Good news for fans in the UK – Pandora are offering their new Stackers-esque jewellery boxes as their latest GWP (gift with purchase). These should now be available from most online retailers and your local Pandora store.


A spend of £125 will nab you the standard Pandora round jewellery box.


However, spending £200 on Pandora products will win you a brand new Pandora jewellery box, modelled on the popular Stackers range.


If you spend £275, you will receive two layers of the stacking jewellery box.


Finally, spend £450 to receive all four layers of the stacking box.

stackers gwp


My Comment

While it’s nice to see the UK receive these boxes, which are undoubtedly lovely, the spends are, as usual, very high. It would be nice to see Pandora offer these for sale on their own.

For those who can’t afford to meet the high spends, there is always the original Stackers range (linked above), which are much the same. :)

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