Breaking news today as Pandora announces a new range of charms in partnership with MLB (Major League Baseball). This represents the first sports licensing agreement for Pandora.

The MLB charms will be ‘Unforgettable Moment’ dangles with the MLB team logos engraved on the back, as seen in the picture below.

The new charm for the New York Yankees
The new charm for the New York Yankees

The charms are already available from the MLB website, and are listed as $59.99 each. The Unforgettable Moments dangle is $35 on its own, but Pandora has had to factor the MLB licensing fee into the price.

Click the image below for complete images of the new set of MLB charms. There will be, according to the press release, 30 teams represented in the charm set.

You can purchase the charms directly from the MLB website

There will also be a series of engraved wooden beads (as seen in the top stock photo) – these charms will feature the Pau Amarelo yellow wood charm. According to their press release, new MLB-themed pieces will be coming in 2014 as well.

My Comment

I’ll admit; I’m British, and I have no real concept of how American sports work. I know that sports are a far bigger part of American culture than they are British (perhaps with the exception of football/soccer!), and so I could see these having the potential to be popular. However, I don’t really get the appeal of linking sports and jewellery, myself.

I also find it odd that they have gone with a line that only appeals to one market. Previously, Pandora have always stuck to producing charms that will appeal worldwide, and it seems somewhat strange that they should suddenly deviate from it. We shall have to wait and see if it proves to become a trend.

Are you excited for these charms?

6 Comments on Breaking News: Pandora Teams Up with MLB

  1. I guess you can tell my enthusiasm for the them by the fact I can’t even be bothered to feature them :p

    Can you imagine some of the US collectors response if Pandora released a collection for the UK football teams? ;)

    I guess, like you, these are going over my head :p

    • Haha, this was handy for me as the piece I was going to post was nowhere near ready :P

      To be fair, I can’t imagine even many British women reacting well to football-themed charms… I don’t think Man United charms would exactly fly off the shelves ;)

      • No.. unless some very well meaning and utterly misguided husbands and boyfriends bought them as gifts ;) I’m just bemused by this I admit but I guess the US market is quite different to the European market :D

        • Heh, my boyfriend is always extremely well-prepped when it comes to Pandora presents ;) I think you’re right, I’m always kind of surprised by how big the culture gap is!

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