There is no global retirement list available yet for 2014, but in the UK has updated with the newly retired charms for the season. There are surprising pieces in here, and I’m amazed to see several versions of the safety chain listed as retired – I can’t help but wonder if this is an error. *UPDATE* Safety chains are now listed as current again. :D All the Halloween charms appear to have been retired, alongside some iconic Pandora charms, such as the silver strawberry and the dice. Notably, the Royal Baby 2013 charm is now listed as discontinued.

In any case, here are the charms newly listed as retired on the UK version of the website (I hope I got them all – the Pandora website doesn’t list pieces according to date of retirement, which is bafflingly unhelpful!):

Silver charms

Strawberry 790112

Pandora Silver Strawberry Bead

Pineapple 790363

Pandora Sterling Silver Pineapple Bead 790363

Pumpkin 790393

Pandora Sterling Silver Halloween Pumpkin Bead 790393

Ghost 790202

Pandora Silver Ghost Bead

Witch 790544

pandora retired 2014

Butterfly 790285

pandora retired 2014

Dice 790116

Pandora Silver Dice Bead

Inner Strength 790530

pandora inner strength

Journey 790401

pandora retired 2014

Treasure Chest 790425

pandora retired 2014

Viking 790588

Pandora Viking Bead 790588

Giraffe Print Murano 790942

pandora retired 2014

Tiger Print murano 790939

pandora retired 2014

Ox Zodiac 791103

pandora ox zodiac

Snake Zodiac

pandora retired 2014

Ram Zodiac 791098

pandora retired 2014

Rooster Zodiac 791096

pandora retired 2014

Tiger Zodiac 791102

pandora 2014

St. Basil’s Cathedral Destination dangle 791141

pandora st basil

Abstract Leaf (Climbing Ivy in the US) 791036

pandora climbing ivy

Cultured Elegance Pendant 390345

pandora cultured elegance

Silver charms with accents (i.e. gemstones, enamel)

Butterfly Cameo Pendant 790865CAM

pandora agate butterfly

Black Enamel Hearts 790543EN22

pandora retired 2014

Purple Enamel Hearts 790543EN21

pandora purple enamel hearts

Champagne Rose 790575CCZ

pandora 790575CCZ

Rhodolite Heart Pendant 390324RHL

pandora 390324RHL

Two-Tone charms

Christmas Tree 790365

pandora christmas treea

Cocktail Glass 790527GR

pandora cocktail glass

Flower Basket 790960

pandora flower basket

Red Enamel Crowns Pendant 790434EN09

pandora 790434EN09

Royal Baby 2013 791209CZ

pandora royal baby

Seahorse dangle 790518

pandora seahorse

Stiletto 790349

pandora stiletto

Abstract Heart (Hugs and Kisses in US) 790430

pandora 790430

Gold Charms

Black & Red Blossom Murano 750513

pandora 750513


Double Heart Pink Sapphire clip 790382PSA

pandora pink sapphire clip

Marigold Pendant Clip 790812PCZ

pandora 790812PCZ

Midnight Bloom Rhodium Clip 791009BR

pandora 791009BR

Red Enamel Dogwood Clip 790957CZS

pandora 790957CZS

Sparkling Tote Clip 790597ACZ

pandora sparkling tote

Two-tone Butterfly Clip 790892

pandora gold butterfly clip


Teal Smooth Leather Bracelet 590714CTT-T

pandora teal bracelet

My Comment

I’m really sad to see some of these pieces go – and more indignant not to have seen them listed in the sale! ;)  Many of my original pieces are retired now. :/

What do you think of the pieces being retired? What do you think it says about the direction in which Pandora are taking their jewellery? Do let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed!

3 Comments on Pandora UK Retirements for 2014

    • Thanks for the link and info! It does seem much more extensive, and I’m surprised (again) at some of the pieces listed there; but it’s possible that this is only the first wave of retirement for the UK. Also, some of those charms are already retired here.
      Retirement is rarely the same for all countries, as each country’s individual head office usually makes their own decisions. For example, the African Elephant charm is retired here in the UK but current in the US; the Hippo charm is retired in the US, but current here in the UK! Pandora do have a global retirement list for each season, but outside of that there will be variation. :)

  1. Pandora seems to be going much lighter and more sparkly of late. The oxidised charms that first attracted me to Pandora over eight years ago are less common now. For some time it has seemed that there are none in the new collections. The daisy safety chain now has no oxidisation at all. I do like some of the new sparkly charms, but miss the older style ones.

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