I previously posted two posts containing some sneak peeks of the new charms debuting for Spring and Mother’s Day 2014. I am now pleased to offer a complete preview of the Pandora Spring 2014 collection, along with pricing for the US! <3 Pandora have stated the release date to be the 13th of March. However, there is variation in the Spring collection’s title; in Europe, the collection seems to be named Spring Paradise, while in the US, it is called Spring Takes Flight. To see live images of the various charms in the Spring collection, click here!

In Pandora’s own description of the Moments collection, the charms encapsulate 2014 fashion trends with an emphasis on butterflies as well as ‘lace patterns and pastels’. They also state that ‘you will also see word and alphabet jewelry in many different brands’, and that the new Pandora alphabet charms are on trend for the season. The collection certainly plays up to traditional spring motifs; if Pandora are following fashion trends, then every collection they release in future will be bound to reflect the seasons in some way.

Pandora Teaser Video

Pandora have also uploaded a little teaser video of some of the new Spring charms! You can see 360 degree shots of some of the butterfly charms, which also reveal that the new muranos feature the smaller silver core and not the traditional large murano. The new Butterfly Kisses muranos look gorgeous here; the detailing on the wings is so pretty.

pandora spring 2014
Gif made by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit!
pandora spring 2014
Gif made by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit!
Gif by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit!
pandora spring 2014
Gif by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit!

Campaign Shots

Alphabet Pendants

These pendant initial charms are studded with cubic zirconia and will be $35 or £25 each. The current initial charms are very popular on bracelets, especially with those wanting to symbolise their loved ones, but they could definitely do with prettying up, IMO. They would also make a great necklace pendant – in the live shots they looked quite big, so perhaps they would best suit being used in that way. There are also some more symbols in this range being released for Summer 2014.

pandora spring 2014


There are two new butterfly muranos coming out for Spring, one in pink and one in blue – these are known (in the US market) as the Butterfly Kisses muranos, and will retail for $35 ($40 CAD) or £30 each.

pandora butterfly kisses pandora butterfly kisses

The Morning Butterfly cubic zirconia drops come in pink, purple and lavender. These will be $65 ($75 CAD) or £45. spring-collection-pandora-2014_157830_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157832_big

This lavender version of the Morning Butterfly drops is slated to be a limited edition release, at least in the US market.


The Sparkling Butterfly represents a new style from Pandora, with a heavy emphasis on cubic zirconia detailing. This will cost $75 ($85 CAD) or £60.

pandora butterfly

This pretty Lacewing Butterfly clip accompanies the butterfly collection and will be $45 ($50 CAD) or £35.


This pendant is called Love Takes Flight in the US and features a ring of cubic zirconia around its base. It will retail for $50 ($55 CAD) or £35.



This Darling Daisy clip has to be one of my favourite of the new charms for spring. It perfectly complements the pink cherry blossom clip that was released for Spring 2013. This clip will cost $55 ($60 CAD) or £45.


The new Floral Brilliance boasts a slightly more sophisticated aesthetic, with its grandiose floral patterning and statement cubic zirconia at its heart. It fits a series of recent Pandora jewellery that have reminded me of the Art Deco jewellery, which looks so striking in films such as The Great Gatbsy. It will be sold for $60 ($65 CAD) or £50.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157834_big

The new Field of Daisies murano will be available for $35 ($40 CAD) or £30, and features some delicate pinkish flowers with yellow centres. I’m very curious to see what this one looks like in person, as murano glass can vary quite significantly from what is portrayed in the stock image.

pandora spring 2014 Around the World

The Chinese Lantern is one of the two Chinese New Year charms released in January 2014 – it is now seeing a wider release globally with the Spring 2014 collection. It will cost $50 ($55 CAD) or £35.

pandora chinese new year

The Silver Ingot is the second Chinese New Year 2014 charm, and will also be seeing a global release with the Spring collection. However, it will not be released in the US alongside the Chinese Lantern charm. It will cost £25.

pandora chinese new year

This Greetings From London charm is yet another great representation of British culture – the ‘1st’ stamp represents our postal system here. The stamp features the Union Flag on the back of it, too. It will cost $45 ($50 CAD) or £35.pandora spring 2014

Travel enthusiasts and patriots get a map charm to represent the US, retailing at $55 ($60 CAD) or £50. Reaction to this particular charm has been somewhat ambivalent, but perhaps it will attract more interest when we can see it in person. spring-collection-pandora-2014_157846_big

While the Brazil charm was slated for a release with the Pandora Summer 2014 collection (and still is in the US), it appears to have been released with the Spring 2014 collection in many other regions, including the UK. It is priced at £50.

pandora spring 2014 brazil


The My Sweet Pet charm has received some of the most positive reactions from collectors, and will retail for $40 ($45 CAD) or £30. I’m not sure how I feel about the writing on this charm – I think the paw prints would have been nice on their own. Plus, it would have left a side clear for owners to engrave the name of their pet!

pandora spring 2014

For dog lovers more specifically, there is the I Love My Dog charm, retailing for $35 ($40 CAD) or £35. It features a cute dangle bone, decorated with cubic zirconia and ‘I <3 My Dog’ engraved on the charm’s base.pandora spring 2014


No Pandora collection would be complete these days without a new shade of the popular Pave Lights series. These will retail for $65 ($75 CAD) or £55, and be available in lavender, pink and a multi-coloured version.

spring-collection-pandora-2014_157824 spring-collection-pandora-2014_157825_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157835_big


The Her Majesty spacer is being released with purple stones. This will be $40 ($45 CAD) or £25.


The Dice charm gets a makeover with some cubic zirconia accents. It will be a Las Vegas exclusive in the US, like the previous dice charm, but widely available in all other markets. This one will retail for $40 ($45 CAD) or £40.

pandora spring 2014

The Sacrifice charm, retailing for $35 ($40 CAD) or £25, feels a bit erroneous amongst the rest of the charms for Spring, and reminds me very much more of a Pandora Essence charm. This is apparently a charm designed to represent the military, invoking the values of ‘service, sacrifice, honour and valor’ – thanks to Sara for that information!


The Bicycle charm will be $35 ($40 CAD) or £30 and is a cute charm for any cycle enthusiast, while having a pleasing vintage aesthetic with details such as its charming basket! This is another charm that tempts me from the collection.


At $35 or £30, the Equestrian charm is perfect for the horsey type. With a riding boot, horse shoe and curry comb, it represents the most common items in horse riding.

pandora 2014 equestrian

The Home Sweet Home charm is a detailed little house, with ‘Home Sweet Home’ written on its base. It will be priced at $45 ($50 CAD) or £35.

pandora spring 2014


There will be a lacrosse charm, a spherical charm with two lacrosse sticks on it. This will be $40 ($45 CAD) or £30.

pandora spring 2014

There will also be a volleyball charm, costing $40 ($45 CAD) or £30.

pandora spring 2014

Finally, there will also be an Artist’s Palette.

pandora spring 2014

I love this live shot of the charm; it looks really adorable! It features coloured cubic zirconia for its paints, and will cost $50 ($55 CAD) or £40.

pandora artist's palette

My Comment

This collection has grown on me ever since the first stock images of it were released – I’m now considering adding quite a few pieces to my collection! I particularly like the new butterfly muranos, the Darling Daisy clip and the Bicycle dangle. The Artist’s Palette also looks really cute in the live shot, although I have no personal reason to buy it – my drawing skills are absolutely diabolical. ;) I did quite like the My Sweet Pet charm, but I’m less keen since seeing the writing on the back of it.

What pieces are you coveting? How do you like this Spring release from Pandora? Let me know!

25 Comments on Preview: Pandora Spring 2014 Collection With Pricing

  1. Oh by the way the artist’s palette is simply adorable. I will definitely be getting this one for my sister.

    & I’m also surprised that the initials with cubic zirconia are only $35 each! Wow! & I love your idea about using them as a pendant on a necklace as well.

    • I know, I’m desperately trying to think of a justification for buying it… and sadly am coming up blank. ;)
      Yes, I thought that was amazingly reasonable! I hope that the price translates well to other regions too. Our prices in the UK are always so much higher than in the US!

  2. Thank you so much Pandora for the Beautiful new Butterfly collection that is coming out! I love butterflies and just got a Pandora bracelet right before Christmas 2013 so now I have alot of charms to look forward to!!! You ROCK PANDORA!!!

  3. Are you able to tell me where the ALE hallmark is one the pendant letters? I can’t find one on mine and I bought it at a concept store.

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