For many of the ladies who were unable to buy the Club charm today, this should help to soothe the pain; the collection is beginning to hit stores in some regions, including Canada and Australia! Several retailers have updated their social media pages with shots of the new Spring 2014 collection, announcing the new pieces’ arrival into store.The official release date is the 13th of March, but retailers often receive collections a little before this date.

The collection will be trickling into stores from now on, but be sure to call your store to see if they have the new charms in. Some regions are not allowed to sell the new collection before the official release date – this usually includes the UK. :/ ;)

The Collection

pandora spring 2014 campaign 4

The Pandora Spring 2014 is characterised by traditional Spring motifs, including butterflies, floral designs and pastel colours, and by current fashion trends for alphabet and number jewellery. To see a full list of the charms and pricing, see my Spring 2014 collection preview here!

Live Shots

Retailers who have received the collection have published some great shots of the new charms and jewellery. Click on any image to enlarge it.

My Comment
My favourites from the Pandora Spring 2014 collection include the new Butterfly Kisses muranos, especially the blue version, the Darling Daisy clip, the Home, Sweet Home and the adorable Bicycle. This collection has increasingly grown on me, as I was initially a little disappointed that it was so seasonal, and now I’m very excited to go and see the charms for myself.

I feel a little mixed about the re-release of the Chinese New Year charms with the Spring 2014 collection, as I think, in some ways, it would have been nicer to maintain their exclusivity. On the other hand, it’s good that everyone gets to enjoy them.

Are you looking forward to Spring’s official debut? Will you be purchasing anything?

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