Today brings more exciting news as pictures of the Pandora Spring and Mother’s Day 2014 charms are leaked online. Stock images of the collection are available – and they are well worth the wait! The collection features many butterflies and floral designs, while delicate purples, such as lilac and lavender, suffuse the charms, to a very pretty effect. The Spring collection is slated for release on the 17th of March. Where I know that a charm is due out with the Mother’s Day collection, and not the Spring, I’ve noted this.

pandora spring charms 2014


Butterflies seem to be a big theme for the Spring 2014 collection, with a variety of new butterfly charms debuting.

First, we have a pavé butterfly charm, studded with lavender and purple stones.


Next, we have a silver butterfly clip.


Next, we have two butterfly muranos: one in blue, and one in pink.pandora spring 2014 pandora spring 2014

We then have a dangle version of the butterfly, with clear studded cubic zirconia.


Next, we have three butterfly murano drops, in three colours: pink, purple and lavender.

spring-collection-pandora-2014_157830_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157832_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157831_big


No Pandora collection is complete without something for animal lovers! Debuting for Spring, we have a the traditional Pandora heart charm, decorated with little paw prints.


This one is more specifically for dog lovers, with a jewel-encrusted dangle bone charm. It appears to have writing across the top of the dangle: ‘I <3 My…’  Dog, perhaps!

pandora spring 2014

Love and Family

Firstly, we have two new versions of the traditional Pandora puffy heart charm. It has a little hand and a pink or blue stone in it – presumably to represent a new baby. These charms will debut with the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014

pandora spring 2014

Next, we have what appears to be a heart clip. This is due out with the Mother’s Day collection.

pandora spring 2014

Pandora are also releasing more of the family dangles, this time for nieces and aunts. Both these charms feature the addition of a little tag, with a cubic zirconia star on it. These charms will debut with the Mother’s Day Collection.pandora spring 2014 pandora spring 2014

Two beautiful open work two tone charms are set to be released, one as a regular charm and one as a dangle. They feature an open work heart, with a gold heart delicately placed in the middle. These charms will debut with the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014 pandora spring 2014

Happily for gold lovers, we also have an all-gold version, with a pearl in the centre. This charm is due out in the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014

Finally, we have a pink enamel open works charm, with a dash of gold. This charm will debut with the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014

Pavé Charms

Pavé seems to be a big theme for Spring, and we see several new colours of the popular Pavé Lights series make their debut.

Firstly, we have a multi-coloured charm, with some bigger and smaller stones, featuring a pretty combination of different purple stones.


Next, we have a very pretty lilac version of the Pavé Lights.


Finally, a lavender version is also on the cards.


We also have a new version of the pavé heart charm, in lilac. This charm is due out with the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014

We also have a honeycomb pavé open works charm. This charm is due out with the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014


We have another clip, a white daisy version of the very popular pink cherry blossom clip that debuted last Spring.


Next, we have a rather beautiful floral openwork charm, with a large gemstone set in the middle.


We also have a plain silver open works charm, also in the shape of a flower. This charm will debut with the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014

Next, we have a murano glass charm, featuring delicate pink flowers with yellow centres.pandora spring 2014

Finally, we have our only spacers, purple and pink versions of the Her Majesty’s spacer that debuted last Spring also.


The pink version will be released with the Mother’s Day Collection.
pandora spring 2014


This charm reminds me very much of a Pandora Essence charm, with its abstract, spherical design and the word ‘Sacrifice’ written on it.


We also have a rather cute vintage bicycle dangle, perfect for the cycle enthusiast.


The next charm has ‘Thank you’ written over it in a variety of languages, much like the ‘Languages of Love’ charm that debuted last year. This is also possibly a clip. This charm will debut with the Mother’s Day Collection.

pandora spring 2014

The next charm is another dangle, featuring a cute little Pandora stamp. This is a British-themed charm, with the Union Jack on the back. The ‘1st’ refers to our postal system in the UK – we have 1st and 2nd class stamps.

pandora spring 2014

A cute little bow pendant is also being released.

pandora spring 2014

Finally, we have a new country charm, a map of the USA.


We also have official stock images of the new Pavé Heart Bangle:

pandora spring 2014

Oddly, stock images for the 2014 Chinese New Year charms have also been released alongside these Spring images. I’m not sure as to whether this suggests a future global release for the charms, or whether this was just a mistake: Apparently the Chinese Lantern will be more widely released in March 2014. So much for it being an Asian exclusive!

pandora chinese new year pandora chinese new year

My Comment

It’s very exciting to finally have a sneak peak at the Pandora Spring collection! I can’t wait to see the charms in person. We don’t have any prices as of yet, and I suspect that these charms will be split into a number of individual releases, as they were last year for Spring and Mother’s Day.

There aren’t many two tone charms being released, and there is only one gold charm. Clearly Pandora are scaling back on their use of gold in their Moments range.

What do you think of the new charms? Are they going on your wish list? Let me know! :)

*UPDATE* Full previews of the Spring 2014 and the Mother’s Day 2014 collections are now available.

14 Comments on Breaking News: Pictures of Pandora Spring and Mother’s Day 2014 Collection Surface

  1. Hello, Love the collections for Spring and Mothers Day. I hope we get them in Canada. Waiting to add these beautiful charms to a new bracelet.

    • Hi there, I’m sure you’ll be getting them in Canada! There are some lovely things coming out, and this isn’t even all of it. :)

  2. This looks like a great release, if you like those spring colours! How do you get all of this information so fast? I was just in my local store and they didn’t even know what I was talking about!

    • Haha, the stores have a history of knowing everything last! It’s just because things get leaked on the Internet ahead of schedule and we’re always on the look out. ;)

  3. Love the Aunt/Niece charms. My sister and I recently got the a Loving Mother and Grandmother charms for our Mums birthday, and I was hoping they’d bring one out for all the proud Auntie’s too!

  4. Wow I love them! The murano purple butterfly has caught my eye and the new heart clip, and Lilac pavé heart…. Would love to see a st Christopher one day!!

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