Exciting news today as we have a live shot of a couple of pieces from the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2014 collection!

A picture from a preview of Pandora Fall/Winter 2014 collection has been uploaded to Instagram – it details some two new rings, and a set of earrings. No shots of charms have emerged just yet, but hopefully some more images from the preview will be available shortly.

The image details earrings and a ring from a Shimmering Leaves collection, which feature a cubic zirconia tendril design. Also shown is a ring similar to the Twist of Fate ring from the Valentine’s Day 2014 collection – shown in the picture are two of these rings, stacked on top of each other.

pandora autumn winter 2014 collection
Image by Altfordamerne

These pieces are described as ‘in stores from September’, which is as expected.

My Comment

I have, in fact, seen some images of the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection; however, they are not anything that I can share just yet. These pieces will also have an accompanying necklace, although I have not seen any sign of a matching charm. I will update this post if and when more pictures emerge!

What do you think of this initial sneak peek? Are you looking forward to new pieces?

19 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Autumn/Winter Jewellery 2014 Live Shot

  1. Excited to see leaf themed items to pair with all the foral items produced. I’m really hoping for an enameled leaf clip to wear with the enamel daisy and enamel cherry blossom clips…I could do a lot with a leaf clip in a cheery spring green.

  2. Hmmmm…. I am going to do Summer shopping tomorrow late afternoon. Hopefully before evening your time I get the chance to update my Instagram :D LOL I am not very keen on leaf design until I see it in person :)) Alicia’s idea of leaf clip is awesome! Nice to match it with darling daisy clips too! xoxo :D

    • Exciting! :D I won’t be able to see the new pieces until Friday at the earliest, as I’m in the middle of exams :( consequently, I’ll be living vicariously through you haha. I look forward to seeing your pictures!
      I actually quite like the leaf design! It reminds me of necklaces I had when I was younger – although, I will say that these pieces from Pandora do look like other, less expensive designs. It was a great idea! I’d love to see some leafy enamel pieces. ;) xxxx

      • Yes, I am truly looking forward to it! First thing I wish to see is the Windmill! :D Hahaha! Oops, you are having exams now. Am sure you will do well my dear! I will pray for you now ;)) Yes, the leaf design can look like other less expensive designs, however, some leaf designs can look very elegant! xoxo :D

        • Me too! I’m curious to see the Lucky Penny dangle too, which I also like quite a lot. And I still want to take my Rose bracelet in to see what matches with it haha.
          Haha, thank you! I’m done tomorrow afternoon – I cannot wait. ;) xxxx

  3. Alicia’s idea on** sigh….apologies! pardon the auto spelling turned into wrong word-iPad mini ;((

  4. Hahaha! I do have the Lucky Penny too. I was surprised that it’s so petite in reality! I have utterly forgotten about it because I was too carried away with the Teal Studded Circles Openwork! :D Ironically, the Teal matches gold tone or double tone or even silver alone very well! Hahaha! Anyways, all the best in your exam today my dear! Tee~hee!! xoxo Hahaha!

    • I am a happy girl right now as I have now finished my exams and I got to go and see the summer collection a day early haha. I actually really loved the collection in person – I can see why you bought so much of it! The teal openwork is absolutely stunning (and looks so beautiful with the gold in your pictures!) <3 however, I was restrained and just walked away with the Lucky Penny, which is so adorable in person! Like you say, it's pretty small, but that meant it was quite reasonably priced.
      Thank you for your best wishes, I think it went okay today – but I'm just so glad they are over!! :P xxxx

  5. Tee~ hee!! I am so happy for you that your exams are finally over!!! xoxoxoxo :D Hahaha! So you did not get any teal or orange murano?? :( Awww… :( Did you bring your Rose gold bracelet with you? I truly wish Pandora can produce more Teal Studded Circles Openwork in other colours though. I am sure you did well in your exams! I prayed, yes, you are most welcome!! :D hahahaha! xoxo

    • Haha, thank you!! It’ll be nice to be able to give the blog a bit more attention again ;) no, I didn’t :( I took the rose bracelet in but I really wasn’t sure as to whether the orange or teal suited it… I love the tropical flower murano, but I’ll have to have a think about it!
      Haha well I am ever so grateful! :P Xxxx

  6. Ellie check out Pandorawem on Instagram- autumn ring and a black bead of some description when you zoom

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