloween. I got the evil queen and Figaro last Thursday. I have a place for them both year round, at Halloween they will move to that bracelet. I forgot to check out the regal beauty to see if the center has that spider web effect, I’ll check it when I go back on the 20th.

    Love, love, love your Halloween bracelet. I hadn’t thought about adding the stella charm to the mix, but it’s perfect. And the rock star clips compliment the design. I have crazy clips on mine at the moment, but I might switch.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Deborah! Aha, I’m really not keen on the execution of Bootiful but I do like the idea of it. I forgot to look at the Regal Beauty as well, do let me know if it’s spider webby! I always wanted them to do a spider web openwork, it would be so pretty!

      Thank you! :D I never thought I’d ever do a Halloween theme but it was actually so much fun to put together. <3

      • Ellie, didn’t think I would either and I am hooked. I wear it all month of October! Wish I could ignore a holiday but even Valentines Day hooked me!

  9. I purchased the new pumpkin for my Halloween bracelet and it really looks cute. It really ties in well with last year’s Boo charm. Waiting for the scarecrow charm to come out. Hopefully this week and then my Halloween bracelet is done.

    • Oh yay, I’m so glad! I am really excited to add that to my bracelet :) I’ve not even seen it in store yet!

  10. Hi Ellie, your Halloween bracelet is very festive and cute. I am passing on holiday charm with exception of the CNY ones. My Pandora spending a little out of control over this past year so I am drawing a line on starting any designs for Halloween, xmas etc. Instead, l am focusing on designs that I can wear on a regular basis.

    • Thanks Kelly! :D I hear you on the spending. I went overboard last year as well and this year I have been much more restrained. I’ve done a few mini designs and only worked on one full bracelet, so the temptation to hoover up beads is not quite as it was haha. You sound very sensible! :)

  11. Hi Ellie, sorry to hear that you´ve not been exactly full of beans. Don´t stress trying to answer to our comments. You do more than enough. Of course your responses are as welcome as your posts but we understand that you have other things in your life that demand your attention ( we all have) and you have to take care of yourself first of all.
    On a different note, I´m not a fan of Halloween beads or Day. When I see all the children running about dressed up as if they were zombies or vampires or witches I find it too spooky, so no complaining here about the lack of beads for the occasion ( the pumpkin has not even been released). I very much prefer Bruno and fairy tales, lol. BTW I haven´t seen the “our fairy tales” dangle either. And this one I was planning on getting :(
    As for Pandora´s obsesion with secrecy, I must say that I don´t understand it. They are being a real pain in the neck, lately.
    Thank you for this post and take care!

    • Yes, they are being a pain in the neck with all this secrecy! Don’t they understand that we only have a limited budget for jewellery and if they don’t tell us that there is a promo coming (no mention of the usual free bracelet promo at the end of the month for the UK or the Christmas ornament :-O) then we will assume that there isn’t one and spend our money on Troll Beads or whatever instead! I know what I want for the next GWP promo but if I’ve already spent my money elsewhere then I, and Pandora, will miss out!

    • Hi Marie! Thank you, I appreciate it! ? Haha, I’ve grown to like Halloween – or at least, cute Halloween stuff and decor! I never really went trick or treating that much when I was younger, not until I was a fair bit older as my parents didn’t approve of it!

      The Fairy Tale book appears to have been shelved for now :( My guess would be production issues, as ever… And yes, I understand your frustration re the secrecy. I don’t quite understand why I can’t preview things that are in the catalogues literally everywhere… I keep trying! :)

      Thanks for commenting Marie <3

  12. Ahh I’m heartbroken these are US only. I love Halloween. Also, perhaps slightly silly, but my mum calls me Ghostie (long story), so I’ve always wanted a charm with a ghost!

    • Aww, that’s so cute! There is the really old Pandora ghost charm, which is my favourite – perhaps you could try and track one of those down secondhand?

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I love this Pre-Hslloween post. I was able to get my hands on a few of the new charms from the fall release, one of them was the Sweet Pumpkin. I have managed to style it with my fall Harvest theme. It is sooooo cute & slightly creepy at the same time. Last year I bought the Blavk cat dangle & the trick or treat button charm. This year I don’t have any plans to purchase the additional moments charms released for Halloween. I like the Hocus Pocus idea but am not a fan of this version plus the price point is well, quite high. I think Pandora can do much better with this idea for example a caldron, witches hat, wand or new witch etc. I am pleased with the two I bought last year because the one dangle and button charm added something different to the overall shape of my bracelet.

    In the late fall I will be making a trip to the US and while there I will certainly check them out in person.

    As for the replies to our comments I wholeheartedly echo what Marie said. The posts you put together for all of us to enjoy and connect with each other over take a lot of your time.

    Thanks again for all that you do.

    • Hi Lisa! Haha, cute and creepy in equal measures (perhaps with a slightly heavier emphasis on the cute) is my perfect Halloween bead. So I do love the Sweet Pumpkin. He is next on my list :) I agree with you re the price points on these beads. It’s funny how the simple engraved designs are often more money than proper character beads. I don’t quite understand it!

      Thank you, Lisa, I do appreciate it! I feel very stressed when I don’t have time to do comments, as I so appreciate the time people take to leave them and enjoy reading them! But sometimes life conspires to get in the way. Thank you for the nice comment! :)

  14. Hi Ellie I’m not really a fan of either I do like the new pumpkin charm, did it make it to the U.K. Because I haven’t seen yet. Also Bruno is so cute.

  15. Hi Everyone, If you missed the Labor Yay promotion, we’ve been offered a bonus day. From what I understand, it’s online only for today. I ordered a couple of charms my store didn’t have in Stock and got the 25% off.

  16. Hi Ellie,

    Loving your Halloween bracelet. I have the new pumpkin and other charms from the Autumn launch on hold hoping for a good promo later this month. My store had received some of the Autumn release, but had not put it out. We were not allowed to purchase anything either. I did get a private sneak peek, tho’. Some of my favorites are the Disney Jiminy Cricket and the Evil Queen’s Black Magic and Pinocchio. My store had not received much of the Disney, other than the Snow White charms. I keep hoping Pandora will get their act together for release day! As the Ole saying goes, “you can’t sell something you don’t have”. I did pick up Cinderella’s Wish and Slipper and the adorable Mouse and Balloon charms for the 25% off sale. I noticed this morning the sale has been extended one more day for online purchases, so I ordered another Cinderella’s Wish and the University Alabama Crimson Tide dangle (big Bama fan) to get the 25% off.

    Forgot to mention I do like the Hocus Pocus dangle and love the cute little eyelashes on the Bootiful charm, but I’d rather have full bodied charms, so think I’ll pass on these for now.

    Thanks for the post and for sharing your cute Halloween bracelet. Hope things settle down for you soon!

    • Hi Emily! Yay, thank you! I do enjoy doing themed bracelets these days :) especially when they’re finally releasing new Halloween beads to mix with the older ones! How odd about your store and the Autumn release. I’ve heard this from a few US people now, that the North American stores seem to be having stock issues. I would love to know what’s going on behind the scenes! I can’t say that I’ve noticed anything similar here in the UK to any large extent.

      Thank you, Emily! ?

  17. I still wish it was only a pumpkin and not another jack-o-lantern! They definitely need to work on better fall holiday charms! I would love a full body turkey (similar to the peacock) as Thanksgiving is one my favorite holidays!

    • A plain pumpkin would be a really cute autumn bead! They could definitely do some fun thanksgiving bead. A pie bead would be nice to go with my other sweet treat Pandora beads haha! :)

      • Pie could go for so many things too if it was plain silver: Snow White (making pies for the dwarfs), Autumn, Chritsmas, even the summer and 4th of July in the US – Apple pie. In conclusion, there can be pie at any occasion.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I too love Thanksgiving, particularly the Turkey dinner. As much as I love Pandora, I have been known to stray from the brand. If you are interested in the full bodied turkey I would recommend looking at Ohm, sterling silver Tom the Turkey (with feathers, a little oxidizing), that was not a limited edition charm, it may be retired but should be easy to track down if not at Ohm then perhaps on eBay or Amazon, shouldn’t cost you a fortune either. Ohm is known for quirky, so when they came out with the Turkey dinner platter and the 2.0 version the later I have, it was a big seller. They also have a Tom of the Dead Tukey that has a sugar skull theme, much pricier due to limited quantities produced. I love my Tom the Turkey, he makes it on my Thanksgiving bracelet and my Christmas “These are my favorite things” bracelet.
      I hope Pandira does a Turkey character bead one day, I think it would be hobbled up!

      Lisa K

  18. Hi, any chance of a post on the Reflexions and Winter collections? I just picked up a new jewellery guide in my concept store and they look very exciting (Mary Poppins!)

    • Hi Laura! I would absolutely love to do them, but there’s some kind of roadblock at Pandora… again…! I’m trying to chase this up and will post if I can. Not sure what the problem is.

  19. Ellie I enjoy your posts ! I’m in the U.S. and was able to get the pumpkin and the 2 Halloween charms. The stores I checked had very few of the Halloween charms I was wondering when you might get info on the Christmas/winter lines and the release date. Thanks.

    • Hi Judy! I have the info (and the collections are in the US catalogue if you get a chance to grab one) but Pandora have not let me post it yet. I’m not sure why and am chasing it up. :)

  20. Margaret:
    Stackers. They stack on top of each other. They come in a small, medium and large. I love the classic but own two large ones as well. The container store online, you can also use and they will ship from London, I believe. They also sell those wonderful charm bars that fit inside some of their styles.
    Corrosion Intercept Antitarnish bag, 4 x 4, favorite size. 1 bracelet w charms. 10 for $6.60; also 4 x 6 clear $6.88 for 10. Can hold 2 bracelets w charms.
    antitarnish Tabs also handy, $6.75
    Also sells the silicone rubber stopper. We squish them under a charm to keep it from moving. Clear and they work! Like Pandora black ones.

  21. I went to my local Pandora store in U.S. yesterday for the jewelry box promotion. I purchased a Day Of Death Skull Button charm which is similar to the Boo-tiful button charm. They could not find the bar code in their catalogue but eventually located the code. On the receipt it was listed as Day of Death Mexico and the price was $85. Has anyone else seen this charm ?

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