With a week to go until the 31st of October, I’ll be looking at some inspiration for creating Halloween bracelets, alongside some ideas for new Halloween charms that Pandora could produce.


Click to see some ghoulish Halloween designs ;)

The Basics

Pandora don’t offer many actual Halloween-themed charms, retired or otherwise. There are three available:



This little charm is definitely more Caspar the Friendly Ghost than a terrifying spook. He’s double-sided, so he’ll look good no matter what way up he falls on your bracelet.



This witch, on the other hand, definitely looks a little more malevolent ;) She’s got quite an alarming smile…


pandora pumpkin

Lastly, as a general Halloween favourite, we have the pumpkin.

Inevitably, any Halloween bracelet is most probably going to involve a mixture of these three charms! However, it’s perfectly possible to be creative and create a superbly spooky bracelet for Halloween ;) I’m hoping that Pandora will come out with some more creepy charms for the holiday next year. I’d most like to see:

  • a bat
  • a spider’s web
  •  a vampire or just vampire fangs
  • a witch’s cauldron or hat
  • and maybe one of Frankenstein’s monster!

Do you have any that you’d like Pandora to make? :) I do love the Ohm Beads’ Frankenstein and Vampire series, that are featuring in their latest promotion.


When it comes to Halloween, blacks, oranges and greens are the order of the day. You could even get away with a red or purple theme.

Pandora has a lot to offer in terms of black-coloured charms. The black faceted murano or the black Vintage enamel spacer would be perfect, for example. Many charms are also oxidised to give a very dark finish, which would be perfect for creating those sinister textures that a Halloween bracelet needs.

black pandora charms

Orange is a little harder to come by, in terms of Pandora glass, but in existing collections, there is always the tiger murano. If you can get hold of any retired charms, then the orange ribbon charm or the orange candy stripe would look fantastic on a bracelet for Halloween.

orange pandora charms

If orange isn’t your thing, then perhaps green would also suggest something suitably witchy: brilliant gungey green might not be available (nor, if it were, would you probably want to wear it), but you could always opt for something like the lime Flowers For You murano.

pandora green charms

Crimson is always there for a more bold, edgy Halloween-look.


Unfortunately, I do not own a single Halloween-themed charm; but I’ve had a play around on the bracelet designer (oh, the amount of time that can be swallowed in this very activity). This would be my ultimate Halloween design:


I love the contrast between the black and the orange on this bracelet. It looks especially effective against the silver chain. I’ve also opted for oxidised clips, to emphasise the darker tones.

The variety of textures here somehow emphasises the Halloween theme – it’s spiky, bejewelled, stark, smooth – quite unpredictable. It creates an unsettling effect that seems perfect to me. It’s also just a tad asymmetrical, to enhance that slightly off-balance, eerie feel.

Here’s another idea, based on a purple and green witchy theme!


I’ve also added the retired clown to the design – I find him suitably creepy ;)

Do you have a Halloween bracelet or design? Why not share it with us? :D

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