The beginning of next year brings a first from Pandora: an exclusive charm especially for Pandora Club members. club charm Pandora have gone very meta with this special Pandora club charm ;) It’s a charm of a charm. The charm boasts a miniature of the classic Pandora heart charm, inside one of Pandora’s charm presentation boxes.

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The lid is properly hinged, and will open and shut. I’m not sure if it will fasten shut properly, or if it will just open and shut with the movement of your arm. Notably, all reports state that the stone with the charm is not a cubic zirconia – it’s a real diamond. The charm will be engraved with the words ‘Pandora Club 2014’ on the inside of the lid. The addition of the date always adds to the collectability of a charm, and I personally think it’s a nice touch.

We also have a live image of the charm, thanks to Marina Vekshina.

Pandora 2014 Club Charm
Courtesy of Marina Vekshina – please do not reproduce without credit

Obtaining the Charm

To get this charm, you must be a Pandora Club member. Once you are a member, you will receive a voucher when the charm is released. If you then take the voucher into your nearest Pandora store, you will be eligible to purchase this exclusive charm (it’s not free!).

The image clearly states the price for European markets at 69 euros. Moreover, word from one particular retailer on Facebook has priced the charm at £60 in the UK. For a diamond charm, this does not seem a bad price at all – some have theorised that Pandora have offered it at a ‘special’ price as a reward to Pandora Club members.

Are you excited for this charm, Pandoraholics?

*EDIT* This charm has now been officially confirmed by Pandora. Click here for more details!

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