March is always an exciting month for Pandora collectors, as it usually heralds the release of the new spring collection! This year, we’ve got even more to be excited about, as the limited edition Pandora Club charm is due out alongside the Spring 2014 collection. Today’s post collates all the key facts about upcoming collections, promotions and limited edition releases for March 2014!

Pandora Club Charm release

The long-awaited limited edition Pandora Club charm is finally making its debut this month! The charm is exclusive to Pandora Club members, and will only be redeemable with a special voucher – for more details, see this post!


The charm itself is due to be released on the 13th of March, the same day as the launch of the Spring 2014 collection. As for the voucher, it has been said that it will be released in ‘early March’. Furthermore, on the Pandora Facebook page on Saturday, a lady asked about the Pandora Club charm voucher, to be told:

You will receive an email shortly. Also, we will post more information here on Facebook and on our Instagram account very soon – so stay tuned  Best wishes, Signe

So, be on the look out for that!

I am so excited to see this charm in person; one of the Club charms seems to have been leaked on eBay, resulting in the following live shot:

pandora club charm live
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You can’t see all that much of the charm, but it’s exciting nonetheless! ;) It also reveals the little card piece that accompanies the charm, explaining its limited edition status.

Pandora Spring 2014 release

pandora butterfly 2014

The biggest event in the Pandora world in March has to be the release of the Spring collection. The Spring 2014 collection features pastel purples and pinks, lots of butterflies, lace patterning and flowers, and is due to be released on the 13th of March! For stock images, pricing and live shots, click here to see the ‘Spring 2014’ tag and look through all the posts listed there. :)

Pandora have released their third Spring teaser video on their Instagram feed, revealing close-ups of the new pavé charms being released for Spring 2014. These charms include lavender, pink and multi-coloured versions of the popular Pavé Lights series. The new purple version of the Her Majesty spacer is also shown.

pandora spring 2014pandora spring 2014

Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 Collection

This collection isn’t due out globally until the 10th of April (although part of the collection was released in the UK last month), but a few more live shots have emerged from a preview in Canada. These feature some of the beautiful rings coming out with the Mother’s Day collection, and also the stunning new Vintage Heart charms.

Bracelet Promotion for the US & Canada

pandora spring 2014

The bi-annual US & Canadian Pandora bracelet promotion will be running this month, between the 20th and the 23rd of March. The silver barrel clasp bracelet or bangle will be gifted for free with any purchase of $100 or over! There’s always so much buzz surrounding this bracelet promo, but the even more exciting news this year is that the Pandora two tone bracelet will be offered free with a spend of $500 USD (or $550 CAD). That’s a pretty steep spend, but considering that the bracelet itself is $325 and that the new Spring charms will only just have arrived… I imagine that some of you will manage it! ;)

My Comment

The Pandora Club charm is something of a must-have for me, if I can manage it; but I’ll have to wait and see the Spring collection in person before I can decide what is definitely for me. I’m very excited to see it in person, although we’ve already been spoiled here in the UK with the early release of the Mother’s Day 2014 collection. ^^

What are you most excited for in March? Will you be buying anything from the upcoming Spring collection? Let me know!

4 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for March 2014

  1. I love pretty much everything in this spring collection! Especially the ‘Darling Daisy’ items! An absolute must have. I’m not very fond of the upcoming summer collection though so I’d rather invest my money in this gorgeous spring collection – which is kind of a relief, haha. Thanks for sharing these stunning pics!

    • I totally missed this comment – sorry about that! I adore the Darling Daisy pieces, too – especially the clips. I’m also head over heels for the new butterfly muranos and the Artist’s Palette, amongst other things – if only I had a reason to buy the Palette! ;)
      The summer collection has had extremely mixed reviews, but I don’t find that I’m overly keen on summer releases anyway, as I’m not a fan of overly bright colours. I much prefer softer spring colours and florals, so I’m with you on preferring the Spring collection! <3

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