*Updated with live shots and more information* Despite the fact that the Club charm has been stated in various promotional materials to be available from the 13th of March, its release appears to have been pushed forward to today in some regions, including the UK! This release date does seem to make more sense to me, as I thought that releasing it on the same day as the Spring 2014 collection put the Club charm at risk of getting overlooked. Furthermore, you don’t need to wait for an e-mail!

The Charm

For those unfamiliar with the Pandora Club charm, it is a limited edition charm produced exclusively for club members; you must be a member of Pandora Club to purchase the charm.

The charm is a miniature charm box, with a tiny heart charm inside – complete with a diamond nestled in the centre. Its lid is inscribed with ‘PANDORA CLUB 2014’, adding to its collectability!


How to purchase the charm

To purchase the charm, visit the Pandora.net Club charm page; on that page, you will see the charm’s price for your region, and a little box that says either ‘Get your voucher’ or ‘Get your purchase ID’ (depending on where you’re from).

how to buy pandora club charm

Click this button, and you’ll be taken to a page containing your voucher. This will be in a .PDF format, and you can either save it and print it out to take into store, or email it to yourself and show it to the store on your smartphone. This will allow you to buy the charm! :D


The prices are reported as £60 for the UK, $75 for the US, $99 AUD for Australia, 69 euros for Europe and 89 CHF for Switzerland.


Not all regions appear to be selling this charm today; to find out if yours is, phone your store in advance. The US, Canadian and UK versions of Pandora.net have all updated with the voucher. However, it appears that Australia, as of today, is not selling the charm yet.

The charm appears to be available both online (at least here in the UK) and in physical stores – if you’re buying online, then no voucher is required. Which somewhat defeats the object, but hey ho.

My Comment

I have been pretty confused as to what’s happening with the Club charm, but I’m certainly not complaining about an earlier release date! As I said previously, a separate release date to the Spring 2014 collection makes more sense to me. I’m definitely going to be visiting my store to have a look at the charm in person! :D

I’ve now been to my store and bought the charm! A review will be forthcoming; however, my camera has just packed up and these photos have been taken on my boyfriend’s phone, so they aren’t amazing. ;) The charm came in this special sleeve:

pandora club charm 2014
Image by Mora Pandora

The charm itself is really very pretty; it’s quite big though, compared to other charms. I also found it pretty hard to prise open the lid! I’ll have some better images to show you and some general impressions of the charm itself later.

pandora club charm 2014
Image by Mora Pandora

*UPDATE* Review of charm is now up, with much better pictures. ;)

Are you going to be buying this charm? Let me know!

15 Comments on Surprise! Pandora Club Charm arrives in some regions

  1. I thought it was just an earlier release for the UK and Europe? Or is it across the US as well?


    • Hi Jennie, I assumed it was the US as well, as the US version of Pandora.net has updated with the voucher – I don’t know for sure, however. :S It’s been pretty confusing!

    • Not all regions have updated with the voucher codes; it’s possible that Australia are sticking to the original release date of the 13th of March. I don’t know for sure, however; Pandora have released some very conflicting information about this charm!

    • Hi i’m in regional Australia and I got mine this morning, first one sold from my jeweller they said. I was also waiting for my voucher but didn’t receive mine in a email. I just went to the Pandora website and found it in the club section, (not that I needed it…) my bf picked it up for me and they didn’t even ask to see it

      • Oh, I’m glad that you got yours! It’s a bit frustrating that they’re not honouring the club voucher, but I guess it’s hard for Pandora to monitor whether individual jewellers are conforming to the rules… :/

  2. I can safely say I secured my charm! My local concept store in Cork, Ireland only got 20 in and I was the first to get it! They didn’t ask me for a code however. I can’t wait to have it on my bracelet and I do agree with the fact that it’s hard to open, but Sooo sparkly!

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