Today I’m previewing the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 collection, which is due to debut on the 13th of January. We previously had some low-resolution catalogue images of the charms, but I’ve now uncovered stock images of all the charms! We also have some rather lovely live images of the charms on styled bracelets.

The Collection

Since Pandora uploaded the latest issue of their magazine, we’ve been able to see various stock images of the charms dotted throughout it. I’ve collected them all here for you – click the image to enlarge it!

pandora valentines day collection 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

However, I still don’t have any confirmation as to prices. :(

It should also be noted that the Wrapped Up In Pandora charm will also be released in the US with this collection:

Wrapped up in Pandora

Live Images

Pandora have also published some live images of the Valentines Day charms in a couple of bracelet designs. I think that the fancy pink cubic zirconia look a lot prettier in person, and really quite striking on this bracelet!

pandora valentines day 2014 collection

pandora valentines day 2014

Curiously, the magazine also revealed an image of what appears to be a new version of the Pandora bangle. Where there would normally be the Pandora spherical clasp, there appears to be a Pandora Love of My Life clip acting as a clasp. Interesting!

pave heart bangle My Comment

Seeing proper stock images does make me like the collection more than I initially did. I particularly love the Gift From My Heart charm, despite its similarity to the Pandora Club Charm, and the Shimmering Heart charm.  I also have a weakness for the You & Me dangle – I just really like the concept of it, and I’ve not been able to buy the Mother & Daughter version, as my mum doesn’t have a Pandora bracelet.

How do you feel about the Valentine’s Day collection for 2014? Are you coveting any charms? Let me know! :)

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