Today sees the global launch of Pandora’s brand new jewellery line, titled Reflexions. The collection is more decorative than Pandora’s traditional jewellery, and has some similarities in concept with the older Pandora Essence line, although it is much more contemporary in style.

I’ll start with a little overview of how the collection will work, and then showcase the launch collection pieces!

What is the Pandora Reflexions range?

The Pandora Reflexion collection comes in silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine. The core pieces and charms are offered in all three finishes, and offer nice opportunities for symmetry through mixing the different versions of each piece. The Reflexions bracelets are a mesh design that look a lot like watch straps.

The charms all clip on to the Shine bracelet, meaning that you don’t have to screw them on and off like you do a Moments chain. You have a little more freedom to rearrange the beads as you like. Each bead has a silicone grip, so they’ll stay in place once you’ve clipped them on.

Pandora Reflexions collection preview

The bracelets feature a broad mesh design, much like a slim watch strap. They’ll come in sizes from 15 to 21cm. Pandora have said that they recommend 5-7 charms to be worn on the bracelet, but that you can wear more if you like – that recommendation is mainly based on what they think is most comfortable.

It’s nice to see safety chains launch with the Reflexions collection – we had a little while to wait when the Pandora Essence range came out before they produced a compatible safety chain. The design is quite stripped back, but the elegance of the double chain is rather pretty.

The charms are, for the most part, quite abstract and contemporary in design. There are the ubiquitous Pandora logo designs, which benefit from being plain metals and not too sparkly:

The Crowns are quite fun, and I think work well in a Rose and Shine finish, where the contrast between the CZs and the metal looks particularly striking:

Next, we come to some of my favourite pieces. The Floating Heart clips remind me of a classic Pandora Moments design, and a little sweetness to the contemporary look of Reflexions.

Sweeter still is the Sweet Bow, which comes only in Pandora Rose. This would be so beautiful on the silver Reflexions chain – I’d put it with the Rose safety chain for a lovely two-tone look.

To finish off with, we have some designs that will only be released in silver.

The Locket allows you to add a dash more customisation to your Reflexions bracelet, as you could pop any number of existing petites in there – spring ladybirds, Christmas beads, bright summer enamels, etc. 

My Comment

My personal inclination with these pieces would be to mix metals. For me, silver on silver, or gold on gold, won’t look as effective as beautiful Rose charms set against a silver chain, or silver pieces picked out against a Rose or Shine chain. As the textures of the various charms and the bracelet chains are so similar, I think that I would prefer the distinction in colour to make them stand out more. My picks would be the silver chain with the Rose safety chain and the pretty little Rose bow, or the Rose chain with the silver safety chain and the plain silver heart disc!

I am not, however, immediately desperate to indulge in a new bracelet concept and I’m going to reserve judgement proper until I’ve seen this in store. There’s just something about the Moments line that I love so much – the best pieces are often wonderfully eclectic and personable and quirky, or they feature beautiful glasswork, or pretty florals – and this line strikes me as something much more like standard jewellery. It’s nice and looks stunning in some of the campaign images, but I love my charm bracelets!

What do you think of this collection? Are you planning on indulging?

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  1. You need to see it, it is really beautiful and has a sparkle to the bracelet. It is really tactile and very supple.

  2. Hi Ellie,

    What a lovely treat to wake up to, your Blog post! This is indeed a new concept for Pandora that will probrably have mass appeal. Funny you mentioned a similarity to a watch strap because I actually have a dress watch with virtually the same silver strap, in this case stainless steel strap!

    Like you I will reserve final judgement until I can see them in person. I can envision this design working well with people who want something chic & low profile for the office, it certainly won’t click around on the desk like my current bracelets do at work. This would work for an evening out for someone who likes a more minimalist or under stated look. This new line could also work well paired with jeans and a t-shirt look for some.

    I am not feeling the pull, yet. I love my character Muranos & beads too much right now to make a big change. This new line will no doubt bring new customers into the Pandira fold, and that is a good thing.
    I agree with your suggestions for a mixed metal look, that would make these lower profile charms pop!

    Thanks Ellie!

    Lisa K

  3. I am loving the Reflections range xx After collecting Pandora for 12 years this is Fantastic for something different. At first I was apprehensive but when I saw this in “reality” loved it! A great new direction and a lot more shine and sparkle than in the marketing materials that have been providers! Do yourself a favour and go and check it out in person! You wont be disappointed x A great NEW direction!! Loving these new designers!r

  4. I must admit I like the charms wayyyy better than the actual bracelet design. I remember longtime ago my mother had a watch with this type of style band and knowing my mother she probably still has it haha. I think I will pass on this as for now as I stated I really like the concept of the charms but I am not really a fan of the bracelet. I have also noticed that a few charms that seemed to be sold out during the buy 2get1 promotion has magically appeared back in stock hmmm. Thanks again Ellie for always being on top of what’s going on with Pandora much appreciated ^_^

    • You are so right! Why can’t they come up with new ideas? My Keep Collective bracelet is the same in looks and charms. Pandora’s promotion for this bracelet is over the top!! Using words like Renaissance and women’s empowerment!!!?

      • Yes, it was over the top. Made me feel like you need to be part of the upper class or rich to wear it! And they showed the creators sketching out the designs on another video. I guess to make us think it was their original idea.

  5. I love the look of this new collection and it is indeed beautiful in person. I have been collecting Pandora for over eight years and don’t feel the “need” to change directions and begin a whole new look. Want and Need are very different things, and, as I age, I am leaning more and more towards the “do I NEED THIS” side of things. I don’t need Reflexions, but I do think it’s a beautiful alternative to the Moments collection, and I totally agree with your impressions Ellie.

  6. I too think it looks like a watch strap and I’m not particularly impressed. I live a long way from a store so I won’t see it in person for a while and I’m not inclined to buy it online since I’m not particularly impressed. This is probably a negative side-effect to Pandora being so secretive of late, we haven’t had time to get worked up about this and be looking forward to the release date coming; I had an email a week ago with a link to a short video that didn’t impress me either. I feel doubly disappointed as I’m not impressed with this and we’ve not been given our usual end of September beginning of October promotion either :-O. We haven’t had our free bracelet promo at this time of year for the passed 2 years now but at least last year we had the 3 for 2 offer! To get nothing when other parts of the world have had their usual promotions doesn’t engender loyalty, I’m afraid!

    • I totally agree with you Pat, I was told that with this promotion you coul only receive the jewelry box if you spent the $125.00 only on the Reflexions line. But that isn’t true there are over 1900 items that qualifies. But that still doesn’t make up for the free bracelet nor the in of season sale. I guess for me I have to wait to see what Rue la la promotion will come up with. Or wait unit black Friday for Pandora.

      • I don’t think we’ve even got a free jewellery box here in the UK :O, not seen anything about that :-/. Our sale was pathetic, all the same stuff that’s been in the outlet since boxing Day, hardly anything new. Rue la la briefly shipped over here but they’re not doing it anymore; it ended up not being worth it by the time they’d added all the taxes and P&P so I never actually bought anything anyway. I’m still hoping that we get a free bangle promo this year but if not then I’ll have to hope that something better goes in this year’s Boxing Day sale :-/. Oh well, I suppose I’ve got enough jewellery, or does that crazy talk mean that I am coming down with some kind of virus, lol ;-).

        • Pat, my friend was told last night in Pandora Lakeside (Essex) that the October promotion will start today. Ive not had any email yet, so waiting to see what it is.

        • I’ve not heard anything about a promo yet either :-/, did they give your friend any idea what the promo would be, Mandy?

          They seem to be getting worse with this discriminatory treatment, Marie, America get all the best promos and I’m not impressed, I’m seriously considering spending my jewellery budget elsewhere :-/.

  7. These bracelets are the perfect design for someone like me who is tapping away at a computer all day. No noise or interference from the charms. I do like the plain charms (not a fan of the pave ones). The rose bracelet looks gorgeous and that is the one that appeals to me. Personally though I won’t be buying these bracelets because I think $249 AUD is too expensive for the Pandora Rose version, the silver version looks like my watch strap and I don’t like Shine in any format. Thanks for your post Ellie. Looking forward to your review of the bracelet you bought with the dangle section (sorry forgot what it is called).

  8. I do like to look at the new design and well done to Pandora for coming up with something new, but it is not my particular aesthetic – I am with you Ellie, I am a Moments person! I like a more vintage, floral pink and pretty look. Reflections is nice for someone who likes the clean contemporary look. I dont even wear watches. I do like my Essence bracelets though, as they are so delicate and pretty. Saying that, I would probably buy a Reflections bracelet just to mix up my look if they were cheaper, but at this price point, I need to really love something to buy it.

    • Doesn’t look like a new idea to me!!! I have had a Keep Collective bracelet for years. Looks like an old and used idea!!

      • Keep Collective has bracelets at $59 for EACH of the colors, but they use stainless steel….I know that the metals at Pandora are pricier, but the Rose and Shine pieces aren’t competitively priced when you can get the look at KC without being spendy. I’m saving my dollars for the Winter Moments collection. Good for Pandora on branching out, but Reflexions misses the mark for me.

  9. I am very excited by this new line. I am very tempted to order online but would prefer to see it in store first. The only thing I am disappointed with is the price for the Rose version. It is more than double the price ($$) of the silver version?? I am a lot disappointed by this. Anyone else have any thoughts? I have noticed price increases on many of the other rose items also :(

    • Hi Rose, I totally agree on the price of the rose version. I quite like it but I´m not sure I´m willing to justify spending so much money at one go on a single piece of jewellery. And they have increased their prices again, not only in the rose line but also in silver. Some pieces from former collections have gone up 5 Euros, as well.

  10. Hi Ellie!

    Headed to the store today to check out the new collection launch. I think I will like the new bracelet for my left wrist, since I am left handed. I agree that mixing the metals will look best. I will probably dip my toe in the water, so to speak, with a silver bracelet and some combination of Rose clips. My right wrist will be reserved for a Moments bracelet.

    I wonder how the sizing will compare to a traditional charm bracelet. I imagine the flat charms will take up less space on the bracelet, so a smaller size may be in order.

    The free jewelry box offered here in the US with a $125 spend looks nice. And it’s not to early to think about Christmas presents.

    Thanks for the preview.

    • Update – I did get the silver Reflexions bracelet today, and I ended up with a center charm and a spacer on each side in the Shine. It’s clean and elegant in an understated way. My husband really likes it. I ended up going down 2 sizes so it would fit properly. I will purchase the Rose when the star and moon come out in November.

      • Ellie & Deborah you both have convinced me to get the silver bracelet and mix metal charms. I wish Pandora would create a clock charm that would work on the reflexion bracelet. Something like their past timebeads would be great.

    • Hi Deborah, Did you get the free jewelry box with your Purchase? I checked two stores yesterday and neither had Reflexion or the free jewelry box. This box looks larger and much nicer than previous ones. Our concept store was robbed of over a million in merchandise a few weeks back and has been closed for renovations. They were also robbed the night before grand opening several years ago!

      • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that Emily. I did get the free jewelry box. It’s not much bigger, in fact I think the white one we got last time might be slightly larger. But it is set up nicely inside with a roll to store the Reflexions bracelets on with compartments for extra charms and a drawer underneath. The lid opens upward with a mirror inside the lid. I have dedicated it to Reflexions since I know I’ll be acquiring more in the future.

        • Thank you, Deborah, for the detailed description of this jewelry box. Sounds pretty nice. Glad you were able to get one with your purchase!

  11. Yes, I´ll be indulging ASAP,haha!. I have always liked mesh bracelets, so I´ve been eagerly for this line to be released. My SAs even let me tried one on last week to see how it would fit me. My favourites are the silver and rose ones but I haven´t thought how I will style it yet. I´m on a Pandora ban for the rest of the month (sigh!), which means I have plenty of time to come up with ideas. I also like that it´s very different from other Pandora´s concepts. In my view, it looks somewhat bold and serious at the same time, modern yet simple and elegant. Comfortable to wear and suitable for work. It goes well with an office outfit and it doesn´t make any noise while you are typing. At least that´s how I think I will use it. The charms would go well on flat leather, too, so I wouldn´t be surprised if Pandora came up with flat leathers, later on.
    On a different note, I don´t see this concept as versatile as Moments. I agree with you on Moments beads being quite unique. You never have enough, do you?. However, Reflexions, as much as I like it, may not be so “collectible”. At least, I don´t see myself having more than one or two with their respective charms but that´s all. So my judgement on the line is that it´s great for those of us, who are into that kind of bracelet and above all, very suitable for work. Nothing more but nothing less. But again, that´s just my opinion.
    Thank you for covering this launch Ellie. You know, how much we enjoy your posts Take care! <3

  12. I don’t really like the watch band look. I think it looks a little… dated. And the charms look a little busy for such a textured bracelet. I haven’t seen it in person though so that’s just my initial thought. Just not my style maybe. I also fear that with all the “new concepts” being released that they are going to neglect the Moments line…eek.

  13. My first thought when seeing the bracelets was “this is beautiful and looks quite masculine in comparison to the Moments or Essence lines.” As a male jewelry collector, I see quite a few bracelets like this that are styled “for men.” I often think that jewelry companies “miss the mark” by focusing their marketing solely on women. I see quite a few male lawyers, teachers, doctors, etc. who wear silver or gold “strap” style bracelets like this with their suit-and-tie attire. I’d be interested to see if women feel that the mesh “strap” style is too chunky or “masculine.” I think it’s great- but then I’m in the arts and I have never been concerned with whether or not jewelry is “masculine” or “feminine” lol! I truly hope that it’s successful for Pandora; the brand holds a very special place in my heart (I inherited all of my mom’s bracelets when she passed away a few years ago!).

    • Hi David,
      How wonderful for you to have inherited your mom’s Pandora! I am sure every time
      you look at it you think of her. I am in your boat, I don’t care if jewelry looks masculine or feminine I wear what I like. Plus chunky bigger jewelry looks better on me – it balances me if it is too dainty I feel like an oaf?! If I win the lottery tonight I will finally start my collection of vintage men’s watches! Now the new bracelet – it reminds me of something from the 70′ or 80’s or older?- I just can’t put my finger on where I have seen something like this before. I will have to check it out in store.

      Thanks Ellie for the great preview!

      • Hi Heather! I love all kinds of jewelry too. Vintage men’s watches would be an amazing collection! I really like this new Pandora line- I could see wearing the bracelet with just one charm in the center. I like the concept of having the charms clip on and staying where they are placed; you can only do that with the Moments bracelets if you use the clips with a silicone grip (and even then, they slid a bit). I’ll probably have to get at least one of the silver bracelets and a few charms… This new style reminds me of the “Italian” charm bracelets that are made up of interlocking squares. It has the same “flat” look.

    • Hi David! I thought the Reflexions bracelets looked a bit chunkier in the promotional videos, but in person they are narrow not chunky or unwieldy in any way. They are more modern, and I think they look better with just one or three charms. I could even see wearing it with a watch with no charms at all. They are quite beautiful!

      I agree that everyone should wear what they like without gender labels. It’s really awesome that you have your Mom’s bracelets. They must bring you a great deal of comfort.

    • Hi David. In my view you have raised an interesting question here. I don´t think this line is chunky, the strap is even quite dainty ( I haven´t seen the charms yet). I don´t find it masculine, either. However, your comment made me think and I´m with you that it´s not as feminine as Moments or Essence. It depends on how you style it. I guess it may even be somewhat unisex. It´s like clothes. When we wear a suit for the office or jeans for a more casual look, we no longer think it looks masculine because they are tailored for women or have some kind of detailing on them that makes them look feminine and above all because we are more than used to dress like that. And yet, they were originally thought, made and worn for and by men. Sooo … What´s really feminine or masculine? Everyone should wear what makes them feel good and happy, regardless of gender or other labels. I am very feminine myself but have a friend who uses men´s pjs, because she finds them more comfortable than women´s and another one who used to wear men´s perfumes in the past because she liked their smell.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    This concept seems more cold or industrial like to me if that makes sense lol. While I love the moments primarily I can see this being a good alternative for work as I often take my bangles off when excessively typing. If anything I like the silver bracelet paired with the rose sweet bow. I need to see in person first to decide.

  15. Hi Miss Mora,

    when i first saw this Collection in the cataloge i thought that it looked nice but it wasn`t a must have for me. Then i saw the moon charm for Reflection that comes out with the Winter Collection and i dicided to buy a silver Relection bracelet just for the moon charm :)
    But i will probably wait to buy it. Normally we have a free-bracelet Promotion in december. I will wait and see if it will be included there.

    A Question: Does anyone know if there is an Autumn-Sale planned for Germany or the Nederlands? I heard rumors that there will be a Sale in Mid-October but i`m not sure how reliable this Information is.

    Thank you for the preview Miss Mora!

    Best wishes from Germany (and please excuse my grammar mistakes :) )

  16. The new line is fabulous and right up my alley. I have 15 Pandora bangles and bracelets and this is definitely a refreshing change that’s needed. Thank you for such an amazing post of the new line.

  17. Hi Ellie,

    I bought a silver one today with the petiteclip.
    it is realy lovely and it is really light-weight.

    i did go down a size. they need to be thighter on the wrist

  18. hi ellie.i was not not sure about this range,but the more pictures i saw i grew to love it,and when i saw it in real life today i was blown away how beautiful it was.i got the silver bracelet a size smaller then i usually wear as advised,the silver pave disc,the rosegold bow and the love inscription clip all of them so beautiful.will definately be buying more of this range.its so light and dainty and very comftable to wont be dissapointed when you see it.shame we didnt get the free jewellery box here in the UK.the star and moon next to get in november.ive posted pics on instagram if anyone would like to see knewby1978,feel free to browse.❤❤

  19. Hi Ellie a shop assistant was modelling one on Saturday when I was in store it looked really nice and shiny. I would probly do the same as mixing the different metal on the silver bracelet as that one is in my price range lol. I think it a nice concept and would love to have one one day. But I agree they will never beat the original charm bracelet and I don’t think anything ever would.

  20. Wow, so many comments here already. I’m in the US, so I’m behind in the time zone. I would just like to say I kinda had a little chuckle when I saw this in the catalogue. I’ve seen it at many a craft fair here in ND with leather straps and slider charms, I am sure by spring Pandora will have a leather reflection bracelet to go with the charms. So, I’m really not interested in the metal straps, but might consider a leather strap bracelet and I would love it if they made a time piece to go on it. By the way everyone, please check out for hand-made batik-dyed scarves. I recommend them, as I’m an affiliate with this company, the half sarongs I wear as scarves and they make great gifts. Promo code:Crystal for $5 off each item.

  21. Hi Ellie

    I wasn’t sure about these at first but went in the store today and I definitely think they look better in real life.

    As others have said though, I think the rose one is quite expensive for what it is. I also agree that mixing the metals looks nicer!

    I think they’re good if you want something that isn’t going to hit the desk while you’re trying to type or write but for me I definitely won’t be as hooked as I am on moments charms/bracelets!

    Thanks for the preview and I hope you’ve been ok! x

  22. I think it might grow on me. I don’t really like the watch strap design of it and like how the traditional beads hang. I’ve seen the pieces in store and they look nice but it’s just not appealing to me in its design yet. It may have to sink in and i may have to see other configurations. It took me time to warm up to Pandora’s current brackets and now I’m crazy over them.

  23. I love just about everything Pandora and think this new design is really cute! I placed an online order this morning for the bracelet in silver and the heart and love clips. I’ll probably pick up the silver safety chain and a couple of rose clips eventually as well.

  24. Hi Ellie, thanks for this update. I think I’m with you.. I am a fan of moments and at least for me this doesn’t have the creativity that the moments charms have. I don’t think I’ll get reflexions

  25. Had a lot of fun today. Prepared not to like, but loved. Purchased the silver with shining pave for the center and the shining with the silver pave. They did not have the rose available to see. Will keep it simple with one charm since I wear the smallest size. They went beautiful with my rings and refreshing to buy contemporary and skip away from traditional for a change. Really classy and fun and with that round flashy pave, stunning! Must see on.
    I agree Ellie, mixing the metals makes it pop!

  26. I checked out the new range in store yesterday and I’m afraid it’s really not my cup of tea. With the exception of a few Disney pieces, I’m just not a fan of “new Pandora”. For me, the joy of Pandora was building a bracelet around a theme, using charms that mean something to me and tell a story or reflect my mood. I miss the older character charms with lots of oxidation highlighting the details and the elegant essence beads with natural stones. The new jewellery is mainly plated costume jewellery with artificial stones, it looks cheap and tacky and I won’t be purchasing. ?

  27. I totally agree with you. New jewelry looks tacky and cheap. Plus they have increased their prices on old pieces both silver and gold. Did Pandora think we would not notice? I have been collecting for at least 10 years and the quality has definitely changed. Not interested in new collection.

  28. I think the collection is beautiful, and is great to cater to those who may not enjoy the bulkiness of the classic moments bracelet. Especially if you have a job where you type on a computer or write a lot the constant swinging and tapping of the bracelet can be rather annoying and uncomfortable. I have got the silver reflexions with 2 sparkly spacers and the one bling in the middle along with the safety chain it looks beautiful and elegant, i LOVE my moments too and still wear that a lot but it gives such a nice elegant vibe and can be dressed up or down :) go and check them out IRL! online does not really do them any justice – you have to try it on too to get the full effect

  29. I have been collecting Pandora for 8 years. I know they have hired new designers and are making lots of changes. They have retired most of the two-tone, gold and gemstone charms. Everything has Czs and crystals now, even the gold charms. They started a plated gold line, that to me is tacky and cheap. I want the Pandora jewelry that I buy to last a lifetime and it used to be advertised that way. The new Reflexions is a copy of Keep Collective’s bracelets and charm line. Its advertised as modern feminism style which I don’t care for.

  30. How would you style the classic pandora with the reflexion? they complement each other perfectly, wearing both at any occasions, one that sits flush with you wrist while the other can be worn loose.

  31. I decided to wait and see this range in person before making a decision. I am a long term pandora fan and this is the first time that there was nothing in a new release that appealed to me. Unfortunately after seeing it my opinion was the same. I agree that the bracelets look like watch bands and just don’t do it for me. Oh well will just wait for the next release. Thank you as always for the reviews .

  32. This collection is a refreshing change. It’s similar to a flat leather bracelet with 18K clasp and safety chain I own with 18K and diamond charms that slide on in the exact same way.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I was wondering if Pandora was having any buy more and save sale by year end?

  33. I saw it in the store yesterday and have to say I want the Rose Gold bracelet. I don’t think i will add any charms to it. I want it to just compliment my other Rose Gold bracelets. I created a wish list today on the Pandora site and sent it to my husband. Here’s hoping the Pandora angel shines on me and he chooses two or three things off my wish list to have Santa bring. Granted my wish list is long and I purposely keep it that way because I want to be totally surprised. Here in the states there is a 25% online Black Friday sale so I’m hopeful his budget will stretch a little longer this weekend.

  34. I delighted to see these mesh-like bracelets! For months, i have been looking for a mesh strap for my watch. I have not found the right one, but now I have an idea to modiify the gold pandora mesh bracelet for my watch. I will need go get a jeweller to help me modify it, but i love the idea that i can put charms on it as well.

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