pandora valentines 2014

The 14th of February is fast-approaching and, to get everyone in the mood, I’m posting my favourite Valentine’s Day Pandora charms. Valentine’s Day is inevitably a big celebration for Pandora, as this is one of those times of the year when they make an absolute killing from all the devoted Pandora-husbands and stumped-for-a-present boyfriends out there. ;) Consequently, I will be featuring a few Valentine’s-themed posts in the coming days, with some bracelet inspiration amongst other things!

Without further ado, here are my top ten Pandora Valentine’s charms!

10. Turtle Doves

pandora love birds

The Turtle Doves charm is full of cute little details, with the birds’ little feet and tail feathers very clearly defined. The pendant heart at the base of the charm has the words ‘Love You’ inscribed on it – so it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s quite a chunky charm, but it’s worth the bracelet real estate!

9. Teddy Bear

pandora bear charm

The Teddy Bear is an iconic emblem of Valentine’s Day and young love, harking back to the tradition of winning your sweetheart a teddy bear at a fair. This little charm is a Pandora classic, featuring lots of texture and oxidised detail. It has adorably detailed paws and a very sweet little face. For a teddy bear charm that fits more with Pandora’s contemporary style, see the Bear My Heart charm.

8. Love Note

pandora valentine's day 2014

This charm is new for 2014, and is a quirky and unbelievably cute way of showing someone you care. The charm actually opens to reveal a little message hidden inside. To read my review of this adorable charm, see here!

7. Pink Pavé Heart

pandora pink pavé heart

Anyone who has been collecting Pandora in recent years will know how integral pavé detail has become to Pandora’s style. This pretty charm is officially red, but in reality it’s more of a deep pink. It’s perfect for adding that little flash of colour and sparkle to a bracelet design.

6. Swans

Pandora Royal Swans

The Swans offer a more unusual, fairy-tale take on the romantic charm – their heads are lovingly pressed together, leaving their necks to form a beautiful heart.

5. You & Me Dangle

pandora valentines 2014

The You & Me pendant is also new out with the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 collection. The charm features two halves of a pink enamel heart, which fall together when worn – one half says ‘Me’, the other ‘You’. I love the idea of the two halves hiding a secret little message inside; this is one of my favourites from the new Valentine’s collection.

4.  Rhodolite Heart Pendant

pandora rhodolite heart

This pendant has just been retired here in the UK, and I can’t understand why – it’s an absolutely stunning piece. It uses natural rhodolite for its pretty pink stone, and makes a beautiful focal point on a bracelet.

3.  Puffy Heart

pandora plain silver heart charm

The classic Pandora Puffy Heart charm has been in the collection since the birth of Pandora’s classic charm bracelet. It’s a simple and elegant Valentine’s Day charm, offering a way to say ‘I Love You’ without the frills. There are so many pretty variations on this charm as well; I have the Language of Love charm, a gift from my OH for our anniversary – you can see it on this bracelet in this post.

2. Key To My Heart

pandora heart locket

The Key To My Heart charm is just lovely, representing a slightly more modern take on the traditional heart motif. It’s also available with a little gold key, instead of a silver one. This was one of my first ever charms, and it remains one of my favourites!

1. I Love You Cube

pandora love cube

This charm bears the simple message of ‘I love you’, alongside a gorgeous big chunky gold heart. This is another Pandora classic, a charm that has been in the collection for years, and will be for years to come, I’m sure.

Are you hoping for any Pandora for Valentine’s Day? What are your favourite love charms? :)

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