Today brings an unexpected little preview, with a look at some upcoming US-exclusive Halloween Pandora charms! This is something of a surprise to me, as Pandora has seemed completely uninterested in Halloween for years.

pandora autumn 2016 charming owls

Collectors, myself included, have long complained that Pandora haven’t released any new spooky designs after retiring their original witch, pumpkin and ghost charms; well, they haven’t quite committed to designing some new Halloween charms proper, but it looks like US stores will be getting some Halloween versions of Pandora’s stock engravable charms.

For me, this is certainly better than nothing, and some of the designs are quite cute – read on for a closer look at them! :)

Pandora Halloween AW17 Charms

I first heard about these beads after a reader, Judy, emailed me to let me know that she’d spotted one in her local store. Her further research unearthed photos of four new charms and more info.

These are reportedly US exclusives and limited editions, although I don’t have the RRPs on these yet. The four charms are enamelled versions of Pandora’s usual basic engravable charms: there are the Pumpkin and Trick or Treat beads on an openwork button design, a Happy Halloween cat pendant and a heart-shaped My Boo ghost charm. :D

Pandora Halloween Charms

So far, the Happy Halloween cat dangle has been the one most spotted in stores, and it’s cropped up in a few pictures online from various retailers. This great shot of the Happy Halloween cat dangle comes from eBay store, tiedyedeb, who has lots of great shots of both it and the new Winter 2017 beads :)

Image by tiedyedeb

However, it seems like the other charms might be starting to arrive in store as well – you can see the Trick or Treat and Pumpkin beads in this retailer shot below! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get the My Boo charm, too. The pun is a bit so-so, but the ghost is very cute… ?

Image by Pandora Valley Mall

My Comment

It gives me a little hope to see Pandora turning their minds to Halloween again, even if these are only more engraved designs. Perhaps we might see Halloween charms proper if these do well? It’s depressing when you see the brands going all out for Halloween (Chamilia’s annual gift sets are always such fun), but Pandora stays resolutely within their usual parameters.

The charms are undeniably on the cute side, but to be honest, that’s exactly the kind of Halloween decor I like. ^^ My favourites of these are the ghost (although the pun is a bit much!) and the cat dangle, but the pumpkin is also pretty cute. I hope that I can manage to get one.

If you’d like to see what Pandora have previously released for Halloween, and some seasonal inspiration from me, please follow this link!

What do you think of these latest engraved designs?

50 Comments on Preview: Pandora Halloween AW17 charms for the US

  1. I’m glad to see them turning their attention to Halloween but these beads are a bit too “cute” for me. I’d like to see Halloween colored muranos, a silver sugar skull, a spell book, witch’s broom, bats etc. So much they could do.

    • Hi Angie,
      I have a mix of Halloween beads from Pandora, Chamilia, Ohm & Redbailfrog. The latter makes a silver Sugarskull & spell book that iare both really detailed.

      Lisa K

    • Yeah, I definitely get that – I really like cute Halloween things (I have just bought an adorable Halloween mug for work haha) but appreciate it’s not everyone’s taste. I would adore any of the things you suggested, and would throw in a cauldron, spider’s web openwork, witch’s cat… There’s loads, and I really hope they have a go at them next year :)

    • I agree. It is obvious they did not put any thought at all into the new Halloween charms. I have bought less and less from Pandora and I have no interest in this pathetic offering.

    • Hello and thanks for your fabulous website and information,
      I am curious if you have a scoop on whether these charms will be discontinued. I am in Los Angeles, California and my local store is a pretty large concept store and never received a in store shipment. It looks like the trick or treat charm is the only one available online. Even though I initially was not super excited about these, I wish that I’d purchased the My Boo and Pumpkin charm. thanks

  2. I really do not like them – they might look better in reality but I definitely would not be rushing out to buy any of these even if they were available in the UK – possibly they could appeal to children I suppose but as the previous poster says there is so much more that they could do and these are just unimaginative

    • As they’re just engraved stock beads, they’re not as exciting for me as they could be, but I do find the ghost one very cute, silly pun aside! I hope that these do well and that Pandora is persuaded to go down the more imaginative route this coming year or for 2019…?

  3. I alas have turned elsewhere for character bead pumpkins and ghosts since I haven’t been able to find the retired Pandora ones. I have combined them with the owl, cat, and black and orange Muranos. I would love to find the retired witch, but so far no luck.

    I will probably add at least the black cat to my repertoire. I will have to see the others to decide. The “My Boo” is definitely a contender.

    Since we are fast approaching Halloween, I so appreciate your heads up. I am out of town visiting my Mother, so I might have missed them otherwise.

    • Hi Deborah, I don’t blame you! I look at the Chamila ones and I’m always so tempted. I have the Pandora ghost and the pumpkin beads from way back when, but am missing the witch. I would like to find her as well to complete my set, but she is elusive these days!

      You are very welcome – glad I caught you. It seems like many stores do not have these in yet, and it was tricky tracking down live shots of anything other than the Happy Halloween cat, but I do hope that you find them :)

      • There are a few witches that pop up on postmark but you run the risk of it not being authentic, like any personal sale website. I got the ghost that way but I’m not sure it is authentic. I too am missing the witch but I’m holding out hope that there will be a cuter one or a witch hat!

  4. Olá! Nasci no dia 31 de outubro e gostaria muito de conseguir uma bruxinha da Pandora!! Como posso obter esse charme?

    • Hi Lucilia! The witch is long retired, so unless a Pandora outlet store near you has it, you will struggle to find one. I would join a Pandora Facebook group and see if you can track down someone who is willing to sell you their one :)

      • My Bo has arrived Ellie! Please contact me so that I can send you yours. :-) Belated Happy Halloween. Sometimes that is how Pandora works. Better late than never.

  5. Hi Ellie & an Early Happy Halloween to you!

    I was so pleased to get this post just before bedtime. I have ordered from Tiedydeb on eBay before so I was thrilled to see she had these Halloween dangles for sale. I love the black cat. Needless to say I purchased the Halloween dangle right away.
    I agree that it is nice to see some new Pandora Halloween charms. A nice treat!! The Trick or Treat button charm is my next favorite, I am not surprised it is a US exclusive, Halloween is a pretty big deal in the States. It is getting bigger in Canada each year.
    Again really thrilled to see this post!

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa, haha, and the same to you!

      Yes, I’ll be waiting to see if she gets the My Boo charm in! I need it, haha! Glad to hear you got a Halloween bead for yourself too :) Halloween is pretty big here in the UK these days as well – maybe not to the same extent as in the US, but the kids like to trick and treat and all our supermarkets have their Halloween displays out too!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Hi, Ellie! Thanks for the alert and for the inspiration. These charms at least are better than nothing. I like the ghost, but I can’t handle “My Boo.” I guess I’ll just stick to the “Happy Halloween” dangle. Trollbeads has better options for Halloween, but I won’t give up on Pandora yet. Thank you!

    • Hi Angie! Aha, ‘My Boo’ is a little hard to swallow, but I love the ghost design. I like all the beads, though! I do hope that these might be a sign of Halloween beads proper at some point down the line. :) Trollbeads, Ohm and Chamilia already do such great Halloween releases, it’s weird that Pandora don’t want their share of it!

      • Pandora’s trying to get a share of it by gluing enamel cut-outs onto recycled beads. They should be embarrassed. The sad thing is, they’re not.

        • Mm, they’re doing that same thing they’ve been doing for a long time in the US particularly – using their cheaper stock engravable designs to market designs that they think will have regional but not global popularity, so that they don’t have invest so much in doing so. I don’t actually have so much of a problem with that, but I do find it puzzling that they’re clearly so nervous about doing Halloween proper. Do they really think it would sell poorly?

        • I think it depends on the market. I’m sure hardcore Halloween charms would sell well in North America, but is that a large enough market for profit? I’d buy multiples of a true witchy-witch charm in a heartbeat, not just for Halloween, but also for Christmas. I’d die for a Befana charm.

  7. Hi Ellie! It’s nice that Pandora has finally come out with a few Halloween beads, but I’m puzzled why Pandora doesn’t just add some good Halloween beads to the Moments line. Maybe next year, but at least Pandora threw us a bone.

    My favorites are My Boo and Trick or Treat, but they may be hard to find and will probably be priced more than I want to pay!

    • Hi Judy! I know, it’s odd isn’t it? I remember someone saying way back when that they didn’t think Halloween beads had the same regional appeal as the flowers, hearts, etc., and that would make some kind of sense, I guess. But that doesn’t stop them just releasing Halloween beads in some countries – they do that already!

      • Thanks for letting me know! BeCharming didn’t have these a few days ago and I didn’t think to check again. I just ordered the ghost. I like the Trick or Treat bead, too, but having just spent a lot at the recent 40% off sale, I decided I should get just one Halloween bead.

        • Hi,

          I just received the new Pumpkin & My Boo charms. I must say that for the price I am very disappointed that the enamel picture is only on one side & the other side is BLANK ! I will return the Pumpkin, as at $75, we deserve a two sided charm. Although My Boo is blank on one side, I will keep it for its uniqueness.

  8. I absolutely love my BOO CZ letters with the black mystic floral and the orange and black faceted muranco’s. I will start wearing this really soon. Love the owls and I don’t own them but will definitely be buying after your idea with the lovely Spring florals, Ellie! Now an excuse to own just one more! And I may be adding the cat! No end to this addiction. I also love Halloween. Thank you Ellie for the wonderful ideas. I too break my rule and add other brands when I can’t find Pandora. I agree, it is time for Pandora to remember Halloween with some additional charms.

    • Glad to hear it, that’s my favourite too :) I love cute Halloween decorations and things too so these beads are fun for me! I do wish they’d do more though.

  9. These are cute! Thanks for the info! I like the pumpkin. The ghost is cute too. I’ll probably get it for my daughter. I have the witch from the past. She’s one of my favorites. I have a collegiate bracelet. The colors of my team are orange and white so I wear the witch with them. I wish that Pandora would do a collegiate line. I guess that it’s hard with so many schools!

    • Oh cool, I’m envious of your witch bead! :) I never noticed her much when she was widely available but now it’s a really hard to find charm! I’ve heard a few people say they’d like collegiate charms before, and I think it would be much more doable for them to do something along those lines now that they’ve hit about these engravable charms as a cheaper way to produce regional beads. :)

  10. Thanks for letting us know about the Halloween beads not sure how much I like them but I hope it is a sign for more beads in the future
    I have the old witch and have been able to buy the old pumpkin from someone online now if I could just find the ghost. What cat do you have pictured above?

  11. Ooh I was excited to see this post. I think I like the trick or treat one best but I probably won’t be getting it for a while. I prefer the old ghost or even the sunny doll to this one. “My boo” has a very specific audience I think, and it’s not for me. But I’m glad they are doing more Halloween! I like the idea of a witch hat because it could double as a sorting hat from Harry potter. That would be a fun themed bracelet to put together!! A raven or a spider would be cute additions to a Halloween line too.

    I like your Halloween design. I’ve also seen people put the original frog on theirs too. Also there is a web bead already!! The Autumn Bliss bead would be a cute addition too. I wish pandora made a pumpkin charm too instead of the jack o lantern as you could use it through thanksgiving.

    • The old ghost is one of my favourites, too, and it always seemed so popular! Back in the day it seemed to me on so many people’s bracelets. I am in different to the actual ‘my boo’ pun but the little ghost is very cute so I would love to get one! That’s a good shot re the witch’s hat & Harry Potter – I know a few people who have used the Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat as a HP sorting hat charm as well ^^

      Thank you! :D What is the web bead though? :o

  12. I just checked my Pandora Store and they are closed for remodeling until mid November, so I don’t if they got them in or not. I called an outlet store and they don’t know anything, but they did tell me a new store will open on Saturday, so I guess I will visit them.

    I have the cat, 2 pumpkins, ghost and witch from the original charms and I have been asking Pandora every year about new charms and each year I’m told that it;s a great ideal and they will pass along my request. I was excited when I saw your blog, but then I was disappointed in the charms. I will still buy them if I can find them just because they are Pandora and Halloween. I love Halloween and have looked elsewhere for Halloween Charms. I buy Chamilia’s charms every year for the past 4 years and they are wonderful. Plus I buy from OHM, Red Bali Frog, Trollbeads, and I have found some charms on Facebook and Etsy.

    I feel like the new charms were done by a 5 year old and in my opinion this is no way to come into Halloween. Pandora could have easily used some of the Disney movies to create a collection or just redesign the older ones.

    Lets hope next year will be better.


  13. I just bought the ghost and the trick or treat beads, and I got a free ring. Can’t beat that! I just started a Halloween bracelet with mostly Chamilia beads and a couple of purple CZ Pandoras, so I kind of need these.

    Thanks for the post; I was in the store last weekend and the associate mentioned these but said she didn’t know when they’d be arriving.

  14. Has anyone bought used charms from eBay? Looking for the ghost I know it is hard to tell if they are real or not from ebay

    • Hi Margaret,
      I am tiedyedeb from eBay (Picture Credit). I do not have the adorable retired Ghost but I could point you in the direction of a reputable seller that might. Be very careful…there are so many fakes out there since this is SUCH a retired and desired charm. :-)

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