Today brings an update on the recalled Pandora Australia charm, which was due out with the Autumn/Fall 2013 collection. The posting of one of these recalled charms on eBay has caused some confusion as to whether the charm was the genuine, and whether the charm was released or not. I’m attempting to bring a little clarity, amid confusing new statements from Pandora over the status of the charm.

pandora recalled australia charm

Background of the charm

For those who aren’t familiar with the history of the charm, the Pandora Australia charm was due out with the Autumn/Fall 2013 collection. Its RRP would have been $55 or £50. However, due to some concerns raised by Pandora fans about the accuracy of the charm, it was pulled for re-designing – this was primarily due to concerns about the number of stars on the charm and also their placement. Most stores, as far as I’m aware, never received their stocks of this charm. However, a minority did, and a very small number of ladies were able to purchase the charm – there are at least eight known to be out there. There are possibly more.

On the Pandora Facebook page, the following statement was given:

Hello ladies, we have made the decision not to proceed with the current Australian charm that was planned with our upcoming launch. We have received a lot of feedback about the charm and from a patriotic perspective it is critically important that this charm is right. I’m sure you will all agree that it is very important that this product is correct. 

It was assumed that the charm would be re-designed, but we have not heard any more about its re-release since then.


However, this month, one of the Australia charms was posted for sale on eBay. It went for an incredible $1025, matching prices of rare charms such as the Staff charm or the Randers Frog.

pandora australia charm
Image of the charm listed on eBay

Pandora, this time around, offered this statement on the eBay charm via their Facebook page, after a lady reported it:

This charm never went into production, so I am almost certain that it is a fake charm. Unfortunately, some people have no scruples when it comes to making money. 

However, this information is known to be inaccurate, as the charm certainly entered production, and was even sent out to some stores. Various ladies saw the charms in the trays at their local stores, and I’ve seen images and corresponded with lucky ladies who have managed to get one. Furthermore, the statement itself doesn’t make sense – the charm ‘never’ went into production and yet they can only be ‘almost certain’ that it’s fake.

The photos listed in the eBay posting correspond with the stock image exactly, and with images that ladies who own the charm have posted:

pandora australia charm 2

pandora australia charm 3


In conclusion, basically, this charm is out there, but in minute quantities. The charm on eBay went for an incredible amount of money, but I’d offer a word of warning – its value as an investment will remain unstable until we know more about whether the charm will be re-released, and in what form.

Do you have one of these charms? If so, let me know! :)

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