Today I’m kicking off the week with a complete preview of the upcoming Pandora Essence Zodiac collection! The charms represent the twelve signs of the zodiac, and will be the first set of new charms released for Pandora Essence since its debut in November 2013.

The Collection

The set of twelve silver charms have the signs of the zodiac detailed on them in cubic zirconia, plus the zodiac sign they represent engraved on their silver cores.

These charms will be $55 USD and $60 CAD; no confirmation on pricing for other regions as of yet.

pandora essence zodiac preview mark2Release Date

I was originally (mis)-informed by a sales assistant in a local store that these were coming out for Mother’s Day 2014, but it now looks like they will be seeing a Summer 2014 release. However, I don’t have any concrete confirmation of that as of yet – I will update you when I do!

My Comment

While the charms are pretty and fit with the general aesthetic of the Pandora Essence collection, zodiac ranges for Pandora don’t ever seem to do amazingly well. A significant chunk of the Pandora Chinese Zodiac animal dangles just got retired here in the UK and the remaining charms are being marketed simply as animal pendants. Consequently I’m not sure how many people will consider their zodiac to be a crucial part of their ‘essence’. This also doesn’t reassure me about the longevity of the Essence concept; what other ideas do they have for future collections?

However, perhaps I’m being too sceptical. What do you think of the new Pandora Essence zodiac line? Does it appeal to you?

12 Comments on Complete Preview: Pandora Essence Zodiac Collection

  1. Hello Mora,

    I do agree with you the Chinese Zodiac dangles were not a hit, but as someone who does own an essence bracelet I’m very excited about this collection of zodiac charms. I will be purchasing the Scorpio charm. I have a tattoo of a Scorpion on my body. The new essence zodiac symbol looks just like an “M” which just happens to be the first letter of my last name. That would make the fourth essence charm I would own, and considering I stated I only wanted three for my bracelet I’m very excited to be getting this charm. I must say even if the essence collection does not last as long as the other collections I’m very proud of my bracelet it represent me more so than my other seven Pandora bracelets. Each charm states a true emotion that I feel for my husband, and yes he was the person who selected and purchased each charm. Thank you for all of your posts. I enjoy reading everything you write I may not always agree, but I do appreciate how you think thru each item you post. It makes me say hmmm should I really purchase that item?

    • Hi Torina, I always try to be honest regarding my opinions of new collections, but at the same time I don’t want to make people feel bad for liking something, so I’m sorry if you felt that way. :) That’s why it goes in the ‘My Comment’ box; it’s purely my opinion! ^^ Overall I like the Essence line a lot, I just find myself wondering sometimes where they’re going with it.
      It sounds like you have some pretty creative ideas for the Scorpio charm; how nice that it can represent a number of important things for you!

      • Hi Mora,
        I’m sorry if my comment led you to think you made me feel bad for liking the essence. I wanted you to know I enjoy what you have to say about each collection. It makes me look at certain items in a different way if I might have been on the fence about it. I know in the end when I do make that choice I will be happy with my decision, and it will be due to having verbal conversations, or reading blogs.

        Keep up the awesome blog!!!!!

        • Hi Torina, that’s lovely to hear! I’m glad that you find my commentary useful; your feedback is really helpful, too. ^^ Thanks very much for commenting! :)

  2. I don’t have an essence bracelet, they are growing on me and I think about the charms I would use, but there are other pieces by pandora I want more! Lol. If I did have an essence bracelet I probably would add my star sign, and possibly the signs of children.

    • I’m the same! I keep toying with the idea of buying an Essence bracelet, but there’s always something else first on the wish list. ;) That’s a really cute idea – I don’t know whether I’d go for one of these or not if I had Essence. I think I’d probably want one of the values first… I quite like the Love charm! Although, thinking about it, I probably wouldn’t buy it for myself haha.

      • The chances of my husband thinking that way are unlikely!! I had a chalk board up in the kitchen and I titled it ‘things mummy likes’, this was for birthday / Mother’s Day / random gift ideas. Firstly I never get random gifts, secondly I got a CD for Mother’s Day…. I wiped the board clean and thought what is the point! Haha! So I buy most of mine myself. I like the love charm too, also the honesty, trust and happiness.

        • Aha, well, you can’t get much clearer about what you’d like than that! At least you can get your own. ;) Although, when I say I wouldn’t buy it for myself, I mean that when it comes to my birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day, he’ll ask, ‘What Pandora?’ and I’ll say ‘this one, please!’ haha. So I’m effectively choosing it, he’s just doing the actual purchasing. ;) While I do get most of my Pandora myself, he actually quite likes to get me it for occasions. He was the one who got me my first bracelet and so I think he takes the blog and my obsession with Pandora as evidence of his amazing present-buying skills! ;)

        • I did get Christmas present and birthday present pandora’s but like you – I have to say ‘this one!’

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