This weekend, I was reading one of my favourite British fashion magazines, Company, when the headline ‘Capture Your Essence’ caught my eye. Lo and behold, it turned out to be a double page spread on the new Pandora Essence bracelet!

I didn’t expect there to be anything on Essence in Company, mainly as it is aimed at a slightly younger fashion market than, say, Elle UK – it’s very popular with university students, for example. However, the fact that Pandora have put this feature in Company magazine does support the theory that they are aiming for a slightly younger, more fashion-conscious market with this new bracelet concept.

essence comp2 wm

Anyway, click to see some rather beautiful campaign images and more details on the price range for Essence.

I won’t post up the entire spread, as I do not want to actually publish any of Company’s editorial. However, I have included the three campaign images that they have used. I’d definitely encourage you to go out and get a copy if you can as the images are difficult to scan, being mostly across the crease of the page.

The pictures aren’t amazingly clear, as Company do not print on glossy paper like other fashion publications (again, to do with its more contemporary, casual feel).

Pandora Company Essence

essence comp4 wm

essence comp3 wm

The spread has also given us some indication of pricing for the UK. The bracelet is confirmed at £49.

Leann at Charms Addict has already indicated that, for US buyers, the charms for the range will be priced between $30 to $65. For the UK, Company has revealed that charms will start from £25 but some will cost at least as much as £50.

We also have details on what the charms are actually made of. For the most part, it would appear that they have been crafted from semi-precious stones and metals. For example, the Love charm is made from rose-pink moonstone, while Courage is made from hermatite.

Known Pricing

Freedom – £30.


Faith – £35.


Love – £35.


Passion – £35.


Courage – £40.


Stability – £40.


Wisdom – £40.


Confidence – £50.

My Comment

I have to say, I think these campaign images are simply stunning. I’m much more impressed with the look of the bracelet from them.

Regarding the prices, they are a little more than was previously indicated in Elle UK, which had all charms down as £25.50. I can understand paying more for genuine stones; however, I am a little sceptical at a price tag of £30 for Freedom, which is, as far as I can tell, a plain silver openwork.

All in all, I’m more excited to be seeing the collection in person. How are you feeling regarding Pandora Essence – hot or cold?

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