Today’s post looks forward to our next big Pandora release, with an overview of the Pandora Winter 2018 collection! This is in some ways traditional for Pandora, with icy and celestial charms contrasted with bold and cheerful festive beads. However, there are some more off-the-wall and quirky options thrown in to mix things up a little!

Pandora have not allowed me to preview the whole collection, so there are a few beads missing – these are mainly Pandora Rose or Shine pieces, or decorative charms, so almost all the characters here. And, in any case, if you go to your local store and pick up a catalogue, you can see the whole range there. :D

The collection will be out 1 November. As usual, I’m sticking with charms and bracelets for this post – other jewellery will be previewed at a later date. Read on to get an overview for what’s coming out!

Pandora Winter 2018 collection preview

We begin with some traditional frosty beads – and one that’s less traditional! The Heart Melter is a funny little charm, and another of Pandora’s more quirky offerings this year. It’s actually made from murano glass, although I don’t know how they have done its googly eyes! The other beads here are more par for the course – while they have seasonally appropriate ‘frosty’ names, most of them are quite abstract in design and could be used in lots of different ways. My favourite is the beauty ruby-coloured version of the Dazzling Snowflake. Pandora Winter 2018 collectionMy favourites are all in the next collage, however. I am a fervent lover of hot drinks, and there’s nothing like a lovely mug of hot chocolate to make you think of Christmas. The other adorable bead is the Christmas Train, which comes bearing presents just like the birthday train in Wallace and Gromit, haha.

In retrospect, I’m not sure why I put the Ice Carving bead here and not in the frost collage, but there you have it.

Pandora Christmas charms 2018

There are some space beads coming out too – the safety chain is really lovely and would work well on either a Christmas or a space-themed bracelet. And, if you want to combine the two themes, there’s always the Santa in Space bead! ?

Pandora space Winter 2018

Next, we have a sneak peek at the holiday limited edition charm and bangle for this year. The Christmas Ornament charm is a pearlescent version of last year’s Rockettes charm, with an adorable moon crescent dangle attached. Weirdly enough, Pandora gave me this stock image with the Autumn images, but I assumed it was a mistake. However, it does appear to have been released as an Autumn bead in some countries and is available to buy there now – France, for example. I’m not sure why!

To go with this bead, we have the Firework limited edition bangle. Again, Pandora first gave me this image with the Autumn stock photos, but it doesn’t appear to have been released early like the corresponding charm.

This would look nice with these two Firework-themed charms coming out – they’re not limited edition,but the Dazzling Wishes looks absolutely stunning. If you look closely, the enamel plate at the back is all-over glitter, and with the sparkling CZ explosion set over the top of it, I’m sure it will be so striking in person.

The Dazzling Firework looks more snowflake-like to me, on the other hand.

The next two beads must be regional releases, I think – they’re not in the regular UK catalogue. This Nossa Senhora Aparecida charm is pretty beautiful, and nicely detailed in enamel and silver:
The Radio City Charm must be to do with the Rockettes charm that came out last year:

Finally, there’s also this cute blue star clasp bangle!

Pandora Winter 2018 bangle

My Comment

My favourites from this set are the Firework bangle (I don’t mind the inscription this year), the Cocoa charm and the sweet Train bead. I also love the Pandora Rose Reindeer that’s coming out, but I am not allowed to preview this yet. :) I already have made a start on a new Pandora Christmas design, which currently just has the Holly Wreath dangle from last year on a limited edition bangle. The Christmas Ornament charm is also gorgeous!

Are you going to purchase anything from this collection?

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  1. Oh my gosh. I’m going to have to start a Christmas bracelet just because of the little train. My mom absolutely loves her Christmas trains so I have to have this on a bracelet. ;)

  2. Really looking forward to these; the Winter collections are usually my favourites! Any news on a Christmas gift with purchase ornament this year?

  3. Hi Ellie,

    I already have the catologue so i have seen the beads already but even though i loved reading your post.

    I really want the Christmas train and the hot cocoa for on my Christmas bracelet. i just started one this year and i only have Rudolf and the Christmas cat.

    in the catalogue i have already seen an image of the Rose Reindeer and it is a bummur it isn’t released and silver but i like it so much it might be become my first and only rose charm.

    thanks for the post!

      • There aren’t in the Spanish catalogue either. Nor is the pearlescent ornament, so I suppose we are missing out on those, too.

        • My local store told me that sometimes those cataloges don’t have everything they are planning to release and the price might change as well. Wait until November they will get a new catalog with all the updates.
          We don’t have bangles, planet of love and ornament xmas charms in NZ&Australia catalog too, however, I’m sure we will get them.

    • I REALLY don’t know, it’s just a guess, but keep your eye out for the Jared exclusive, or the Black Friday charm…This Rose Reindeer is sooooo cute that I doubt they’d only put it out in Rose. Just my opinion. That’s what I would do.

  4. Love and must have the Fireworks collection. Will need to get the Ruby Snowflake and some of the Ice Sculpture Spacers. Cosmo Tommy is pretty cute but not a must have. Love the Personal Galaxy safety chain to go with all my Celestial beads. I’ll have to see the Christmas Ornament in person but based on previous years leftovers I might wait for it to have a price reduction.

  5. I am interested in everyone’s thoughts on the Santa in the rocket. Pandora thinks this is a must have- not a personal favorite of mine!

    • Hi Kendra,
      It reminds me of 1950’s America – something my dad would have had as a toy.
      I also feel like I have watched a cartoon or movie with Santa in a rocket, can’t
      remember. I do not collect the Xmas charms, except Disney.
      Maybe you have to see him in person? There were charms on my list from the recent release and once I saw them in person I decided not to get them.

      • Hi Kendra,

        When you mentioned movie, I immediately thought of the last scene in the Chevy Chase movie Christmas Vacation. The plastic Santa and his reindeer are jettisoned into the sky by a sewer gas explosion. It is my Favorite Christmas movie to get me into the holiday season. So I think the Santa on the rocket will have to come home with me. The Saturn looking Planet of love reminds me of a favorite Satuday Cartoon show I watched in syndication called The Jetsons. I agree these space charms have a 50’s flavour.

        Lisa K

    • When I was a “tween” I gave up on my plan to be a CIA agent like the girl from UNCLE and wanted to be a NASA aeronautical engineer. We vacationed in Florida and would tour Cape Canaveral each year. Therefore, Cosmo Tommy will be a must have for my story bracelet.

      • Hi Deborah,
        Your post made me smile! My mom so wanted to work for NASA. We went to Cape Canaveral too – only once but I think my mom was in heaven! I have to admit I have been really thinking of Cosmo Tommy and the planet but ONLY if they come out with an alien.? Oh, I volunteer with a woman who as a young lady worked for a company that made something for the rockets and she got to meet most of the American astronauts. Yes, she had a crush on them all! All the memories one charm can bring – love it!

    • I can see it ending up in the sales pretty quickly. Cute but too many other Christmas charms that I would prefer to spend my money on.

    • The Santa is cute but not something I would buy. As others have mentioned it looks like an old 1950’s or 1960’s style of ornament. I’m more into the Snowflakes & Trees. I’ve yet to purchase any of the Santa themed beads as that just isn’t my thing. If I were to get any Santa it would be the Disney Mickey one.

    • Not my cup of tea. I like the Santa in the sleigh from last year. Or wast it from two years ago? Santa “must” fly on a sleigh led by Rudolf!

    • As a person that collects a lot of brands, this reminds me of something people that like maybe OhmBeads. I think it’s super cute and is more reminiscent of 1950s aesthetics. If I wasn’t saving up I think I would get it. I think it’s very quirky and not as safe as what they usually do, and for that I really appreciate it!

    • I think it’s quite cute and quirky, but it’s not something I’d buy. I have all the Santa Claus charms Pandora has released so far (since the plain silver one), but I don’t think I’ll get this year’s. While I appreciate a fun and original design (that is also very detailed and well executed), I can’t seem to find a good way to style this Santa, because the rocket doesn’t really fit into my existing Christmas charms collection. I would have to start a Christmas/celestial bracelet for it to truly fit in and that doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I think it’s stupid….and I’m not a huge fan of the direction Pandora is going in,…so many things look like cheap costume jewelry compared to the original designs. I purchased a couple of earrings recently & they were so thin that they bend easily, yet the prices go up.

  6. Hello Ellie. What a wonderful surprise that you have brought me, for the first time will be launched an exclusive Charm Pendant from Brazil, Nossa Senhora Aparecida. It will surely be my Must Have of Pandora Christmas 2018. I already sent his picture to my Mom. This charm of Nossa Senhora Aparecida is a small and wonderful work of art, full of beautiful details. Here in Brazil will sell water, because Nossa Senhora Aparecida is Holy Padrueira do Brasil, many Brazilians are devotees of this saint, including me. Thank you very much, Ellie, for the beautiful news you brought me. Great weekend rest for you.

  7. Thanks for your post Ellie,
    My store still has not received the catalogs and I am frankly tired of going in to ask for it. So without you I would not know what is coming up! So thank you so much!
    I think the hot cocoa mug is super cute and would like to see heart melter in person. Lots to choose from! And if they ever came out with an alien I would consider getting her with the planet.
    Thanks again!

  8. Once again the bangles have stole my heart they are stunning, I really like the hot chocolate charm and the Christmas teddy is cute too.??

  9. Hi Ellie!

    Once again, Pandora has designed a lovely collection with a little something for everyone!

    The Christmas charms that jump out at me are the train and the hot cocoa. The bear is cute too. As is the Rose reindeer. May have to back up and get the tree and the gift in Rose…

    I love all of the fireworks themed charms and the bracelet. I’m wondering if the glacial charms from last year will be the same color blue. Wouldn’t that just open up so many possibilities! And I could see a dazzling bracelet design for New Years Eve as well as a redesign of my July 4th bracelet to include these new ones.

    I too am hoping the stores will have the new catalog soon. I wonder if the Reflexion release is responsible for the delay in the stores getting these in…

    Thanks for the collection preview!

    • Hi Deborah,

      I echo your wish for the same shade of blue used the n last years charms, I love the fireworks especially for New Years Eve. My store in Canada still doesn’t have the catalogue, looking forward to seeing it, had to go on YouTube to see where someone posted it.

      Lisa K

      • Hi Lisa! I watched the whole You Tube video twice! I’ve been away; a quick visit to see my Mom; I’ll resume the catalog hunt now. I ordered from Be Charming on line, and they didn’t send me a catalog either?

  10. :-) Dear Ellie,
    the star bangle is my absolute favorite! Wish they had it in red or green, which is a bit more “Christmas-sy”. But I guess blue is a better color for the skies ;-)
    Thanks for sharing and have a very HAPPY day
    Claudia :-)

    • I’m with you on the blue; to me, it’s not a Christmas color. I guess it’s a winter color, but I have never decorated for Christmas using blue. I don’t even buy blue wrapping paper.

      • my guess is pandora was trying to reach and include those who do not celebrate xmas.
        I do celebrate xmas and use all the traditional red and green colors but also burgundy, blues, pinks,whites and purple. I’ve even been toying with the idea of blacks – velvet and houndstooth, we will see……?

      • I agree with you three. It´s not a colour for Christmas, yet it´s very wintry. Dark blue to represent a night sky. In winter nights are longer than days. And icy blues are perfect for snow. However, I hope that Pandora is not trying to make Christmas seem less Christmassy to include people from other cultures.

        • I mean those who do not celebrate Christmas don´t need to buy charms that represent it, sorry if my comment sounded rude.

    • I love the star bangle and want to make it into a celestial themed bracelet. I’ve been dying to start one! Anyone know where it will be sold?

      • Me too! I have been waiying to start a celestial braclet design. Really like that safety chain, spaceman and planet. Will be looking at buying during promo in Canada here.

    • Oh me too I was just wondering if we were getting any offers, I can’t say I’ve heard anything and we usually would :(

    • If they do offer the Firework bangle GWP this year and it’s before the Christmas ornament offer, like last years was I will probably take part in that offer instead.

  11. I love the firework collection, especially the dazzling wishes and the bangle – i would love to do a small November 5 design on the bangle! And the Nossa Senhora charm looks stunning, but i expect it will be a regional exclusive. My must have for Winter however is the cocoa mug, cant wait to put that on my cosy Christmas bracelet!

  12. I usually have at least one “must have” Christmas charm, and this year, it’s the Hot Cocoa. I also like the train. As usual, our tastes are similar, Ellie!

  13. Thanks Ellie. I do hope we get both bangles as I want them. Hot cocoa mug and train is a must for me plus the entire fireworks collection and I hope we get the Christmas bear. Wish we got the Rockettes charm here. I love the pearlescent ornament. Think I will be starting a 2nd Christmas bracelet. My first one is almost full.

  14. Train and hot mug for sure; love Santa rocket but not into space. Another house, will see and another bear will see. Bracelets full! Thanks Ellie!

  15. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the preview! Here in Asia out catalogues are printed twice per year, once in Spring and once in Autumn they only print the charms that are already out and newer collections are printed in brochures (not sure if that’s the right word for it) until the next catalogue is printed so there is never a way for us to preview without u!

    The must haves for me are the Personal Galaxy, Firework Bangle and the Dazzling Wishes!!! Of course the Dazzling wishes is on the TOP of my list! I just feel that its gonna go so well with the Fascinating Aventurescent (Stardust) murano, it feels like it would be better than the Vintage Night Sky Dangle! I was super excited to see it and I can’t wait to get it!!!

    Hopefully Pandora can stop stopping you from informing us of promotions and collections, U are a really important source of information to us who have limited resources for Pandora spending and a precious resource to them!

    <3 Cindy

    • I agree Cindy. November is when most people start their Christmas shopping and knowing now what Pandora is coming out with helps us to budget accordingly.

      • I agree too, I don’t know what Pandora are thinking of being so secretive all of a sudden rather than getting us excited and planning our spends :-O. Someone earlier in this post said that the ornament is rubbish this year, so since we haven’t been shown it, I’m not going to save any pennies for that! I might be optimistic and put a bit on one side in case they do the Firework bangle as a GWP here in the UK but if I don’t know it’s happening and TrollBeads, Thomas Sabo or someone I haven’t even thought of makes me an offer then I won’t be waiting for Pandora promos that might not arrive! I think that if they continue down this road of secrecy then they will shoot themselves in the foot as we all only have so much money to spend on jewellery :-/. They seem to forget that jewellery isn’t a necessity, well a bit but not really, lol ;-).

  16. Hi Ellie! Do you know if the uk are having any offers on before Christmas? Ie the free ornament as a gift with purchase or any other? Does anyone know if the next Disney release is coming out with these or at a different time? There is one of those I just have to buy along with the bangles in this preview!

  17. Hi Ellie,

    What a treat! Very happy to get this post. I have a trip to the US planned in Nov so I hope to tap into the release, particularly any regional exclusives. My must haves are the cup of hot chocolate for my “These Are a Few of My Favourite Things” bracelet. I know Julie Andrews didn’t sing about cups of hot chocolate but I think she will forgive my artistic license. The bear holding the cup of hot chocolate is a possibility, the two bangles are tempting, might have to get hubby to get one for me, I am interested in the white enamel ornament to perhaps do a red & white theme.

    I have read the other comments on the space theme and I agree it is a rather quirky choice, however I think it will appeal to the sci-fi lovers. Ohm does quirky & it sells well so it doesn’t surprise me that Pandora are dabbling in this genre. The Santa in the rocket is on my list, I think it will look great woven into my celestial bracelet. This charm reminds me a little of the last scene in Christmas Vacation movie when Clarke’s plastic Santa & sleigh is sent flying into the night sky. I keep waiting for Pandora to release a Christmas squirrel (that wreaks havoc in the Griswold home) or a moose antler mug. but that is sooooo unlikely to happen. So Santa in the rocket it is then!
    I am very pleased with the variety of charms offered. I like that the messages appear only on the dangle message charms and not on the hot chocolate or character beads. Thanks Pandora for not interpreting the character charms. The message on the fireworks bangle is ok, pretty neutral.

    Ellie, thank you for taking the time to put this post together.

    Lisa K

  18. Thanks for the preview! My local Pandora shop says the company is trying to do away with the catalogs…too pricey to print? But I like the thematic grouping in the catalog, and the tactile pleasure of circling and marking purchase choices.

    As for this collection, I wish there was more in green and red, and GREEN :) I like the Dazzling Wishes, and both the LE Rockettes ornament & Radio City charm…good to remember a trip to NYC and the Christmas Spectacular. The space theme seems cute but odd, and I do like the new safety chain.

    Happy shopping everyone :)

    • If Pandora has plans to discontinue printing a paper catalog, I would hope that they would step up their game digitally. They just abandoned their app, which I used to keep a wish list as well as my inventory. So I’ve been recreating my inventory in an Excel spreadsheet. It’s hard to design a bracelet without some resources, and the on line stores only list what’s in stock, not everything that’s available. Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox now. But designing from scratch in the store is time consuming, and I always feel bad if they are really busy and other people have to wait. We are lucky here that our store’s sales staff are really accommodating, but still…

    • My local Pandora store also said Pandora might stop printing catalogs. I would really miss the catalog.

      The Christmas ornament bead would be really pretty with green enamel. The wreath dangle from last year is one of my favorite Pandora Christmas beads.

      • For clarification, I have been told that the small “charms only” catalogs will no longer be available. But the large catalog with everything in it will still be printed.

  19. Why on earth would Pandora not allow you to show the entire collection while at the same time release the catalogue with everything in it? :p
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Reflexions….

  20. Hi Ellie, Thank you for the Winter preview. Even tho’ I’ve seen pictures, there is no substitute for your wonderful previews. I always enjoy getting your take on everything. My favorites have to be the Warm Cocoa Mug, Christmas Train, Dazzling Ruby Snowflake and Christmas Ornament. I also like the LE bangle for this Winter along with the firework charm. I’ll most likely add the adorable Rose Reindeer to my Rose Christmas bracelet from last year. I always look forward to seeing the Christmas ornaments each year. Have you seen them Yet? Thanks again for the lovely preview!

  21. Hi Ellie, I’ve got the catalogue last week and was suprised to those those quirky christmas charms. So cute…. To buy them means a new bracelet. ? The train, hot coco, planet love, santa in rocket and the LE firework bangle are my top favourite. Hopefully there will be a free LE bangle or any bracelet on promotion this Christmas season for Australia. ? Have a good weekend.

    • Yes…to buy them means a 3rd Christmas bracelet for me as well. Yikes!!! But I love the train and rocket ship and dangle house…it reverses to see the inside of the house…very special, and the Radio City since I used to live in NYC. I agree…MORE GREEN. It is time.

      • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! I’ll Be Home for Christmas theme. Too cute to pass up. I’ll be starting another design as well. Maybe for a necklace this time…

  22. It’s great to see an update! I like the Christmas train. The personal galaxy safety chain makes me wish I hadn’t bought one in the 3 for 2 because this would fit night sky theme. I like the Planet of love & Bobby dog. Love the Fireworks bangle. The Dazzling Wishes & The Dazzling Firework are on my list. blue star clasp bangle is pretty too & I’m currently collecting blue muranos & star charms that would go perfectly, but it will have too wait as my list is too long as it is.

  23. Love this post! For the holidays I like the mug and train too. Fireworks in the US are more associated with Independance Day but I see how it could be more globally relevant for New Years Eve. I love the fireworks theme for 4th of July! The Ice themed are pretty (especially the spacers) as I like the baguette shape and they seem versitile as just decorative beads.

    The Personal Galaxy and Planet of love are great for a star themed bracelet. It looks like the Planet of Love has some enamel though and that kind of bummed me out; would rather it be solid sterling. Cosmo Tommy is pretty adorable and if you’re going that route, why not Santa in a rocket haha. Heart Melter is a miss for me.

    Finally, I actually like the more elegant perlescent christmas ornament better than the gaudy bright red one that came out last year. Thanks for the nice preview!

  24. Great preview. I noticed the Christmas bear, planet love & reflections were not included in the Australian catalogue along with the other items so I suppose we are not getting them :( Confession time: I have about 8 dedicated Christmas bracelets, of mixed brands, so I really look forward to the Christmas beads. Love hot cocoa, cosy Christmas house, train, perfect Christmas & ornament. Would love to get the teddy also & planet. Definitely getting star & moon safety chain & star clasp bangle also. But compared to previous Christmas releases (I won’t call it a winter release as I live in the southern hemisphere) I feel they have really cut back on Christmas themed charms. Perhaps it is to make way for Disney Christmas charms? But I am not interested in them.

    • I’m glad you confessed. I too have far too many Christmas charms. I’m up to 4 or 5 Christmas bracelets/necklaces! I haven’t reassembled since I added charms from Rue and the sales since last Christmas. But we wear them from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day. So it’s not all that bad. They all get worn many times in rotation. At least that’s my rationale. ??

  25. My
    Favorite of course is the Brazil exclusive which I have no clue how I would actually get. I like the space theme but not the Xmas space theme. It is nice to see pandora thinking outside of the box once again. I think your choice of the cocoa drink is perfect for winter and I can even see it being a lovely additional to Valentine’s Day theme as well With the reds

  26. Thank you for the preview pictures and information on the new winter collection. There are many charms for me to get along with autumn collection i have yet to get.

  27. Hi Ellie, thank you for posting. I am super busy today and haven’t been able to go through the comments so I don’ t know if I’m in the majority or in the minority here but overall I think Pandora won’t be at its best this year. There are some cute pieces, however I think it lacks seasonal feeling. An astronaut? A “bot-dog”? A planet?
    I’m the kind who melts with snowflakes and Xmas trees. Wait! No new Christmas tree at all????!! I’m a bit disappointed.
    On the other hand, my favourites are the hot cocoa cup, the train, the teddy bear, maybe the red pendant house and I must see the fireworks dangle in person. So far that’s all. I have gone through the new catalogue a hundred times by now and maybe it’s just me but I find this collection as a whole lacks sentiment. Well, not so bad, as there are still some beads I want from last year.
    Oh, by the way I made a nice Christmas haul in the summer sales and then in England. Good deals!
    Thank you again for sharing this pictures with us and have a nice weekend.

    • We got spoilt last year with Pandora Christmas charms. I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy last year’s Christmas house when it was on sale before it retired as I prefer charms to dangles.

  28. Hi Ellie! Thank for the preview! I am pretty much obsessed with Christmas, so as usual, I am a sucker for this Winter Collection. I am with everybody else that the Warm Cocoa charm is definitely at the top of my list—it’s too adorable! Some of my other “must haves” are the Dazzling Snowflake (I love it in cerise), the Personal Galaxy Safety Chain (would look perfect on my blue/green winter celestial-themed bracelet I started last year), and the new white pearlescent Ornament Charm. I love both bangles as well, and my blue/green design would match PERFECTLY with the star bangle. These bangles are not in the US catalogue, so I am assuming at least one of them will be a GWP? The firework bangle and charms might work for a Fourth of July theme here in the US. I have also seen a Pandora Rose reindeer charm that I “need,” as well as a button-style charm that says “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” which reminds me of the iconic Mariah Carey Christmas song.

    • The bangles are not in our Australian catalogue either. I am hoping one is a limited edition and not published and the other is a GWP.

      • As am I Lozzie

        I’m in Adelaide and am absolutely desperate for these two bangles to be released here.
        Along with the spaceship Santa charm and the planet one too.

        Last year in this release I’m almost positive that’s when I got the engraved bangle that says “You melt my heart” as a GWP

  29. Hi Ellie!

    I a, so excited for this release (a sentiment I have been declaring quite frequently this year since I pretty much took a one year hiatus last year from purchasing Pandora.) Charms I fancy the most? Unequivocally, Warm Cocoa, Christina’s Train, and Tommy Cosmo will be amongst my must have purchase! ?

    I am a little perplexed by one of the designs, perhaps you can enlighten me… What the heck is Heart Melter? I know it’s mainly comprised of Murano glass, but what it is? Is it a marshmallow, a snowball with eyes, a ghost? Not quite sure what to make of it.

    Also, the Planet of Love Charms looks cute…The enamel on it, do you think it might be glow in the dark material or perhaps just an off white color. If it were glow in the dark enamel, I would absolutely purchase that one too! ?

    Per usual, your posts are absolutely amazing! ?Yours is my source for current Pandora events/releases; I am forever grateful for the time and dedication you place to ensure all of us Pandora lovers are informed! Thank you for all that you do! ???

    Margaret ?

      • Darn. I was hoping it was a toaster. :-( I mean, who hasn’t accidentally melted odd items on their toaster? I would have got the toaster to go with the white reindeer snow globe on my “ugly charm” bracelet. Sigh…all I wanted for Christmas was the toaster.

        • Thats a great idea! Now that you mention it, it could resemble a toaster with eyes! And its definitely appropriate with winter themes! I bet your bracelet is just gorgeous! And any and all Pandora charms would look cute on it! These winter charms are just darling!! I cannot wait to see them in person, particularly the “toaster” charm! ?

      • Candle wax is definitely another interpretation ? The charm looks cute! I just don’t know how that’s a heart melter.. ?? Thank you for your take!

      • When I say I’m not sure it’s a heart melter, I meant that I don’t know if the shape and color suggests, “heart melter”. I’d be more inclined to think ithe charm was candle wax as you suggested or an ice cube! Or even a marshmallow. When I googled “heart melter” to find out what that heck that is, no prominent results returned. I am still wondering what a heart melter is and how does the name of the charm correlates to the design of the bead. ? heheheh! #unsolvedmystery

    • My thought was that the planet’s enamel was glow-in-the-dark too based on the color. Would be neat but I’d still have preferred an all-silver design.

      • I am so happy I am not the only one who thought of Glow in the Dark Enamel for the Planet of Love charm! ? I cannot imagine they paired such a plain color enamel with such an “out of this world” design! All silver would be soooo beautiful; I wish it were all silver too! But because I see a hint of an off white enamel, I am keeping my fingers crossed it’s glow in the dark. ?

        • Glow on dark would be great and agreed that all silver would be very pretty as well. I am planning to take a look at this one.

  30. My favorites are the warm cocoa and the train. Those are quite popular. I might consider Cosmo Tommy, which I would probably put with the planet of love and orbit bead and something else (maybe this year’s club charm). I’d prefer the planet of love in all silver. I like the Christmas ornament bead, but I don’t see it in the US catalog. Maybe it’ll be the Black Friday Bead this year.

  31. I rather like the quirky space themed designs and would consider purchasing the spaceman, doggie bot and safety chain. The doogiebot kinda looking a bit pig like than dog though.

  32. Hello Everyone,

    For those of you still trying to get your hands on the Russian Fairytale Fish charm, Elisa Ilana has it now. It’s priced at $90 USA. I ordered late Thursday and received mine yesterday.

  33. For any Aussies, we’ve got the buy more, save more promo happening now for the next 4 days. Just got the email about it. The more you spend, the bigger the discount. Check in-store or online for details. Gosh I’m in trouble.

  34. Do you know how much the Pandora Radio City Music Hall Charm costs
    Also do you know if the Pandora All I Want for Christmas is You will be released in the US

  35. I collect Christmas and celestial themes and I’m going to spend hell lot of money during this winter.
    They also have a few Disney charms that I want to buy being released in November… so I have at least 10 to 15 charms I want. :(

  36. I just received an email with a hint about the new line (Reflections – I believe) coming out on OCTOBER 4 ……does anybody have any info?? I am very interested in the peek I have seen of the bracelet.

  37. I’m very disappointed that there are no signs of gold charms. After collecting silver and gold charms for three bracelets and three bangles I have now lost interest in any Pandora although I still read your blogs in hope.

  38. I am so looking forward to purchasing many of the winter collection along with the new disney ones. I shall buying 2 or 3 a week .

  39. Hi Lizzy,
    I saw on some instagram accounts that some (US) people already picked their’s up and it is available Pandora US site, the white one with the ornament, if that is the one you meant. I have it on my wish list.

    What did everyone get with the winter release?
    I got the Santa Mickey round charm and Steam Boat Willie. Had a time not adding the hot chocolate to the cart! I am also hoping a sale will happen before Xmas.


  40. Hey guys
    We just had a buy 2 and get 1 free promo which was a perfect time to start a holiday bracelet. I bought the warm coacoa, rocket Santa, reindeer with red nose and the retired Poinsetta charms! Ahhh! So hard to choose but love the look! I’m debating the train now since it is super cute!

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