Today’s post is another in the Bracelet Showcase range. I’ll be showcasing my pink and white themed silver bracelet, and also lending a few tips as to how to style your own Pandora bracelet.


I’ll admit: I love this bracelet. I knew what I wanted this to look like from the get-go, unlike my first bracelet. I knew I wanted the pink and white Looking Glass Muranos and the rhodolite heart pendant – and I just built it up from there!


This was my second bracelet from Pandora, although I didn’t pay for it. My Pandora salesman originally mis-sized me for my first bracelet and, when I showed them that I couldn’t fill it up six months later as it was too small, they gave me a new one in the correct size. I got to keep the original! It features a less ‘charm-y’ centre; it is more designed to look good, while my more meaningful charms are fitted around the outside. I wanted the focal point of the bracelet to just look like a nice piece of jewellery. I have quite a few special beads on here:

  • The absolutely gorgeous Forever Bloom pearl dangle was a 21st birthday gift from my boyfriend last year, as was the rhodolite pink heart pendant.
  • I got the Paris dangle and the Chinese lucky money bag (known as the Hong Bao) as presents on my holiday to Paris last year.
  • The little dog in the kennel represents my adored Springer Spaniel, Josh. He’s the loveliest dog. That was a Christmas present from my parents, too.
  • The teacup I got with my first paycheck from my new job!
  • And the strawberry I got from the duty free in Gatwick airport, to commemorate Andy Murray winning Wimbledon ;)

I don’t plan on filling this out any more: I quite like the little bit of silver chain that still shows through. I think that adding more to the sides would detract from the prettiness of the centre, as well. It’s important to keep in mind how you want your Pandora bracelet to look as a whole – it’s quite easy to pack too much interest into a charm bracelet, and it ends up looking cluttered. I’ve also made sure that I have symmetrical dangles; in this case, one in each section.

Please do not reproduce without credit
Please do not reproduce without credit

Please feel free to get in touch and send me your bracelets – I’d love to be able to showcase some of them! :)

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