It’s been a long time since we got our first sneak peeks of this collection back in January, and it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here – the Pandora Summer 2014 collection is released globally today! The collection is characterised by tropical colours in orange and teal, and boasts a vibrant, fun theme.

pandora summer 2014 banner

To see a full overview of the Pandora Summer 2014 collection, check here – or look through the Summer 2014 tag for live shots, look book images and other news.

Today also sees the release of the Pandora Essence Summer 2014 release, which features a collection of zodiac charms and a beaded bracelet – a post on this will be going up later today!

Live Shots

As retailers have got the new collection in, some gorgeous shots of the new collection have emerged on social media. I particularly love the little floral detail on the base of the Sparkling Pineapple, which you can see in the first image by Pandora Freehold. So cute!

Paris Amour and Southern Cross charms

There was some confusion as to the status of these charms, as they weren’t included in initial previews of the Summer 2014 collection. It now seems that these charms have been released worldwide – however, in the US and Canada, they do not appear to have been released. I don’t know whether they will be special release, or whether the US division of Pandora has just decided not to include these two charms in the US collection.

My Comment

My favourites from the collection are the Windmill and the Lucky Penny, although I’m also a fan of the teal theme, and the beautiful orange Tropical murano. I’m also amazed at the reasonableness of  some of the UK prices – the Windmill and the Lucky Penny are both priced at £25! I’d have expected £30, so I’m pleased with that!

However, while I was planning on getting the Windmill, my parents are currently away in Amsterdam and, as the windmill is so emblematic of Holland, I mentioned to my mum on the phone that I was going to get it. There was a brief silence, before she said, ‘Well, that’s ruined that Christmas surprise!’. It turned out that she’d gone especially to Pandora to get it for me! At least she can know for sure that I’ll like it, haha. Consequently, I’m not sure if I’ll be picking anything up just yet from the Summer collection, although I’m still thinking of starting a teal theme in the UK’s bracelet promo in July.

What do you think of the new Summer collection? Will you be purchasing anything?

11 Comments on The Pandora Summer 2014 collection is released worldwide!

  1. I’m more gutted that the new Paris dangle is so expensive… I’m completely in love with it :( on the plus side, I can afford the windmill! :D x

    • Oh, I love that one too – however, I wouldn’t get it regardless of the price as I already have the plain silver version. I got it on holiday in Paris, so it will always have the most significance to me, so I wouldn’t swap it for this one! The Windmill seems to be a general favourite – it’s very cute! ^^ x

  2. Ellie have you any idea on why the Heart pendant isn’t out in this release? It’s in the uk leaflet but I trawled the online shops and it’s not there. x

    • Hi Lynsey, thanks for pointing that out – I hadn’t actually noticed that! I went to my local concept store today, and they didn’t have the heart pendant either. I haven’t seen the UK booklet yet as my store didn’t have them in, but it is not currently listed on the UK version of Pandora’s website. It seems to me that it has not yet been released in the UK, but I can’t imagine that it won’t be eventually – especially if it is in the booklet. I will try and find out more! :) x

    • I found out that the heart pendant is going to be sold as part of a bundle in the UK, and not on its own just yet – no news on what the bundle will be yet, though The bundle is another starter bracelet set – the silver barrel clasp, two silver clips and the heart pendant, for £99. x.

      • Thanks for finding out. Not impressed at all with that decision. They are advertised together so should be available to buy separately. Typical!xx

        • I completely agree with you – it’s very irritating that they do this with every collection! It’ll be out on its own eventually, though. xx

  3. Wow! Your mom is very sweet indeed! The Windmill will be more meaningful for you :D I wish I have such a sweet and loving mom you know! Nevertheless, I am blessed to have met you, well not in person but at least here at the moment!! Hahaha!! xoxo :D

    • Yes, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that my two favourites from the collection were also the cheapest! This collection is beautiful in person – and I was not at all sure about it when I first saw the stock pictures! <3

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