Finally some exciting news arrives in the Pandora world as we have confirmation of two new limited edition charms for the Chinese New year 2014! The charms consist of a Red Lantern charm, a national symbol for China, and a silver ingot, known as a Yuanbao. The charms are set to be released on the 9th of January. 

Pandora CNY 2014

We have images of the two charms, thanks to Instagram user audreyywp. One is a red lantern, with stunning enamel detailing, and the other a silver ingot.

pandora chinese new year pandora chinese new year

Red lanterns are often hung around the house and seen during the celebration of the Chinese New Year, while the silver ingot charm represents wealth.

Pandora 2014 charms
Image by audreyywp

Pricing and Exclusivity

As for prices, the Red Lantern is rumoured to be HKD $499 and TWD $1,610, while the Yuanbao is HKD $299 and TWD $1,210.

These charms are currently Asian exclusives. However, in previous years, Europe and Australia both eventually received the Chinese New Year charms – it may well be the case for this year too. *UPDATE* The Chinese Lantern has now been confirmed for a March release in the US at least. I expect it will be released in other territories as well.

About Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is based on a lunar calendar, and consequently falls in January or February. This year’s falls on the 31st of January, and the zodiac animal for 2014 is the horse.

Pandora have a history of releasing special charms to celebrate the Chinese New Year, as Pandora is very popular in Asia. Previous offerings from Pandora for Chinese New Year included the Hong Bao and Dragon dangle charms in 2012, and the Sparkling Chinese Zodiac Snake dangle in 2013.

Do you like the 2014 Chinese New Year charms? Will you be trying to get hold of them? Let me know! :)

11 Comments on Breaking News: Chinese New Year Charms for 2014 are Revealed

    • They’re adorable, aren’t they? I kind of wish that they’d stayed as Asian exclusives, as it would have made it even more fun to try and get hold of them! <3 Are you ordering one from Asia? :)

    • I love them too! Sadly I don’t have any specific info on their release in the UK, but I would expect that we would see at least one of them released here – let’s hope so. :)

  1. I am interested in the hong bao and the silver ingot. I am looking for a reputable contact in order to purchase. Do you have a contact?

        • Ah okay. Neither of those are available from retailers in the US. The Ingot is widely available in other regions, however, and the Hong Bao is sold in Europe and Asia at least. However authorised retailers are not permitted to send items outside of their regions.
          In that case, I recommend that you try either the Pandora’s Tribe or Pandora’s Angels Facebook pages, where there are ladies who will be able to help you find these charms. The groups are well-policed, and I have bought numerous HTF charms from them. Good luck finding them!

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