I hope that you’re all doing well this week – I’m sorry not to have been around as much, but I do bear tidings today that discounted Pandora is back on Rue La La today! The sale includes previous pieces from last month’s sale, but at an increased rate of discount at 50% off. The Pandora boutique is open now and will be available until 25 October at 11AM ET.

My picks are all the pretty murano glass that’s included, and also the blue pavé barrel clasp bracelet, which would be amazing for a wintry Christmas theme this season. There’s an incredbile range of new and older Pandora up for grabs.

Unfortunately, Rue La La is not able to directly ship Pandora internationally. However, they do still accept international credit cards, and you could opt for a freight forwarding service to get your purchases.

I get asked this question a lot, and so I’ll answer it here to be clear: Rue La La are an authorised US Pandora retailer and only sell the genuine article.

Rue La La is a members-only website, but you can use my affiliate invite link to access the website. Happy shopping!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I found the radiant splendor charm that I needed. I bought one a while ago but came up with a new idea and needed a second one. I couldn’t find it son store and Rue hasn’t had it in a while. So I was super happy to see it today! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Yes, rue la la selection this time is pretty good. I ordered nice murano Christmas charms. Prices are very good, nice time to start buying Christmas gifts for Pandora lovers in my family!!!! Any news about upcoming sale at Pandora?

    • In the US, there’s an upcoming Pandora Sale I believe around Oct. 21st – either earrings or rings (or maybe both) – buy 2 and get 1 free. Don’t know the details but my store’s SA mentioned it’s something along those lines.

      • I was hoping for a buy more save more, oh well can save my dollars. I am tempted to get a charm at rue but not sure if I can justify one… I will probably cave at some point.

        Does anyone know when in November Pandora will release the other set of new charms? I was unable to get a catalog.


        • Well if I would scroll through older posts I would see Ellie already answered this – Nov. 1st. ☺

        • For those that are interested in the new disney charms coming out, the disney store website now has the new disneyworld castle charm =)

      • Rhys the same thing I heard as well at my local store. Has anyone heard about any November sales? Will we even get a buy more save more?

        • US Stack, Save, Sparkle promo October 25-29. Buy 2, Get 1 Free Rings and/or Earrings. Free item excludes Disney and 2018 Winter collections. Offer can be redeemed up to three times per person. I received card in mail today from my local Jared store. I’m not sure if concept stores have this same schedule.

  3. Hi Ellie!

    I checked out the Rue boutique this morning. I picked up the red eternity spacers (don’t know why, but I didn’t own that color) and a “b” and an “o” to go with an existing “o” I use with an “x” on my Valentine’s bracelet. Now I will be able to spell “boo” on my Halloween bracelet.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I would like to report that the billing address does not have an option to select country, which means that international credit cards are no longer accepted. In addition, Rue La La only accept PayPal account registered in US now :( Is that a temporary or accidentally broken site update, or they are changing the policy permanently?

  5. Hi Len! In order to check out with an international credit card on the US version of the site, you must enter a US billing address. It does not have to be the billing address associated with the card. Any US address will do. Hope that helps!

    • It doesn’t work. I can not pay anyway. My international credit card worked in the past. Could you review you site?

      • Same here! I was not able to finalize my order now with the exact same details from my last order, two months ago, when everything went smooth. International card, US billing and shipping address. The error shown reads “Your billing address did not match the address on file for your credit card. Please correct your address and try again.”

    • Hi. Any news on this front? I still can’t place an order, and the customer support really isn’t helping much. Some of the items I wanted are already gone. How can this not be solved already?

      • Yes this happened to me too. I had to ask a friend in the US to pay for my purchase as I do not have a US credit card. I tried using Paypal but won’t let me as my account’s not a Paypal US account. Ridiculous I would say.

        • Pandora doesn’t ship internationally so I think they stopped authorized retailers from doing this too.

        • I still get the same error that the billing address does not match my card info. This is so frustrating, the campaign is almost over. And most of the items I wanted have already been sold out for quite a while. Rue la la haven’t reached out after the initial reply asking me to “allow 1-2 business days for a resolution”.

  6. I went a little overboard with this sale. I bought a few gifts, a few for my daughters’ future bracelets (cupcakes, owl), and a whole bunch for me. I bought three eternity spacers I’ve been needing to make pairs (olive, light blue, red). I also ordered the silver enamel radiant hearts bangle. This would be my first non charm pandora bracelet if I like it.

    • Hi Sarah! I think you will like your bangle in a stack with a charm bracelet. The silver enamel one was the one I got first. Then I ended up with the rest. It’s such a slippery slope!?

      • Thanks, I hope so! I really wanted the light blue but it’s been sold out in the 2 size for a while now. Silver enamel might be better since it would match anything! I mostly wear a plain silver pandora moments bangle on my left arm. So I figured this could spruce that up a bit or replace it haha.

  7. We can’t access this site in Australia.

    However,we have a great Pandora Rose promo about to start. Free rose clasp bangle and clutch with $199 AUD spend. Just received the email from Pandora.

  8. All of you ladies are the bomb! You keep me so well informed. It just makes me smile everytime I look at this blog..hugs

  9. Hi everyone! If any Pandora fans in the UK are waiting impatiently for bracelet promotion, I’ve got some good news for you. I’ve been told there will be a free bangle offer starting on 16 of November. Spend £129 to qualify. I don’t know if there will be more styles to pick from or just one bangle.
    Hope to hear from you soon Ellie.
    Happy shopping!!!

  10. 1st December UK- The Christmas pudding ornament is a GWP, £99 spend. Also, Cheshire Oaks designer outlet in Ellesmere port on Friday (30th November) is opening a Pandora outlet store.

  11. Has anyone received a VIP invitation for this year’s Christmas Pudding Ornament? I miss Ellie so much and her much needed informative posts. I’ve read stores will receive VIP invitations to send to their favorite customers, but my store tells me Pandora will send the invitations. I’ll be so disappointed not to receive the Christmas Pudding ornament, especially after the thousands of dollars I’ve invested over the years…Pandora continues to shoot themselves in the foot, as if they haven’t enough already.

    • Hi Emily, I did get the ornament email this morning. I am a Pandora card holder but I can’t say that that is why I got it. I shop when there are sales/promotions so I’m not sure what criteria Pandora has used to send out this email.

      Also, if you get the email you need to click the link in the email for the promo to work. The wording in the email says “AS A THANK YOU FOR BEING ONE OF OUR VERY BEST CUSTOMERS, PLEASE ENJOY A LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY ORNAMENT, ON US.* ”

      The minimum spend to get the ornament is…..$10! I believe the promotion is online only as well. It runs 12/1-12/24, while supplies last.

      • Hi Collectormom, Thanks for your reply. I had wondered if the criteria to receive a VIP invitation included being a card holder. I’m not. Years back that would have spelled disaster if I had been.lol My Jared store had already received the Christmas Pudding as well as their exclusive ornament when I stopped by on Black Friday. The CP ornament is lovely. I’m so happy you received an invitation. Well worth $10. I called our shop-in-shop this morning and they knew nothing about it.

        Thank you for letting me know you received an email. I keep getting conflicting information as to how “favorite” customers receive their invite. If being a card holder is indeed part of the criteria, I guess it won’t kill me not to get the CP ornament, but it sure is disappointing.

    • Hi Emily,
      I also did not receive an invitation for the ornament. I thought maybe it was because I’ve been a Pandora collector/PPC holder less than 2 years. So many conflicting posts on this. It really is confusing.
      Since this promo started on 12/1 I don’t imagine I will receive an email invitation now.
      I hope at this posting you have received your invitation.

      • Hi Terik, I sent a text to lady over Pandora at my store last night asking if anyone had presented with a VIP invite for the CP ornament. Answered with “no, store gets to decide who they give VIP cards”. I had been told weeks back I would be on the list if left up to the store. Fingers Crossed! This has been very confusing. BTW, I never received an email either.

    • I received a phone call and then a mailed card telling me to pick up my ornament (no charge). I got the ornament before I got the card, actually.

      What was annoying is that the store that called is WAY out of my way and not the store I usually shop at. I am not sure why I was on the list for that store and not my normal one.

      It didn’t occur to me that the ornament represents a Christmas pudding until I saw these comments, so thanks for that. :)

  12. Hi Emily,
    I have not received an invitation, nor would I, I really don’t spend that much. BUT, I did want you to know I’ve seen it for sale on eBay by the seller tiedyedeb. I believe Ellie has mentioned her in past posts, you could do a search. I have never purchased anything from her so maybe someone else could tell you more about her. Wasn’t sure how much you wanted the ornament. I agree, it sounds kinda silly doing a VIP invitation. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the kind response Heather. I do remember Ellie mentioning tiedyedeb more than a few times and I have checked her out on ebay before. The Christmas ornaments are such a nice little extra for the holidays and I’ve always collected them, as well as, the limited edition bangles. The Rockettes gift sets make a beautiful presentation as a Christmas gift or for yourself. I drug myself out of bed on Black Friday in time to get one at 35% off before 10:00 am. I have mixed emotions about buying the Christmas Pudding ornament knowing they were gifts for “favorite” customers…and we all know that means those who spent the most money.

    • I did receive an email invite on Dec. 1. Again, I do not have a Pandora Card, I didn’t spend that much (at least I think not). I do however do most of my shopping thru the Pandora website. So it leads me to wonder how did they choose the customers who have a chance to get the ornament? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. I completely understand your feelings, Emily. Jared is going to be running their ornament promo and I think it is more fair, spend so much get the ornament, while supplies last. Maybe go to your store and ask for it, you never know. I’d also watch Pandora’s website everyday, if they are left with more ornaments than they counted on I wouldn’t be surprised if it is offered as part of a promo. If I see it anywhere online I will post here. Are you in the US?

    • Hi Heather, Yes, I am in the US and do shop Jared. They had already received their exclusive ornament and the Christmas Pudding ornament when I was by there on Black Friday. I’ve been collecting both since our Jared store opened. I wish Pandora had chosen a different gift for their “favorite” customers rather than their Christmas Ornaments! It’s gorgeous this year!

    • It’s because of Pandora Corporate (same as last time). They’re cracking down on the bloggers and don’t understand that it’s the bloggers that help drive their business.

      • That is terrible business practices. I heard their sales are all over the place this year, I wonder why. There are tons of dedicated collectors who rely on consistent information like Mora’s blog!

        • I don´t know how you feel about it, ladies. But I very much miss the sense of community here. I dón´t know why Pandora doesn´t understant that´s free publicity for them!

        • In what way are they cracking down on the bloggers/why are they cracking down on the bloggers? As far as I’m aware, Ellie hasn’t done anything wrong. :/ All she does is post information about new products & promotions, and she always gives credit to Pandora for the images/info… I’m stunned Pandora would disapprove of that!

  14. They have extended the bangle promo here in the UK and no sign of the ornament promo yet. This year has been disappointing from Pandora. I hope they don’t continue this trend of secrecy into next year.

    • Sad but true. Pandora has been very secretive and unreasonable this year. I have always liked reading Ellie’s posts and planning my pandora shopping in advance ? and reading what fellow pandora addicts are doing and planning to buy. It’s not the same now. Merry Christmas everyone ???

      • I like to know what is in the new release so I can decided if I need to put money aside for it-Pandora must think people can just drop £££ out of nowhere. I also like having a list ready so when I go in store I don’t get all flustered and just leave. And I too love to know what other people are planning to buy and what themes they have in mind. It was/is a nice little community on here.

  15. The Christmas pudding ornament is now available as a GWP in the UK with a £99 spend. It doesn’t look like there will be festive packaging this year? It’s a Shame as I look forward to that too.

  16. I wish Ellie all the best. I am also missing her helpful and informative blogs, and hope she soon returns. I have not been buying new Pandora for a while, but I have been catching up on pieces from my wishlist in the UK outlet and sales. I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new Pandora now available, and decided I liked the older pieces better anyway. Like most people I only have a limited budget for jewellery and I like to be able to consider each piece and choose carefully what to buy. Ellie’s blog helps me to do this, as in the stores it is always too busy and it’s not possible to look at everything! Like others, I feel very frustrated about the secrecy around Pandora lately – we only get to know about new promotions the day they come out. This doesn’t create a sense of anticipation and excitement in my opinion – it just makes me feel like I can’t be bothered to go and look if they can’t be bothered to let me know in advance. I am on all the mailing lists but hardly ever get any information. Perhaps they just don’t like criticism? But not everyone will always like everything.

  17. I think the restrictions Pandora have imposed together with a busy full+time job and planning for her wedding has meant that Ellie has moved on.

    Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this blog My Pandora collection is large because of you. However,after 5 years, I have now decided to stop collecting Pandora and spend my money elsewhere.

    Ellie, I would like to wish you a lovely Christmas and all the very best for your wedding. Take care x

    • Hi Lozzie!
      So weird!!!I did exactly the same…and this year I ask my family to not buy me any Pandora jewelry! ??‍♀️
      There is something going on with Pandora that doesn’t convince me anymore…

  18. Hi Ellie!

    Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas! Hope you are doing well. Wishing you all good things for the New Year.

  19. Heather S., Collectormom and Terik,

    Made my spend for the Limited Edition bangle today at my Jared store. Manager over Pandora sales has a VIP card set aside for me to receive the Christmas Pudding ornament. They are totally free, but the store requires an appointment to restyle a bracelet, no spend necessary. This takes place on December 14th. I’m thrilled to be on the list!!!

    • Hi Emily,
      I posted above wondering if you had been able to receive your ornament. Well, if I had scrolled slower I would have caught that you were going to be able to receive the ornament.
      I’m happy you that you were able to add this to your collection.
      Let’s hope the 2019 ornament will be a bit easier to acquire.

  20. Hi Ellie,

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and the best New Year Ever! Miss you sooooo much, but totally understand your absence from the blog. Pandora isn’t the same without you. Hope you are doing well.

  21. Merry Christmas everybody from a rainy Holland!!
    Wishing you all an amazing 2019, filled with love, good health and lots of friends!!
    Take your time Ellie, we are here for you, if you feel like sharing anything again, personal or bead related!
    Hope the wedding planning is going as it should and you have lots of fun doing it!

    Big Dutch hugs

  22. Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know about Pandora offer in Poland. If you buy four items, you get the cheapest one for one polish zloty ( about 15 pence). It doesn’t apply to reflections or outlet items but everything else is included. It runs till 24th of December. However, if you want to make an online purchase, it has to be send to addresses in Poland. Happy shopping!

  23. Merry christmas!!!! everyday day hopping that Ellen is back! all the best for you, Ellen and all of you, Pandora addicts,may the New Year bring us joy, hope, peace and health!!!! warm wishes from cold New York!

  24. Hi Ellie and all the ladies in this blog. I just pop in today to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I echo what other´s have said above. Pandora is not the same without this community. I enjoyed your post and other people´s comments. I think I won´t buy Pandora much longer, since I have nobody to share my passion and anyway they are becoming too pricey for poor quality. I must say I still hope you´ll come back although you´re not able to preview. If not I wish you all the best and thank you for all the good moments and new ideas you brought into my Pandora life. Either decision you make I wish you all the best.
    Happy Christmas!!!

    • Hi Marie,
      I agree with your post. Still relatively new to Pandora, about 2 years, I have learned so much from this site. I enjoyed reading the long time collectors opinions and I loved hearing how people were going to wear their jewelry. I hope Ellie finds time for it again. It is a fun place to stop by.
      Happy Holidays to everyone!

  25. Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. We are close to putting another year to bed and a massive thanks to Ellie for all her hard work. I hope she’s enjoying wedding planning and excited about the adventures to come. But my how I miss her stylings. Pandora just isn’t the same for me ?

    • Hi Anne! The after Christmas sale in the US is going to be, the more items you buy from a select group of items, the more you save. If you buy one jewelry item, you get 30% off; if you buy two items, you get 40% off; and if you buy three items, you get 50% off. You might want to check out the My Xpressions blog, which is linked under the Blogroll at the bottom of this page, as Jahndra has kindly posted a list of jewelry items that will be included in this sale.

      • Oh Joanne thank you so much!I never knew what blogroll was. I will certainly look at those from now on I only found Mora Pandora by accident. I think my age is showing LOL have a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

  26. The UK boxing day sale should start next week, but who knows?! This festive season has been a total disappointment from Pandora. I didn’t end up taking part in the Christmas ornament promo as it was too short notice & there was nothing I really wanted. It was sad to see there was no festive packaging this year. I hope Pandora sort themselves out next year, continuing like this will be bad form. I hope everyone has a nice Christmas & good luck for new year!

  27. Ellie, just wanted to wish you a very Merry Xmas. I really miss your updates but more especially your beautiful bracelet designs that made me put some charms on my wishlist that I otherwise wouldn’t have given a second look to. Hope you come back one day if only to let us know how your wedding plans are going.

  28. Happy New Year everyone! Art of Pandora has got Valentines previews out, i tried to leave a comment there but it wouldnt load. I didn’t like anything and I was worried they were adding plated accents to the silver jewellery now instead of gold and silver two-tone. Also I just heard that in December Pandora did their Advent calendar promotion on Facebook but although I sign up for all the emails and marketing I didnt know anything about it. It seems if you are not on social media all the time you are not a valued customer – also why do promotions your mist loyal customers know nothing about? Pretty fed up with Pandora at the moment.

    • Looks like Pandora shut down the Valentines and CNY previews on the Art of Pandora blog (just like they did here with Mora Pandora and I’m sure that’s why Ellie has gone radio silent) as the previews are no longer available. So unfortunate as this is how I, like many of you, plan our hard earn monies and indulge in our little hobby that brings us happiness and joy . . .

      • I saw that today as well. Pandora is finally doing a count down on their instagram account. I thought I saw a poster asked her when the spring collection will be released, not what is in it, but when. She had no date. Pandora knows its dates they couldn’t function as a business without it. Oh, and one of the authorized sites in America is already selling some of the Valentine items.

      • Its so annoying isnt it? I dont know about any one else but i definitely buy more of a collection when I have had time to get excited about the previews in advance. I didnt really go for the Valentines collection but the fact I tried to look at it again last night indicates I could probably have been persuaded into getting something – its only a day or so till it launches and people in some countries are already buying it! Ellie’s posts were probably responsible for most of my purchases haha! Pandora looks like its acting like a big business bully, shutting down our fun!

  29. I live in Holland and today I saw a picture of the club charm 2019. Have you seen it already and do you like it?
    I thought it was expensive and not very special.

  30. Hello from Switzerland !

    I’m a Pandora collector for a long time and I really appreciate the Mora Pandora blog.

    Ellie, I wish you the best, sincerely. And you do what you want… But, please, just tell us if you stop the blog or no ???

    Best regards to everybody.


  31. Hello all!

    Does anyone know when the Spring 2019 catalog will be available in stores in the U.S.? I am dying to get my hands on one, and see what’s coming for Spring! ^_^


  32. If pandora is still following their regular release dates, the spring release has been at the end of March. This when the book was released as well. In Canada we also have had a promotion at that time too. My daughter’s bday is then so I always take part in it☺ I hope there will be some leaks as I am really interested in what direction Pandora is going in after that big bunch of retired charms happened just recently.

    • Thank you Tracey! I am relatively new to collecting Pandora jewelry, and thus I was curious. ^_^ I am dying of curiosity as to what will be coming out in the Spring! Can’t wait to find out. ;)

      Have a lovely day!

  33. Thanks Tracey. I had a feeling it was sometime around March.
    I am really interested as well. I couldn’t believe that some of
    the sale items were from last spring. If my memory is serving me
    I swear I have seen the planet that was released for Xmas on a few
    retiring lists.
    For those of you in the US, I saw another sale is happening
    tomorrow 1/13 on Ruelala and it is supposed to have new Pandora items.

  34. Hello !
    I bought floating lockets and small charms but there are no new pieces in the latest collections.
    Do you know something about this?
    Best regards.


    • Pandora spring line launches Thursday March 14th. I would look for the Disney Pandora store available charms to also launch that day.Disney Parks exclusive charms well that’s another matter they seem to have their own timetable. I haven’t seen any summer previews yet.

      • Oh hit the post button too quick. The spring preview is available on the Art of Pandora site. She does a good job though admittedly I desperately miss Ellie.

        • I know, right? I saw the turtle and immediately thought of a picture of turtle bottoms! Lol!

  35. Does anyone know of someone who lives in the U.S. and can purchase some Disney Parks exclusive charms for me? I live in Indiana, and I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, and unfortunately cannot get out there myself… Please let me know! <3

  36. If you live in Indiana then you have access to shopdisney.com. Sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the charms to show up. If you are looking for park exclusives that are not online then you do have to find someone to get them for you.

    • Wanted to add that not all the park exclusives are available all the time at shopdisney.com. They come and go. And right now there is a sale on some of them.

      • Hi Heather, thanks for the information. ^_^ I do indeed browse the shopdisney.com site frequently. I’m interested in some charms that are currently sold out online; they were originally introduced in 2015, I believe, and so I’m not sure whether they will reappear online. :) I tried to buy them via eBay, but I was horribly duped and will not be trying that again. Thank goodness for eBay buyer protection!

        If anyone here has any information regarding a “personal shopper” who goes to Disneyland or Disneyworld frequently and could help me purchase these charms, I’d appreciate it!


  37. Oh that is awful! I hear you I keep waiting for the pearl castle charm to reappear! Hopefully you will find someone soon. Good luck!

  38. Ellie, you are missed very much! I hope you are doing well. Your designs, photos, and reviews are second to none! Thank you for everything you have given to the Pandora community! We love you! <3

  39. Best sales in Canada, buy 2 20% off, 3 30% off, 4 40% off. I got 14k bangle finally, put on 2 14k Cherry Blossom from last sales to complete my dream set.

  40. I just want to tell you how much you’re missed, just like the old saying… you don’t know what you have until it’s gone :(
    Hope you are well and enjoying your break. Please know you will be welcomed back most definitely if you choose to blog again!

  41. I have been reading once again your previews and reviews of the Essence collection and finally LOL have decided to start an Essence bracelet before the beads are all gone and retired. Thank you for inspiring me. Ellie, you are greatly missed but most of all, I wanted to express my gratitude to you. Your blog have been there to uplift my spirit, to relax me when I needed it the most, and to share our passion of Pandora jewelry. With love xoxo

  42. Ellie you’re still influencing my Pandora bracelets. finally decided to do a dedicated dog bracelet in honor of my fantastic fur baby. Pre autumn 2015 all silver dog bracelet was my inspiration. Turned out super cute will enjoy wearing it thinking of her and you. best wishes!

  43. I am working on a pandora Christmas bracelet finally and ran across some earlier Ellie Christmas charm reviews. God how I miss her blog☹

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