Today I’m going to be reviewing the new limited edition Circle of Love bangle, which is being released as an exclusive piece to accompany the Pandora 2014 Mother’s Day collection on the 10th of April. We in the UK were lucky enough to receive part of the Mother’s Day 2014 collection early, to correspond with our earlier celebration of Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday as it is sometimes known).

My picks of the collection were the gorgeous limited edition two tone Vintage Heart charm, and this pavé heart bangle. I walked away on the opening day with the new bangle, which is bundled with the new Pink Pavé Heart charm here in the UK:

pandora pave heart bangle

pandora spring 2014

This will not be a review of the Pandora bangle itself (although I will do one, once I’ve worn it longer), but rather a review of this very special edition of the Pandora bangle.

The Bangle

The limited edition Circle of Love bangle is almost exactly the same as the traditional Pandora charm bangle, but with one key difference; on one side of the clasp, it has a pink pavé heart design, based on the style of the existing Love of Life clips.

pandora love of my life

The Circle of Love bangle is available in three sizes, just like the original Pandora bangle: 17cm, 19cm and 21cm.

pandora circle of love bangle 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

What colour pink is it, actually?

One of my concerns, from the stock image, was that the stones in the pavé clasp were quite a dark pink. As the bangle is bundled with the new pink pavé heart charm, I was afraid of a clash.

pandora mother's day bangle

However, I needn’t have feared; the clasp and the charm are exactly the same shade. I wouldn’t call that shade ‘pink’, though, as it’s more of a pale lilac/lavender in my eyes. In darker lights, it looks almost clear. It’s a very subtle colour, and nothing like the stock image.

pandora mother's day bangle 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

This image, captured by an Instagram user, demonstrates the difference between the existing pink Love of my Life clip and the clasp of the new bangle. The existing clip is much more red in tone, while the new bangle clasp is much lighter and more purple.

pandora limited edition bangle
Image by gummy1206

The clasp

The clasp only has the pink pavé heart on one side; the other side looks the same as the traditional Pandora bangle clasp, with ‘PANDORA’ written on it.

pandora mother's day 2014 bangle
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit

Personally, I like this. The clasp is pretty stiff, so you can just turn the pavé heart side in towards your wrist to hide it and, voila, you have the regular Pandora bangle too! It just makes it a bit more versatile.

The Gift Set

As a gift set, I think that this works well; as I said, the charm and bangle match perfectly in colour. You could always take the heart charm and put it on another bracelet to stack with the bangle, too.

Charms do not stay in place on the bangle, so the heart does slide around a lot, usually ending up on the threads near the clasp. However, I think Pandora did well to pick an openwork charm; the bangle is prone to scratching, and openwork charms scratch it less, as they don’t have threaded cores like other Pandora charms.

pandora mother's day bangle 2014
Image by Mora Pandora – please do not reproduce without credit


The bangle is a limited edition piece, and will only be available while stocks last.

  • In the UK, this bangle is only available with the new Pink Pavé Heart charm, retailing for £99.
  • In the US, it will be available on its own for $75, complete with a porcelain box.
  • In Australia, it won’t be available for purchase, but will be a rather amazing GWP, starting from the 24th of April – spend $150 AUD and receive the bangle for free!

As for other regions, I don’t have any info yet – feel free to drop me a comment if you know of any more details!


This set was perfect for me as, back when the first stock images of the new 2014 charms were leaked, the new pink pink pavé heart was one of my favourites.  The charm is described as pink, but I termed it as more of a shade of lilac – this is how it appears in real life, and it’s so very subtle and pretty. To have a bangle that matches the charm is even better!

I’ve been wearing this bangle consistently all week since I got it, to the extent that I haven’t actually worn any of my traditional Moments bracelets! That’s how much I love it. I adore the colour of the charm, and the bangle’s clasp; plus the bangle itself is so light and comfortable to wear.

If you’re in the UK, have you indulged in this limited edition set? And, for my international readers, is this bangle on your wish list? Let me know! :D

17 Comments on Review: Pandora Circle of Love LE Pavé Bangle from Mother’s Day 2014

  1. After lots of thought about the bangle and also wanting the pink heart I have decided to buy this after all ?. Just ordered it tonight so will arrive Wednesday ?. I know I said that I wanted a plain clasp bangle but I didn’t realise until I read this properly that the heart on the clasp is the same colour as the heart charm, and that it’s plain on the reverse. So, tonight I thought s*d it!! It was a toss up between this and the LE vintage heart but I get my bonus in 4 weeks so hopefully will get the heart then!! Actually feeling quite excited now ??

    • Yay, that’s so exciting!! I have to say this bangle is one of my favourite Pandora pieces ever; it’s so pretty. And it’s limited edition ;)
      Plus, like I said, on mine, you can just turn the pavé heart side of the clasp into your wrist to hide it and it’ll stay there while you’re wearing it. ^^ How are you going to wear it? Are you thinking of adding anything to it?

      • It is!
        I have reset the password to my Instagram as I never used it, loaded all my pics on there now! Can’t see how to send the links? My username is sarahld187 if you fancy a look at my collection ?

    • It looks amazing! <3 Love it stacked with the purple leather and the pink/purple silver bracelet. I have to say, your whole collection is gorgeous – I particularly love your purple leather bracelet. The combination of the blue Butterfly Kisses and Cherry Blossom muranos is so pretty. Really like how it looks with two singles clipped together, too.
      If you tag your posts with #pandora too, then everyone can see and admire your picures! :)

      • Thank you ☺️ yes I recieved the pink butterfly murano the other day so I swapped the blue on my bracelet for the pink and thought the blue looked good on the leather.
        You could get 2 or 3 different colour leathers and link together, that would be pretty cool!

        • Yeah, that would be cool! I only have a triple silver and a single pink leather… I’ve never thought of linking those together before… The silver one might look nice with a purple one, though – and the pink one would as well! Maybe I’ll have a look for another one in the leather bracelet promo later this year. ^^

    • Oh, good! I’m actually tempted to try that myself, then – at the moment I just let the heart slide around the bangle but I’m worried it’s scratching it a bit. Thanks for sharing! :) Great picture, too.

      • The heart hasn’t moved from the top of my wrist, it’s like it’s balanced it lol. Or my wrists are too wide for it to spin round now! Haha!

        • Aha I’m sure it’s the former reason. ;) I can’t find my silicone stoppers now… so annoying! Might have to order some more and try it myself.

  2. I have moved my heart to my bracelet and today decided on the white daisy clip. I went out to get the heart clip, but they didn’t have any in my little jewellers and after reading about them not fitting well and even the last in the shop said hers popped off and she lost it I thought I best not go for that one! I think the daisy on the bangle is lovely, and once my extra essence bits arrive tomorrow the 2 will go great together ?

    • Oh I love the Daisy clip – one of my absolute faves from the new collection. Really like how pretty and minimalist it looks on its own on the bangle, too! <3 I did hear that there were some issues with the Steady Heart clip :/ Hopefully it doesn't apply to all of them as I was thinking of getting a couple for my Pandora Rose bracelet.

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