First and foremost, a very happy Easter to all who celebrate! Today’s post brings some Easter inspiration, with a look at what Pandora has to offer in the way of Easter charms and what Pandora I’m personally wearing to celebrate.

The weather isn’t exactly being very Easter-y today; the skies are black and it’s absolutely tipping it down with rain here in England. Nevertheless, this Easter inspiration ought to cheer things up.
pandora easter

Pandora Easter charms

Pandora don’t offer tons in the way of Easter charms: the chick, the original bunny charm and the pink CZ Easter egg are now all retired. Available from their current collections, however, are a cute bunny dangle, pretty murano egg drops, and the Easter Bunny himself.
pandora easter collage

In terms of colour, the retired Pandora Candy Stripe muranos are a popular choice for Easter. Their bright colours and confectionary-like design mean that they really fit with the spirit of the celebration.

pandora candy stripes for easter c

I once saw an absolutely amazing bracelet that used all the candy stripe muranos to a wonderfully colourful effect – I wish I could find it again to link you all to it. It was perfect for Easter!

My Easter Bracelet

I actually don’t own any charms that really relate to Easter. :( Consequently, I’ve opted to wear a mini bracelet design that has a) cute animals, b) flowers and c) cute candy colours – all perfect for Easter, I think!

Please do not reproduce without credit
Please do not reproduce without credit
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Please do not reproduce without credit

Have you created an Easter bracelet design?

10 Comments on Happy Easter 2014 with some Pandora inspiration!

  1. It’s a gloomy and rainy Easter Day here as well in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Very lovely Easter bracelet design you have there ;)) despite the gloomy weather today, I am still contented with God’s blessings for us everyday :)) So blessed to have you blogging about every pretty stuffs! Blessed Easter to you too Ellie!, xoxo, Ann :))

    • I’ve had a nice day here, too, despite the rain; glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed yours. Thank you for all your lovely comments and a happy Easter to you too! xxx

  2. I don’t have any Easter charms either, but I do like the rabbit charms. I do have a question since I saw that you don’t have a full bracelet either. How do you keep the charms from going to the bottom of your wrist when wearing it ? Thanks

    • Unfortunately, there’s not a lot that you can do about that – it’s just gravity. :/ When I’m actually wearing a bracelet and it’s not full of charms, I don’t tend to put all the charms in one section like I might do if I’m just creating a design for a day. I space out the charms between sections as evenly as possible, which helps to stop their weight making them fall beneath your wrist.

        • Oh yes, definitely. Clips help to separate your charms and stop them bunching up; they also protect the little threads on your bracelet by stopping charms rolling over them awkwardly and getting stuck while you’re wearing them. Clips are always my first purchase for a new bracelet. :)

      • Thank you for your advise. I’m new to Pandora so I’m still learning. I received my first bracelet last Christmas

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