*UPDATE* Now with a little sneak peek of Alyson’s campaign for Pandora! This is just a small update covering Pandora’s recent sponsorship deal with How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan. She’s now the new face of Pandora in North America, and will be featured in print and digital ads from Mother’s Day 2014.


*UPDATED* The following image offers a little teaser of Alyson’s campaign for Pandora – I think she looks gorgeous! <3 You can also see a hint of their other marketing images for Mother’s Day 2014, which offer a glimpse of a soft pink colour scheme.

pandora alyson hannigan campaign

The Pandora press release offered these comments from both Pandora and Alyson:

“Alyson’s positive attitude truly epitomizes the PANDORA brand philosophy of celebrating womanhood and all the unique qualities that make women extraordinary,” said Angel Ilagan, Vice President, Marketing, PANDORA Jewelry, Americas. “Hannigan is most known for her comedic roles in both television and film, but what people don’t know is she is an avid supporter of numerous charities and a loving mother of two. And with more than 600 charms that PANDORA offers, we hope to help tell Alyson’s story and showcase some of her unforgettable moments, both on- and off-screen.”

“I’m delighted to partner with a brand that helps women express their creativity and style,” said Alyson Hannigan. “A company that offers choice, all price points, and designs that reflect a women’s individuality, is something I am proud to represent.”

We also have this picture of her from ages ago, so we know that she’s a true fan of the brand. ;)


My Comment

I love How I Met Your Mother, and I also used to watch Alyson in Buffy way back when. I think she’s a good and very safe choice for Pandora’s marketing campaign. She has a comfortable, sweet image and fits in with Pandora’s marketing rhetoric that positions them as representing every woman.

This is probably a better fit for the brand than the much-touted Girls Aloud sponsorship deal we had here in the UK last year, which did not seem to be particularly well-received.

pandora girls aloud

However, it does represent a different direction to brands such as Thomas Sabo, who have signed up young model Georgia May Jagger to advertise their brand new Karma range. It’s certainly more likely to get them noticed in the fashion world, but targets the brand at a much more specific market – fashionable young women. Pandora’s real women campaign, in comparison, positions their brand as a much more inclusive one.

thomas_sabo_karma_beads_neu1 (1)

What do you think of Pandora’s choice? How do you feel about the way the brand is evolving?

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