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Today’s post brings you a complete preview of the Pandora Winter Collection for 2013. This year’s winter collection from Pandora focuses on Christmas in quite a big way, with a lot of new Christmas designs such as the candy cane and three wise men, and with some re-vamps of old designs, such as the Christmas tree.

The collection will be available worldwide on the 4th of November. 

Pandora Winter 2013 Winter Wonderland

The new Carousel is just delightful, and really summons up that festive, celebratory Christmas atmosphere. It will retail for £45 or $60.


Priced at £45 or $55, the Winter Wisp adds a little sparkle to the holiday collection.

winter wisp

The Snowflake or Winter’s Kiss pendant will retail for £45 or $55.


The Mittens are another of my personal favourites from this collection – they’re adorable. They’re priced at £35 or $45.


The Snow Angel is modeled on the same lines as the Gingerbread man from last year. It will cost £30 or $35.


Then we have my personal favourite of the entire collection – the Reindeer. I’ve been wanting a reindeer charm for some time. He will be available for £30 or $35.

reindeer mriaow

Pandora 2013 Playful Christmas

The Wise Men will retail for £70 or $75. In the US and Canada, this charm will be available from Jared.

wise men

The Snow Globe is priced at £45 or $50, and features a cute little reindeer.

snow globe

The Bow or Perfect Gift will cost £30 or $40.


The Candy Cane will add a bright pop of red to your bracelet. It will cost £30 or $35.


The Silver Bells will retail at £35 or $50.


The Champagne Glass or Cheers is a perfect representation of the parties of the holiday season and New Year’s Eve. It will be available for £35 or $45.


The Pinecone features a lovely splash of festive red enamel. It will go on sale for £35 or $50. It will also only be available in concept stores in the US.


We have a few re-designs of previous charms – Father Christmas, Christmas Tree and Christmas Sled charms already exist, but they have been re-imagined for Winter 2013.

Father Christmas or St. Nick now comes in a red enamel suit, and will set you back £45 or $50.

father christmas

The Christmas Sleigh or Dashing through the Snow is too cute, and features a miniature version of the LE Bear My Heart charm amongst the toys. It will retail at £60 or $65.


The Christmas Tree or Tree of Lights features some glittering pavé detail, and will be priced at £40 or $55.


Pandora Winter 2013 Re-colours

Two new colours of the Pavé Lights series are also being released: purple and red. These will be £55 or $65.

purple pave

red pave

I particularly like the purple, which looks very opulent.

For gold lovers, the Winter collection brings only one gold charm, in the form of a gold version of the popular Pavé Lights series. Note – the stones are cubic zirconia. This is priced at £399 or $400 – so quite a price difference between markets, there!

Gold Pavé Lights

We also get new colours of the Faceted Beauties: blue and purple. These are priced at £40 or $55 each.

purple beauty

Blue Faceted Beauty

Pandora are also offering a blue version of the Whimsical Lights series. This will retail at £45 or $60.

blue whimsical

Pandora Winter 2013 Clips

The winter collection will include two new clips. One is the Snowflake, or Winter Wonderland clip, retailing at £50.

winter wonderland

The second is the Sun and Moon, or Night & Day, clip. This will retail for £35 or $40.

day and night clip

Finally, for readers in the UK, both the Pandora Shopping Bag and the Pink Fizzle murano are also making their solo debuts with the winter collection. The Pink Fizzle murano will still be available as part of the breast cancer charity bracelet set, however.

US readers should bear in mind that eleven of these charms will be making up the Twelve Days of Christmas promotion (with the twelfth being the 2013 Black Friday charm). This promotion will run from the 4th  to the 14th of November, and will see a 2013 Christmas charm released on each of the days.

My Comment

This collection is a very Christmas-themed one, which is unsurprising. I, for one, celebrate Christmas, and in a big way, so I’m finding the wait until the 4th of November something of a struggle ;). I especially love the Reindeer, the Carousel and the new Christmas Tree. For those who don’t go in for Christmas, I think the selection of winter-themed charms are also delightful – particularly the Snowflake pendant, and the Mittens dangle. All in all, I think there are some really beautiful designs here, and a lot to love.

Are you excited? I am! :)

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