Today brings some exciting images, with some wonderfully-crisp new live shots of the Summer 2014 collection from the Italian site As my first post on Easter Sunday, these images are possibly not the most Easter-ish, but I will be publishing a little post on Easter inspiration later! ;)

There are also a number of previously-unseen charms pictured amongst these images, including a new Eye pendant and what looks like numeral cubic zirconia pendants. I don’t have any explanation as to what these are yet, but I’ll be sure to update you, should I find out.

To see a full preview of the Summer 2014 collection, see my post here.

The Images

In this first shot, alongside the new orange cord bracelet, you can see the Paris Amour charm – a new version of the Pandora Eiffel Tower pendant, with a little gold heart attached.

pandora summer 2014 live 3
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Now, strangely in this image, we have an image of a previously-unseen charm: an Eye pendant that is apparently one of the new Symbols range. I’ve not seen this listed anywhere else, so it’s a bit of a mystery to me.

Image by
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*UPDATE* Number pendants are now confirmed by another Italian Spring-Summer 2014 preview. They didn’t post any new pictures, though. We have another little mystery in this image. While this image offers a nice shot of the new teal charms being released for summer, it also appears to display new number pendants. If I’m not mistaken, on the central teal bracelet appear to be number 7 pendants – frustratingly, they’re the wrong way around, so I can’t quite see what the pendants actually are!

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Next, we have a shot of the new orange muranos. The new Tropical Flower murano is one of my favourites from the new collection – it’s so fun and bright. I just can’t think how I’d incorporate orange into my collection!

Image by
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Here we have a shot of two more of the new symbol pendants, alongside one of my favourites from this release: the Lucky Penny.

pandora summer 2014 live 4
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This shot isn’t as clear, but it offers us a peak at the new Seahorse pendant alongside the Teal Lattice muranos.

Image by www.
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You can see them a little better in this shot, alongside the new teal cord bracelet:

pandora summer 2014 live 5
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Finallly, we have a little sneak peek at the new Teal Pavé Lights debuting for summer, just in the right hand corner on this image!

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My Comment

I’m confused by the images of previously-unseen charms. I’ve seen images of what should have been the entirety of the Summer 2014 collection, and it makes me wonder if there is a second summer release that we possibly haven’t seen yet.

As for the images of the charms themselves, my favourites remain the Lucky Penny and the Tropical Flower murano, although I was sorry not to see the Windmill! I also still love the Paris Amour charm, and I’m a little irritated to already own the regular Paris dangle. ;)

I am, however, not all that keen on the new cubic zirconia symbols coming out. Or perhaps it’s just the new (and slightly creepy?) eye pendant!

What do you think of the new Summer 2014 charms?

24 Comments on New Live Shots of the Summer 2014 Collection

  1. Is that a crab in one of the pics or something else? On the teal cord

    I don’t like the eye! It’s weird… What’s it supposed to represent?
    I guess if you have a lucky number then the numbers make sense… But not that keep on the new dangly letters ?

    I would like to see the muranos in person, The teal faceted murano is growing on me!

  2. Where is the Windmill charm? Wow. The Tropical Flowers murano is really cheerful! The Lucky Penny looks good too! Hahaha! The Eye charm looks creepy indeed! They should promote that for Halloween though (face palm) It reminds me of the horror movie titled The Eye… >,<

    • I know, I wanted to see the Windmill too! :( I guess they just didn’t take a picture of that one. I’ve not heard of that film, but I’m not sure that I’d want the Eye on my bracelet anyway… I think I’d feel it watching me haha. ;)

  3. The eye is definitely weird. Not something I’d want. Two together above in that pic is even weirder. lol I do like the four leaf clover. :)

    • They’re pretty, aren’t they? I particularly like the Tropical Flower orange murano <3 I haven't actually seen them in person yet, sadly – these are shots from a Summer 2014 preview in Italy. :)

      • My friend recommended me to get the brown leather bracelet to go with the orange and teal charms instead of getting the orange cord that I planned. What do you think.? My friend thinks the combination of the brown with the orange will look earthy

        • Hmm, it’s an unusual combination but I don’t think that’s any bad thing! It would be nice and bright for summer and, overall, the brown leather would be more versatile throughout the year if you wanted to occasionally switch which charms you were wearing on it.
          I do prefer the leather bracelets to the cords too, as I think they’re a bit more substantial. :)

  4. I wasn’t sure how the cord bracelets would be, didn’t think they would be very strong. I have a silver bracelet as well but I wanted something separate for the summer charms. I’ve seen the orange charms on the orange cord and I’m not sure if I like it, too matchy lol

    • Pandora’s official guidelines do state that the cords can carry as many charms as the leathers (7-9), but I just think that the leather feels more substantial! Aha, orange on orange could be kind of matchy, but I think that it looks quite pretty in the pictures. Maybe if you went for the Tropical Flowers orange murano, which has some white and yellow in it too – I think the orange faceted murano on its own would blend into the orange cord a bit…

  5. I love the all the orange and the teal charms that are in the summer collection. I think they will look nice on the brown leather. I can’t wait until they come out. They say the release date is May 29 but hopefully the dealers will have them sooner.

    • In that case, the brown leather would be lovely! Dealers in the US usually have them a week or so sooner, so I’m sure you’ll be able to purchase them a little before the 29th! :D Here in the UK retailers all have to stick rigidly to the official release date, sadly…

  6. I picked up the brown leather bracelet yesterday. I put one of the light green muranos, green looking glass on it for now. It looks nice I might keep it on there even when I get the orange ones, I’ll see how I like it. I picked up a charm from the Mothers Day collection about a week earlier then the release date. I’m glad they do that here in the US

    • Sounds like the brown leather was the right choice then! ^^ I really like the green looking glass murano, but unfortunately we don’t have it over here.
      Yes, they used to do that here in the UK too but in the last year or so they’ve got a lot stricter about it. :/

  7. Hahaha! I think the Windmill can fit with Home Sweet Home charm, Travel charms and Family charms! :D I am not very keen on the enamel Evil Eye pendant too. Still looks a tad creepy :D Hahaha!

    • All good ideas! :D I imagine that if I see it in person and love it, I’ll end up going home with it anyway haha. Do you think you’ll get anything from this collection?
      Aha, I didn’t like it at first but it’s grown on me… probably because it’s not available in the UK. I always want what I can’t have ;)

      • LOL! I definitely will get the Tropical flowers murano, the Windmill and the Lucky Penny! ;)) it’s good that you always want what you cannot have :)) At least you have something to look forward to and work smart on getting it realised ;) *five* :D

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