This is the first post in my  bracelet showcase series, and so I’ve decided that it would be fitting to show my first ever Pandora bracelet! If I get more readers, what I’d like to do is showcase your bracelets :) however, in the meantime, I’ll be sharing my collection, bracelet by bracelet. :)

This one was given to me on Valentine’s Day 2012 by my boyfriend. He always laughs about that as, when we went into the shop and I realised that he wanted to buy me a bracelet, I got super, super shy. I was so embarrassed that he was getting me such a big gift that I barely said a word to him or to the sales assistant when they were trying the bracelet on me. Obviously I was thrilled, but I just didn’t know what to say! Awkward girl. ;)

This bracelet is obviously really close to my heart. It has some of my most special charms and memories on it. It encapsulates, for me, the beginning of my relationship: all the little first milestones, those first happy butterfly feelings! The first charm I got (it came with the bracelet) was the African elephant charm. I loved elephants when I was little, and it just seemed like a perfect ‘Ellie’ charm!

My first PANDORA bracelet!
My first PANDORA bracelet!

The other charms are mostly gifts from my boyfriend, for little anniversaries or trips that we made together. The Union Jack bus was a present from my mum, and is a nice reminder of last summer when Britain hosted the Olympics. The dice is also my little good luck charm that I bought for myself before exams! If ever I’m feeling nervous, I always always wear this bracelet.

However, it’s been the exact same for about a year – I finished it late August 2012 (quick work, I know!). And I’ve been feeling that itch: I wasn’t quite satisfied with its design, and so I’ve compromised. I took three charms off it last week: the bracelet remains almost identical to its precious first design. All I’ve done is remove the colours that clashed with the rest: the pink enamel hearts, the blue butterflies and the London bus. The pink hearts charm is a very, very important charm, as I bought it in remembrance of my gran when she died last year. Consequently, it has gone straight on to another bracelet – my pink leather. It’s the only charm on it, and so it has become an entire bracelet of in memory of her; I’d be happy with that.

My blue butterflies and London bus, however, are on my charm bar. I’m considering starting another bracelet, with a blue theme, for those two charms.

Anyway, this is the revised bracelet. The picture isn’t amazing, but you get the idea! I think the colours match better now, but I’m not sure that it hasn’t lost something. If I kept it this way, my rough plan would be to add the new owl with his lovely green eyes, the amethyst birthstone flower (my bf’s birthstone – I don’t like my September one) and another silver charm.


So, what do you think? Which version is better? :)

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  1. Hi Ellie!
    I actually prefer the original – its got so much meaning, its a shame to change it! :/ maybe space out the muranos more evenly and it’d be perfect? Although I’m terrible, I hate the colour schemed bracelets, I love the truly meaningful ones so no doubt I’m biased! xx

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for your input – I do feel very attached to my first bracelet design; like you say, it has so much meaning. What do you think regarding the muranos? Haha, it’s not terrible – your bracelets on instagram are lovely, and so original! I do quite like a nicely-balanced colour scheme, but then I like so many styles of bracelet so that doesn’t necessarily mean much! ;) xx

      • Aw, thanks!! I love muranos but never know what to do with them myself :( you could always add 2 more and spread them out a little evenly? They’re such lovely bright colours they give off such a positive vibe, I didn’t notice you had the purple zebra one, it’s nicer in reality :) xx

        • I love your description of it as having a positive vibe, that’s pretty much exactly what I was going for! ^^ Thank you!
          Oh yes, I love the purple zebra – the glasswork in it is very pretty, and the purple is very vibrant, too :) one of my favourite muranos! xx

  2. I like the new revised bracelet better because now you have a reason to go and buy a new bracelet and start a whole new bracelet with all new memories and special lil significances :) You need to get that London bus on a bracelet asap as it is my favorite from your original bracelet and its adorable, I can’t wait for my London taxi to arrive so I can add it to my bracelet (my lil silver owl arrived yesterday and it is beyond adorable, it is soo detailed and the eyes are cute and he even has a tiny lil stubbed tail). Bought a black multi strand material bracelet today, its cute and simple and I think will look good with very minimal charms, perhaps one or two max :)

    • Thanks! :D The London Bus is one of my absolute favourite Pandora charms and it’s actually the one that got me so hooked, haha. I was collecting at a fairly restrained pace until I saw that charm and I had to have it! :P I do have the London Bus on my travel bracelet now so it’s not going to waste ^^
      Aw I’m so glad you love your Owl! It’s so cute, and a Pandora classic for sure. The level of detail that goes into some of their charms, particularly the animals, is just delightful.
      Sounds gorgeous! Black does look good when accented with just a couple of charms. That’s how I’m currently wearing my black leather. <3 Enjoy!

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