So, I took a cheeky little trip up to London for the weekend with my OH – and, obviously, I had to pay a visit to Pandora’s brand new flagship store in Oxford Street! Today’s post offers an overview of what the new store has to offer Pandora shoppers.

pandora oxford street
Facade of the new Pandora Flagship Store at Marble Arch, London

It actually wasn’t as big as I was expecting; however, it was very nicely laid-out. The counters were laid out in a square in the middle of the store (see pic below), and there were a couple of other points of sale around the store. Displays lined the walls of the store, and there were also some glass cases showing off stock.  The store also really conveyed a sense of spaciousness and airiness, moreso than your average Pandora store.

Please do not reproduce without credit
Please do not reproduce without credit

As you might be able to see in this picture, the Flagship store were selling the breast cancer charity bracelet set, which includes the Pink Fizzle murano. This set was meant to be delayed until the 24th of October, due to quantity issues, and I have not seen this for sale elsewhere yet; I assume that Pandora have prioritised their Flagship store due to the limited quantities.

There were lots of sales people on hand to help out, wandering around the store holding Pandora play trays. They were also very friendly, and very good at what they did – definitely more so than a lot of Pandora employees at other stores. I found them very impressive and knowledgeable, despite the short time that the store has been open.

The flagship store’s extra care and attention to detail were also reflected in its window displays. A screen played one of Pandora’s instore videos to passersby and window shoppers, while the windows themselves boasted some stunning displays, in keeping with the themes of the Autumn collection.

Please do not reproduce without credit
Please do not reproduce without credit
Please do not reproduce without credit
Please do not reproduce without credit

As you can see, there are stairs in the images; these lead up to the second floor, which is used to host Pandora events. I’d love to attend one of these some day ;)

I also made a slightly  naughty purchase while I was there; I bought the Shopping Bag bracelet bundle for £99.


I justified it as good economy, though. I knew that I would be getting another bracelet at some point (let’s face it), and this represented a £41 saving. So, all in all, I consider it a very sensible purchase ;).

That concludes my post on the new Flagship store! All in all, I’d say that, if you’re in London, make every effort to go to this store, as it was tip top in terms of customer service. However, I wouldn’t make any kind of special trip to visit it if you don’t live very close by – it is a wonderful looking store, but nothing more than a more upmarket concept store.

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