Today’s post brings some fresh details regarding new products being released in the Pandora Essence line for Spring 2014! This is the other piece of information that came out of my over-excited visit to my concept store on Thursday to see the new Mother’s Day collection. ;) The store were sorting out their promotional material for Mother’s Day, and putting out the new posters etc. Amongst it all, they had promotional cards in detailing the new products being launched in the Pandora Essence range. However, they weren’t putting them out, but were rather putting them away in a cupboard for later.

Obviously, I couldn’t keep one, so I have no images to show you, but they detailed new fabric cord Pandora Essence bracelets and a range of zodiac charms. 

Fabric Cord Bracelets

I was just going to include this in my upcoming March Round-Up post (coming at the beginning of the next week), as I didn’t have any pictures, but then this image surfaced belatedly from the Spring collection previews in Pandora Thailand. It details the new fabric cord bracelet!

Image by poom_pr
Image by poom_pr

Although the image isn’t amazingly clear, we can see two different colours of the cord bracelet; one appears to be grey, and one black. They feature the same slender cord as the traditional Essence bracelet.

The bracelets will be available in both single and double wrap. This stock image here details the double wrap bracelet:

pandora essence 2014


The single wrap bracelet will cost £25 and the double wrap bracelet £35.

I imagine that the idea with these fabric cord bracelets is to offer a lower entry point into the Essence range. Many people that I have spoken to about Essence have expressed concern about the fact that you have to buy an entirely separate bracelet to wear the new Essence charms, my OH’s mother included.

Zodiac Charms

The other new line revealed on the promotional cards was a charm that appeared to be based on the Pandora Essence Happiness charm, but with a zodiac symbol detailed in pavé stones, instead of the stripe.


This, we can assume, will be part of a larger range that encompasses all the zodiac charms; much like the retired zodiac range from the Moments range:

pandora zodiac
Retired Pandora zodiac lines

I was surprised that they had the cards in already, and it led me to wonder whether we will possibly see a release of these with the Spring 2014 collection in March. Although, tbh, I have no idea how far in advance of the release date stores can get new products in!

My Comment

I think that the grey cord Essence bracelet looks particularly pretty, and it’s always good to have some lower-cost options. I haven’t taken the plunge and got myself an Essence bracelet yet (although I have been very tempted at times), as I’m just not sure that I’d want to wear it as much as my Moments charm bracelets. I’m not sure these fabric options would make me any more likely to give in and purchase an Essence bracelet.

I’m also not overly impressed with the idea of zodiac charms; to be moving away from the central concept of ‘inner values’ already does suggest a lack of confidence in it. When the line first launched, I did wonder where Pandora were going to take it in the future; this doesn’t seem overly promising to me. However, you may think differently!

What do you think of the upcoming ranges for Pandora Essence? Do you have an Essence bracelet? If not, are the new fabric versions going to tempt you? Let me know!

8 Comments on Pandora Essence for Spring 2014

  1. I personally am not a big fan of the Pandora Essence collection. I wonder if the collection has been a hit so far and if Pandora will keep it around or retire it.

    • I’m not the biggest Essence fan; I like a couple of the charms, but the concept doesn’t appeal to me as much as the traditional Pandora charm bracelets. I won’t say never though!
      I’ve asked my local store how well it sells, and they say that it does okay, but people are put off by the fact that they have to buy a whole new bracelet for it. I couldn’t guess either whether the range will stick around for good…

  2. I just bought an Essence bracelet on a whim this week and I must say I love it. I only got one charm, the trust one and I’ve worn it everyday.

  3. I saw a double grey cord essence bracelet on Pinterest and I have to say it caught my eye! I wear a purple single leather with my ‘purple’ moments bracelet and was thinking how id like a different one to wear with my two tone moments bracelet – I think this could be it! Especially if there is a double wrap one.

    • That sounds great! I love to wear specific leathers with specific bracelets too; I wear a pink single leather with my pink and white moments bracelet. It’s a really great way to stack your bracelets and make the whole look a bit more casual. :)

      • I have looked at the values of the essence charms, the ones I would go for are positivity, happiness etc but are all silver. Would be nice to mix up the colours a bit but then no point in the essence charms! Hmmm

        • That’s the other thing with Essence… I think I’d always go for the beads I liked the look of rather than basing my choices on the values they represent. Luckily for me my favourite is the Love charm, and that has a nice meaning!

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