The Pandora marketing machine has really spun into gear lately, with all sorts of little previews popping up around the Internet. With teaser videos on their Instagram feed and official Spring previews happening around the globe, the excitement for the launch of the Spring collection is contagious! The official Pandora website has just updated with a little sneak peek of the Spring 2014 collection, especially for Pandora club members – you can see the full page here.

The Spring collection is due to be released on the 13th of March. You can find here a list of all the key resources on it:

The Preview

The website offers a sneak peek of some of the new pieces debuting with the Spring 2014 collection, including the Darling Daisy clip and the Sparkling Butterfly, offering some styling suggestions alongside them:
pandora spring 2014 daisy bracelet

You can see this styled bracelet in a live shot in this image from the Spring 2014 preview that Pandora hosted for bloggers in Vienna:

pandora mothers day 2014
Image by Vickyliebtdich

The Sparkling Butterfly grows on me every time I see it; it certainly looks prettier in the live shots and when styled alongside other charms from Pandora’s range. It may not be precisely to my taste, but by no means does it strike me as gaudy or overly sparkly.

pandora spring butterfly bracelet

Spring Inspiration

The preview also offers some insight as to the influences and inspiration behind the design of the Spring 2014 collection, citing pretty spring pastel hues, butterflies and flowers – pretty apparent from seeing the collection itself!

pandora spring 2014 inspiration 2

pandora spring 2014 inspiration

Pandora offer a little hint at the design process, detailing the first sketches of the Darling Daisy clip and the Sparkling Butterfly, and revealing how they were developed into their final form as charms.

pandora darling daisy design

pandora spring 2014

There’s also a behind the scenes video of a campaign photo shoot for the collection; however, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t think there was much of interest in it. ;)

Are these teasers working? Do you feel more excited for Spring 2014? I know that I’m ever more excited for its release! :)

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