Today sees a preview of the UK’s Mother’s Day mini-release! The UK celebrates Mother’s Day earlier in the year than other regions and, consequently, we see an earlier Mother’s Day release to coincide with it. This year the Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 collection is scheduled to be released on the 27th of February, while Mother’s Day itself will be on the 30th of March. It won’t be a full release of every piece from the Mother’s Day collection, but rather a mini-release comprised of pieces that are aimed at people buying presents for their mothers!

pandora mother's day 2014 fav

These charms and pieces will definitely be released on the 27th of February. There may well be other pieces released alongside them but, if that’s the case, I haven’t had the info on that yet. The promotional material may not encompass every single piece coming out.

pandora mother's day uk

Campaign Bracelet Designs

Charms & Bracelets

The Sweet Mother charm is perfect for Mother’s Day, and features pink enamel discs with ‘Sweet Mother’ written in it, while  the base of the dangle has cubic zirconia studded on it. This will retail for £55.

pandora mother's day 2014

The Rose Garden charm and clip are two of my favourites from both the Spring releases put together – I love the soft pink aesthetic of the enamel detailing. The Rose Garden charm will be £35.

pandora mother's day 2014

The Rose Garden clip will be £45.pandora rose garden clip The Abundance of Love charm offers a much-welcome two tone option for gold lovers, with a sweet little gold heart amongst all the enamel ones. It will cost £55.pandora spring 2014

The Roses openwork will be £20, offering a very pretty and lower-cost option for Mother’s Day 2014.pandora spring 2014

The Vintage Heart is a beautifully elegant two tone charm, featuring a gold heart at its centre. It will retail for £65. It is supposedly a limited edition piece, but there is no mention of this in my catalogue – hopefully we’ll have some more info on this soon!
pandora spring 2014

This new heart clip is a great new take on the traditional Pandora puffy heart charm. This will be £35.pandora spring 2014

LE Heart Bangle

pandora mother's day 2014

There has been some confusion as to whether the limited edition pave heart bangle is debuting with this mini-release. I personally asked in my concept store about the bangle today, and they asserted that it would be released on the 27th. My SA told me that the pavé heart is only on one side of the bangle; the other side is like the normal Pandora bangle clasp.

pandora pave heart bangle

They also told me that it would be bundled with the new pink pavé heart and retail for £99 – it won’t be sold on its own, and once stocks are gone, that’s it! The Pink Pavé Heart is a pretty soft pink, and is one of my favourite pieces from the new collection. Individually it will be £55, but it probably won’t be available on its own for purchase until later (a marketing ploy very popular with Pandora UK).pandora spring 2014

Other Jewellery

The Rose Garden collection has complementary earrings and a ring. The earrings will be £40.

The ring will cost £45.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157857_big

Live Shots

In the run-up to the release, Pandora Newcastle have released some live images of bracelet designs featuring the new collection! No live shots of the pavé bangle though, which is the piece I’m most keen to see. ;) Click on the images to cycle through the gallery!

My Comment

I am thrilled to see some of the pieces listed here – last year, the early Mother’s Day release only comprised of family-themed charms. I am not at a stage in my life where those kinds of charms are relevant to me, and so it’s great to see some of the more decorative pieces such as the Rose Garden series, and the Vintage Heart openwork charm debuting with this mini-release. On my wish list for sure are the Vintage Heart and the new bangle; I’m a sucker for limited edition pieces! ;)

Again, there may well be other charms included in this release; these are the ones listed in the promotional material I have received. :)

Which charms are you most looking forward to? Are any of these going on your wish list?

7 Comments on Preview: Pandora UK Mother’s Day 2014 Release

  1. I can’t wait for the Mother’s Day collection to be released. It’s my favourite collection for a long while. I’m going to have to start making my list – lots of love charm, rose charm, 2x rose clips, pave heart bangle & pink pave charm… And find a second job to fund them all!

    • It’s pretty, isn’t it? I’m thrilled that these are the pieces they’ve chosen to release early, too – they’re all my favourites from the collection! :) My wish list is pretty much the same as yours, with the addition of the Vintage Heart… what I actually manage to get will be considerably smaller! ;)

  2. I love the Mother’s Day charms. I must have the Vintage Heart! I have a bracelet with only heart charms. I have collected heart jewelry for years! I want all of them! The Rose charm is beautiful. My grandmother’s name is Rose and I’ve got to get that one for her. I love the bangles. I have a fat hand and wrist. I really need a larger size. I also wish that the rings were in sizes 10 & 11. Not everyone has small fingers. I love your blog! Thanks for keeping us updated!

    • The Vintage Heart is just stunning – I should be posting a review of it up tomorrow, if no other news arises first! :) That’s a lovely reason to get the Rose charm, too. <3
      I've heard people complain about Pandora's sizing as well – especially that there isn't a 22cm / 8.5 inch bracelet too. Hopefully they'll release some larger sizes for rings and bracelets in the future. :)
      It's my pleasure; thanks for reading and commenting!

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