Today sees the start of the 3 for 2 ring promotion for the US and Canada! This is a welcome surprise addition to the promotion line-up for the US; originally, there was going to be a jewellery box GWP, but this is possibly a more exciting promotion.

pandora promotion 2014

The promotion rules are simple: buy two rings from Pandora, and Pandora will give you another ring of equal or lesser value for free. The promotion will run from June 6-30, giving you most of the month to make your choices! The promotion will be offered in store (check with your local to see if they are offering it); however, it will not be available online.

International readers should bear in mind that Pandora’s retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions; if you wish to take part in the promotion, you will have to find a friend in the US or Canada to help you.

Happy shopping! Are you planning on taking advantage of this promotion? Are you a fan of Pandora rings?

8 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora 3 for 2 ring promotion for US & Canada starts today!

  1. Wow! Lucky Americans and Canadians to enjoy so many promotions! :D I don’t fancy rings yet but I do like the white daisy rings :)) hahaha! Methinks the purple CZ ring suits you! xoxo :))

    • I know ^^ It’s the $100 bracelet promo that I’m most jealous of, though, haha. No, I keep toying with the rings.. but I always come back to the charms and bracelets! Heh, you know me… I love everything purple! ;) xxxx

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