After all the excitement of the Spring 2014 collection’s release in March, there’s no let up yet, with the debut of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 collection due this April! Today’s blog post takes a look at what’s on the horizon for Pandora this month, with an overview of upcoming collections, promotions and other news.

In terms of blog news, there’s a been a slight layout change with a new header, and I’ve introduced a new monthly Pandora haul feature, where I share my buys for the month and encourage you to share yours! It’s great to see how much the blog has grown in the last few months, so thank you for reading.

Mother’s Day 2014 release

pandora mother's day 2014 fav

Unsurprisingly, the Mother’s Day collection for 2014 is focused on love and family; the pieces are characterised by a soft pink aesthetic, with lots of heart motifs. The collection is due out on the 10th of April worldwide – however,  in the UK, we already received a good portion of the collection back in February, as we celebrate Mothering Sunday earlier here. We will receive the rest of the collection on the 10th as well.

This collection will see the release of two gorgeous limited edition pieces: the two tone Vintage Heart charm and the pavé heart Circle of Love bangle. These two pieces are possibly the highlight of 2014’s releases for me! <3

Also, as a reminder, Alyson Hannigan‘s campaign for Pandora is due to start with the Mother’s Day collection – I’ve been a fan of Alyson ever since I saw her on Buffy. We have a very pretty little sneak peek below, but I’m really curious to see the high res shots of her campaign!

pandora alyson hannigan campaign

Zodiac range for Pandora Essence

While Spring 2014 saw the release of new fabric cords for the Pandora Essence range, it is rumoured that the 10th of April will also see a new range of Pandora Essence zodiac charms. The set of twelve silver charms will have the signs of the zodiac detailed on them in cubic zirconia.

You can’t see the charms very clearly from the image, but you get the general idea of them.

pandora essence zodiac

I have to say, zodiac ranges for Pandora don’t ever seem to do amazingly well, so I’m not sure how many people will consider their zodiac to be a crucial part of their ‘essence’. This also doesn’t reassure me about the longevity of the Essence concept; what other ideas do they have for future collections?


There will be a number of Mother’s Day promotions running in April.

  •  The US will receive a number of gift sets for Mother’s Day 2014, each offering savings. These will be available from the 11th of April until the 11th of May.
  • Russia have a very cute little promotion running for a week from today. Spend 7,000 rubles (£119/$193 USD) to receive a free Taxi cab charm (791221EN20), from 31st of March to the 5th of April. That spend is pretty steep, however!
  • Australia will have a slightly later promotion – but it’s an excellent one! From the 24th of April until the 11th of May, spend $150 AUD / $180 NZD and receive the Circle of Love limited edition pavé bangle, plus a beautiful butterfly jewellery box:

butterfly box promotion

Still no new promotions for the UK, I’m afraid. Our next promotion to look forward to (that we know of) is the ‘buy two, get one free’ ring promotion in May. However, keep checking the Promotions page for more information. :) I did read a comment from Pandora UK reassuring someone that there would be a promotion in the UK soon, but they could well have just been referring to the ring promotion. We’ll see!

New NFL charms

Last year saw Pandora’s first teaming up with MLB to produce a range of baseball-themed charms, and last month saw the debut of an additional range of engraved MLB baseball charms. We now have news of a brand new series for NFL. These will be US-exclusives and will arrive later this year. There will be engraved version of the two-tone football helmet, retailing for $160 USD:

pandora football helmet

and also another series of engraved Unforgettable Moment dangles which will retail for $65, as with the MLB charms:

pandora 2014 unforgettable moments

I have to say that I don’t follow sports at all – I get into Wimbledon every year, but that’s about it! Plus, I have an even more limited awareness of sports in the US. The contract I’d really like them to pull off is Disney, however. Chamilia currently hold the exclusive rights to Disney charms, but I don’t always like their style; Pandora & Disney would be a dream combination!

New Pandora Gift Pouches?

In the UK, we’ve been receiving these new little gift pouches instead of charm boxes with purchases from a number of concept stores. I don’t know whether this is just a special for Mother’s Day (my sales assistant didn’t know when I asked). I posted this on the Mora Pandora Facebook page but, from what I heard, they don’t seem to be just giving them out in other regions as of right now.

pandora black and pink gift bag

While the pouch is pretty cute, with its black and pink colour scheme, it doesn’t feel particularly expensive – the top of the bag isn’t hemmed or anything. I’m not sure how I’d feel if these replaced the gift boxes long term!

My Comment

I’ve done most of my heavy spending this March, what with the debut of the Spring collection and the Pandora Club charm – my April will have to be a little more self-restrained. The only charm that I still have my beady eye on is the simply gorgeous limited edition Vintage Heart charm from the Mother’s Day collection – I’m just waiting on funding. ;)

What are you most looking forward to for April? Will you be buying anything from the upcoming Mother’s Day or Pandora Essence collections?

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