Today I’m rounding off the month with a review of the Spring 2014 Bicycle charm! This will be the last of my reviews for Spring 2014, and I’ll be covering the Summer 2014 collection over the next month or so. ^^ This is old news to some extent, but I loved the intricate detail on this charm so much that I had to share!

I’m sorry that this post is up so late, but I’ve been incredibly busy over the last few days – I’ve just finished my final exams for my degree and so I didn’t have time to pre-write my articles, as I normally would. Things will be back to normal over the next few months, however!

pandora bicycle

The Charm

The Bicycle charm was released back in March with the rest of the Spring 2014 collection and was an instant favourite of mine. The details are perfectly realised, down to the pedals that face oppositely on each side of the bike! The bicycle has a nostalgic vintage feel, with a sweet little basket attached to its front.

pandora spring 2014 review bicycle 3b
The charm has a few angles on it, however, as you can see with the pedals, handlebars and saddle – I’ve caught it already on a few things (including my spaniel’s ear! :S). Despite this, it’s not as bad as some Pandora dangles – I can’t wear my Reindeer dangle with anything knitted, for example!

pandora spring 2014 review bicycle 2

The charm itself is very thin, as you can see in this picture – it feels very light and a little insubstantial when you hold it. Still, the detail in it is very lovely, especially considering how small it is! The bicycle’s basket is decorated one of the traditional Pandora hearts – you often get a little heart hidden in a charm’s detail.pandora spring 2014 review bicycle 4


These aren’t so much stylings as they are just how I’ve chosen to wear my bicycle charm! I am building what will be a blue and white themed bracelet – but I’ve not really put together the design for it, yet.

pandora spring 2014 review bicycle 6

I really like the dainty look of the Bicycle charm with the floral tones of the Darling Daisy clip and the Love Note dangle – it works well with other charms from the Spring collections.

pandora spring 2014 review bicycle 5

However, I’d also love a bracelet design which paired the bicycle with some British-themed charms, such as the London Bus or Big Ben!


This is an incredibly-detailed charm, with so much character to it. While it is quite small, and slim, the plus side is that this does make it feel nice and light on your wrist! It’s absolutely one of my favourites of the collection – I love charms that are ‘charms’, if you know that I mean – charms that actually represent something.

The Bicycle is £30 in the UK and $35 in the US.

Have you bought everything you wanted from the Spring collections? Are you a fan of Pandora dangle charms?

21 Comments on Review: Pandora Bicycle Charm from Spring 2014

  1. Hahaha! Believe it or not? I thought of styling the bicycle with the London bus too! Hahaha! I love a bit of dangles :D Do you like the dangle boy and girl? :)) xoxo :D

    • Well, great minds… ;) I love dangles too, which is funny as I didn’t have any on my first bracelet! Yes, they’re really cute – my OH’s mother has the dangle boy and it looks pretty on her bracelet. xxxx

  2. This review was so cute! And thanks to you I now NEED this item in my collection. It is immensely cute! Thanks for the detailed review :-)

  3. My children bought me the bicycle for mother’s day as I used to cycle all the time. It is a nightmare to wear and catches on all my clothes. Yesterday it managed to get tangled in my work ID tag! Makes me wary of buying the artist palette in case that does the same thing!

    • Oh you’re so right! I didn’t think it was that bad at first, but I’ve caught it on quite a few things now. I even dropped the bracelet on the carpet yesterday and had to spend half a minute prising the bicycle from out of the threads haha. I love it all the same, as it’s just so cute, but it’s not one to wear with anything knitted.
      I could be wrong but I’d imagine that the Palette wouldn’t catch as much on clothing – it tends to be the charms with a lot of angles, such as the Reindeer, Bicycle or the Cupid! The Palette is such a sweet charm; I’d definitely get it if I had any artistic ability at all. ;)

      • I made a Christmas bracelet last year and want the reindeer along with a few other pieces to complete it this year. I’m very nervous after reading your comments about it! It also seems difficult to get in the UK and I’m not sure why. I want the artist palette as my daughter is very artistic although this week it struck me how much it resembled the icon for the PC Paint application making it applicable to no.2 son as he is very technologically minded. I wish they did a PC charm of some description.

        • Oh dear, I don’t want to put you off, but I’ve found it is a bit lethal in terms of catching on things… which is kind of awkward at Christmas time and the vogue for knitted jumpers! It’s cute enough that I wear it anyway – just with non-precious items of clothing. I didn’t know it was difficult to get – have you tried online?
          Haha, I love the idea of getting the palette for PC Paint! I used to spend ages on that when I was little. It’s a shame that they don’t have anything to represent a PC or something digital… You could maybe get one of the mice charms – to represent a computer mouse? ;)

    • I have the artist palette charm and love it bec I am an oil painter. i’ve worn it over day and it has not caught on anything. The only thing is that it dangles across the table when I use my computer mouse which is a little annoying but you can always put if on the opposite hand to which you use. It also dangled across my wet oil paint when I was closely examining my painting .. Argh! But I still love it

      • So ironically every time I paint now, I have to take off my pandora bracelet bec of the dangling artist palette charm :)

  4. Hi!
    I am new to mora pandora, I have just filled my first bracelet (after about 4 years!) and I am now completely besotted with the brand :) I thought I would add to this thread as I was bought the reindeer charm on a purple leather bracelet for christmas. It was one of my favourite winter themed charms and so cute! However after 3 days it had snagged my new dressing gown, my new cardigan, the stitches on the seam of my pyjama top and my scarf. I found it so stressful I ended up sending it back. So sad as it is such a beautiful charm :( I noticed you mentioned the Cupid charm catching, is not as bad as the reindeer? As that’s one of the charms on my wishlist! Also I wanted to get the bicycle charm when I visit Amsterdam in March but now I’m not so sure?
    Great blog by the way, so informative and interesting :)

    • Hi Katie! The reindeer is an absolute nightmare for catching on things, but for me he’s just cute enough that I’ve kept him around :) I never wear that bracelet with anything knitted now though, which is silly as it’s my winter bracelet!
      I don’t have the cupid charm, but my friend does, and she doesn’t wear it any more either – apparently it does snag on things quite a lot. :( I’ve also read quite a lot of complaints from Pandora collectors over the last year. I’ve personally never encountered any other dangle as bad as the reindeer and the bicycle, which will catch on any loose threads they come close to. I thought the Bicycle wasn’t that bad, but it has snagged quite a few things since writing this unfortunately. My parents brought me back the Windmill charm from Amsterdam last year – that could also be good for representing your trip? :)
      Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the blog, and welcome to Pandora addiction! ;)

  5. I saw this charm yesterday for the first time and it looks exceptionally exquisite! I love the detailing and how realistic it looks. Definately one of the best pandora charms I’ve seen in terms of craftmanship.

    • Absolutely – it didn’t get much attention when it first launched, but it really is just beautiful.
      The only downfall is that it has pulled threads in so many jumpers, scarves, etc, lol. It catches on everything – but I love it so much that I wear it all the same!

  6. Just came across your blog. Love it! I too bought this charm. It is super cute but it has another flaw aside from the snagging issue… since it is so fine I noticed that it can bend. I still love it though due to sentimental reasons!

    • Thanks Ashley! ^^ Oh no, I hadn’t noticed that. I’ve checked mine and thankfully it still seems okay. I’ve noticed that a couple of charms are prone to bending like that – my Eiffel Tower pendant is looking rather wonky these days! Like it’s been crossed with the Tower of Pisa. ;)

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