In today’s post, I’m previewing Pandora’s Autumn 2014 collection! I previously posted a little sneak peek at the charms coming out for autumn – however, I now can share the full collection with you. <3 The collection will be titled Discover Autumn’s Radiance in the US.

pandora fall 2014

The colour scheme for this collection is a beautiful amber/citrine shade – combined with the leaf motif it reminds me pleasantly of the trees turning golden in the autumn months. Included are beautiful floral themes, country-themed pieces and the usual charms representing love and family. The collection is set to debut on the 28th of August.

To see a full preview of the Winter 2014 collection, check my post here.

Pandora Autumn 2014

Perhaps the most emblematic charms of the Autumn 2014 collection are the floral/leaf pieces. My favourite of these is the beautiful Floral Heart Padlock, but I also love the Mystic Floral pieces, too.

pandora autumn fall 2014 floral

In contrast to the more autumnal floral pieces, there will also be a little collection celebrating love and faith debuting. This is characterised by typical pink hues; the most striking of these for me is the Love and Guidance angel wing dangle, which represents a gorgeous two-tone option.

The Surrounded by Love charm that debuted with the Valentine’s Day 2014 collection gets matching Hope and Faith charms, while the In My Heart pavé charm receives a makeover with a synthetic ruby stone, too. I’ll be up front and admit that I really, really don’t like the Family Bonds charm. It just doesn’t look like Pandora to me!

pandora autumn fall 2014 love

There are a number of animal charms debuting with the collection, too. These vary a lot in style, from the adorable Bear Hug to the more unusual King of the Jungle. I think I like the look of the Rocking Horse, but I’d have to see it in person – I’m not sure on whether I like the detailing of its face or not, haha.

I have to say that, while I’m not sure that I’d get the King of the Jungle or Safari charms, I’m still thrilled to see them – they represent, in my opinion, a more creative, unusual aesthetic and I’m so glad to see Pandora experimenting with styles, instead of sticking to tried and tested motifs. pandora autumn fall 2014 animals

Next up, we have a selection of location-based charms – these seem to be included in every new collection of Pandora’s of late. For those who are unaware, Pandora were due to release an Australia charm back with the Autumn 2013 collection – however, it was never properly released due to errors in design. This new Australian heart flag charm looks to be Pandora’s re-design of the original charm –  so, if you got the original Australia charm I think you might have a real collector’s piece there!

The Corno (‘horn’) is a traditional Italian symbol apparently intended to protect against the evil eye – although apparently it is mostly worn by men. If anyone knows anything more about it, please do feel free to share!

pandora autumn winter 2014

There will also be a cute series of hobby-themed charms! These focus primarily on music and winter sports. I especially love the little Ballerina and the First Dance charms. I’m surprised to see the Skis included in the Autumn and not the Winter collection, tbh!

The Pandora logo charm is actually part of a larger Pandora logo collection, which includes a pendant, earrings, etc – I’ll be previewing those in a later post. The logo charm is sweet, but perhaps not so much so as the Pandora Shopping Bag charm that was launched last autumn.pandora autumn fall 2014 hobbies

Rounding off the charms, we have a couple of additions to Pandora’s gold range. These again are purely decorative; the gold charm on the right features cubic zirconia detailing.

pandora autumn fall 2014 gold

As I said in my JCK coverage, Pandora have recently retired their entire range of new smooth leather bracelets that they released last summer – consequently, it’s not surprisingly to see them building up their existing braided leather bracelet selection. This dark blue bracelet appears to only be available in double wrap for now.

pandora autumn winter 2014 leather bracelet

My Comment

This is the first collection this year that I have instantly spotted must-have pieces for me! :D I am looking forward to seeing these charms in person, or just for new live shots to come out: my favourites for now include the Floral Heart Padlock, the Mystic Floral charm, the Japanese and Korean Dolls, and the adorably-detailed Ballerina. I did really like the look of the Dove of Peace from the live shots from JCK, but I’m a little off-put by the cubic zirconia on its base.

I think there are some really interesting pieces in here, too – some departures from Pandora’s usual style. For example, when I saw the Japanese and Korean doll charms, I was surprised, as they weren’t something I’d have expected from Pandora. However, they are actually two of my favourites from this collection, and I’m trying to think how I’d use them, as they don’t really match with anything I own so far!

So, what do you think of the Autumn 2014 collection? What’s going on your wish list?

22 Comments on Preview: Pandora Autumn / Fall 2014 collection

  1. Wow! I really like the Dove of Peace and Bearhug! They are so cute! Hahaha! Perhaps due to the fact that the cubic zirconia on the Dove of Peace is ~YELLOW, I am looking forward to see it in person though! hahaha! Might not be nice on stock photo but might be nice in person? :D I like the Korean and Japanese dolls as well :D Hahaha! We can style it with some Princessy or Friendship bracelet :D thank you sweetie pie for updating us here! xoxo :D

    • I really love the Dove charm itself – I just wasn’t sure on the cubic detailing. My instinct is that it’ll push the price of the charm up without adding much to the overall look – but you are right, I should wait and see it in person. ^^ I didn’t notice that they were yellow cubics either! Haha, the Bear Hug is lovely, isn’t it? They have such sweet faces!
      Oooh I like the idea of a friendship bracelet with the dolls! I look forward to seeing how you style these when they’re out. ;) Thanks for commenting! <3 xxxx

      • Hahaha! Yes, you may be right that it might be their selling price strategy in adding the cubic zirconia on the Dove of Peace charm! :D Yes, Bear Hug have lovely faces! Hmmm, I just realised you mentiined about the Family Bonds charm? It looks spooky to me though and you are right that it just does not look like Pandora :( Anyways, I am also looking forward for more of your inspirational bracelet designs! :D hahaha! My pleasure and thanks for being here always-listening to my rants! xoxo :))

        • Yes, it’s rare that I actively don’t like a charm, but the Family Bonds kind of creeps me out! The name is kind of weird, too – like you’re tied to your family or something haha.
          Haha, they’re not rants at all! Your lovely comments certainly brighten up the blog. xxxx

  2. I hope the blue bracelet comes in single. I really wish Princess said “Queen,” as I am a bit too old to be a princess! I think I need King of the Jungle since big cats are my favorite zoo animal.

    • Sadly I think it’s just the double leather for now. However it’s possible that if it proves popular that they will release it in single or triple wrap too! Heh, good point – they do have a couple of ‘princess’ charms now! You could always go for the Queen Bee or the Crown charm. ^^
      Haha, I like the King of the Jungle a lot – it’s a fun charm with personality, which I think is something that was missing for me from the previous releases this year.

  3. Hahaha! Yes it does looks weird, it’s like we must get tied up to our family or something! I find it creepy too because it’s like being painted in white unlike the details we see on the family love charm and family forever charm. Just not Pandora anymore :( Hahaha! Likewise my dear! xoxo <3

  4. With all the beautiful charms, I really hope they don’t loose the fun in them. I noticed there were no Halloween charms, seasonal fall charms, or harvest charms. Can anyone tell me why or where to find some? Tks Maurisa

  5. beautiful collection COUNTING THE DAYS ! I love the king of the jungle THE !ion . BUT the crown in gold tone would be a better option for me ! its all silver tone .

  6. Love several of these – and adding them to the “must have” list. Definitely the Bear Hugs, the Love & Guidance (wing and heart dangle), and the Treble Clef. The Evening Floral is very pretty too. I’m thinking the wing and heart dangle would look nice on a leather bracelet. It looks quite a bit larger than some of the other dangles. Any idea how large that one is, or how much it may go for in the US, Mora?
    I wish they would come out with more dog breeds. I have shelties, and none of the dog charms look even remotely close to their collie-like shape. Pandora has released several lately that all look like pretty much the same dog. We don’t ALL have labs….. Though the dog bone dangle is cute.

    • Mmm, I think there’s a lot to love in this collection – it’s got a lot of variety and character! I love the Mystic Floral charms, too. The Love and Guidance dangle is set to be $60 USD – I’ve not seen it in person to judge its size, though. :)
      I completely agree with you about the dog breeds! I think I wrote about it in a post about charms I’d like to see Pandora come out with, actually. Their Dog House charm does look kind of spaniel-like, so I have that one to represent my spaniel. However, I’d love to see them come out with more – other brands are doing it, so maybe Pandora will follow suit!

  7. I love the mystic flower. Finally saw in person today. Just got the essence collection bracelet. Any new charms for that? I also like the corno i think it is cute probably because of my italian heritage not sure how much that would sell though.

  8. I am starting my second bracelet with the recent promotion, I received a free bracelet. I already bought inner radiance with the 2 sparkling leaves clips. I love the new yellows in the autumn collection! I figure every autumn I can get a new charm or two for this autumn themed bracelet. My first bracelet Im still adding also, but that bracelet is for all my special meaningful charms.

    • That’s a lovely idea, and a great way to pick out the highlights of each autumn collection! The Inner Radiance is just beautiful – I love the hint of golden colour in it. Great choices!

      • Thanks!!! I decided on this idea because as much as I love my bracelet that has meaning to me, I just adore the other bracelet designs. I’m thinking for summer I may do the same because there are many nautical themed charms that I wouldn’t want on my regular bracelet year round :)

        • Definitely! A nautical theme would be really fun, and that would make a lovely bracelet to wear for summer and on holiday! :D I’m thinking of doing the same for Spring – I got a couple of the 2014 pieces but they don’t quite fit with the other charms I have. :)

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