*HQ images are now available here!* Exciting news as today’s post brings a preview of the Pandora Winter 2014 collection! The collection, entitled Light up the Night in the US, features a lot of star designs, unsurprisingly! ;) It also includes a number of festive charms, which feature, in contrast, a cute use of enamel.

pandora winter 2014 campaign 1

The colours for this collection are a beautiful midnight blue, which serves to represent the night sky, and a cheerfully festive red. There are also a couple more gold designs included in this collection, although both feature cubic zirconia detailing. I don’t have the release date yet, but I would expect this collection to land around late October / early November. The collection is reportedly set to debut on the 30th of October.

All prices are given in US dollars. You can click on all of the pictures to enlarge them!

Pandora Winter 2014

The star charms feature a lot of pavé detailing, which, although sometimes controversial among fans, seems apposite here – as it represents the sparkle of a starry sky.

The Starry Heart charm will be a shop-in-shop exclusive in the US, meaning that it won’t be available in US concept stores.

pandora autumn winter 2014

Of course, no Pandora winter collection would be complete without a range of holiday-themed charms. In contrast to the edgier, more decorative look of the star and galaxy themed charms, the holiday charms represent a cheerful, festive set – with a heavy use of enamel. However, the Wrapped up in Pandora charm gets a makeover with cubic zirconia detailing instead of enamel in the Sparkling Surprise. 

The Silent Night charm will be a Jared’s exclusive in the US.

pandora christmas 2014

To complement these starry pieces, the decorative pieces also have that midnight colour scheme – the absolutely gorgeous new faceted murano contains some beautiful gold flecks in it, while the cubic zirconia detailing of the Fizzle muranos makes them perfect for representing the night sky. There is also a red Fizzle/Effervescence murano to complement the red enamel tones in the holiday-themed charms.

The Spread the Love charm will be a Jared’s exclusive in the US, while the Cathedral Rose will be a concept store exclusive. 

pandora winter 2014 decorative b

My Comment

I love midnight blue as a colour scheme, so I’m very keen to see these in person! <3 I absolutely adore the Moon and Night pendants. I also like the contrast between the more decorative star-theme and the traditional Christmas charms, which perhaps offers pieces to suit a variety of tastes. Of the Christmas charms, I particularly like the Christmas Ornament, which is just adorable.

My favourites of these charms are perhaps the new muranos, especially the complexly-named Fascinating Aventurescent and Midnight Effervescence, which I imagine will look stunning in person. I can understand why Pandora are retiring some of their original glasswork to make way for some of these new designs.

What do you think of this year’s winter collection? Are any of these going on your wish list?

24 Comments on Preview: Pandora Winter 2014 Collection & Prices

  1. To be honest, I was quite disappointed in the summer release, but seeing these gorgeous pieces for winter 2014 is making me super happy!

    Thanks for doing a fantastic job of covering the winter release! :)

    • Yay! I know that the Summer release wasn’t to a lot of people’s taste, and I’ll admit that I was initially a bit disappointed. However, it really grew on me and by the time I saw it in person I thought it was a lot of fun! Having said that, this collection immediately appeals to me, as I love the midnight blue.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Omigosh! Thank you so much for your amazing write up on this my sweetie pie! xoxo I really adore the moon and night pendants too! The Christmas Ornament, the Happy Snowman, the Dark Blue Effervescence and Carolers! I used to be a Caroler when I was back in Singapore! Very meaningful for me! Tee~hee! Am excited! :D

    • You are welcome! :D They’re so pretty, aren’t they? I think they’d look gorgeous together on a bracelet. You could also match them with the Christmas Ornament, which looks to be a similar size/shape? :D
      Aww, that’s such a cute meaning behind the Carolers! <3 I'm excited for these too – November seems far off right now, haha. xxxx

      • Hahaha! Yes, quite many are pretty! The Christmas ornament can also be styled on non Christmas season too! :D time flies my dear! In a blink of an eye, we will be reaching 2015 soon! Hahaha! Have a nice weekend there yes? xoxo :))

        • Absolutely! It’s not overly Christmassy, so it can blend into other designs quite nicely. <3
          Aha, that's so true, really. I can't believe that I've just finished my degree – three years have gone by in a flash! I suppose the wait also gives me time to save for some of these designs! ;)
          Thank you – have a lovely weekend too! ^^ xxxx

  3. The starry heart charm is so cute! And I really like the Fascinating Aventurescent charm, it reminds me of blue goldstone, which I absolutely love. Strangely enough, goldstone is man-made & actually glass, so I wonder if it really is a blue goldstone charm. Which it might be, considering that another name for goldstone is aventurine glass.

    • I like that one too! <3 Oh, thank you – that's really interesting! That sounds very plausible. I'll be honest and say that I'd never heard of it before, and I had to look it up! I'd love to see the effect in person.

  4. I am in love with the ‘Santa’s elves’. I will definitely get that one. I always love the Christmas beads but I am reluctant to do a Christmas bracelet. I can’t wear it all year round so I see it as sucking up money I could put into another design. But I think I will have to start slowly getting one done cause they are just so cute! Last year I fell in love with the white enamel snow globe and so regret not getting it to wear for the holidays :( I will this year that’s for sure! Thanks for this post!

    • I know what you mean with the Christmas beads, and I think that’s especially true of these enamel beads. With the older, plain silver versions of these designs, you could probably wear them all year round relatively inconspicuously as they just blended into your bracelet design. With these new versions, the colourful enamel is going to make them really stand out! Having said that, they do look super cute, enough so that it is worth having a bracelet dedicated to them, haha.
      The Snow Globe was one of those ones that I was apprehensive for when the stock images first came out, and then it turned out to be so cute in person! I love that one. <3

  5. I love stars even have a tattoo of some. I cant wait for this collection since I didn’t love anything in the summer collection

    • Yay! <3 I love stars, too – I don't actually own any Pandora stars, but I think that will have to change this winter. ;) While the Summer collection definitely grew on me as time went on, I know that it didn't appeal to a lot of people. I'm glad that this seems to have gone down better with collectors!

  6. The new holiday-themed charms winter 2014 are beautiful, but I really hoped for just one ‘lower’ priced charm that is just silver. Like the Pandora 791038 Christmas Stocking charm. In The Netherlands we already have Sinterklaas in december, and therefore most people split the budget in two for Sinterklaas and Christmas. Maybe next year there will be a reindeer charm like the 790479 horse charm (which I got for Sinterklaas/Saint Nicholas). The Snow globe reindeer is so cute! But I wouldn’t leave that one on one of my bracelets because they are just for the holiday season, where the silver christmas stocking and snow flake stay on all year. It blends in perfectly.
    Why are the autumn and winter charms so extroardinary brilliant! Comparing to the summer charms? First I was in love with Santa’s Elves, but then there was the silent night charm. Wow!

    • I love the idea of a cute reindeer charm in the style of that horse – while I love the dangle reindeer they released last year, what I’d really like is a regular silver reindeer! <3
      Yes, it's always good to have some simple silver charms in terms of price – I've noticed that they have begun to add cubic zirconia or even just enamel to a lot of pieces, and so the prices are creeping up. I also agree about the enamel holiday charms. The charms with more obvious use of colour and enamel detailing do stand out more, and they're not as easy to wear all year around. I also have the Stocking and it looks great in any bracelet design. ^^
      People have been mixed about the Summer collection, so I'm really glad that people are loving the Autumn/Winter collections. :D These are my favourite releases of the year – they have a bit more character to them, I think. The Santa's Elves is just unbelievably cute.

  7. This collection looks great! Do you know if the midnight effervescence is dark blue or black? :) I can’t tell from the picture :(

    • Hi Liz, I totally agree! :) I only have these pictures to go off, too, but it looks like its base colour is more black than blue to me – possibly with some threads of blue-green shimmer running through it?

  8. Hi. I wanted to know what does “Jared’s Exclusive” actually mean? Does it mean that a specific charm and/or ring will be sold at a Jared’s store?

    By the way, love your article on the winter collection. Love all the stars and the color scheme is gorgeous!

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Sara A.

    • Hi Sara! Yes, that’s right – a piece is a Jared’s exclusive, it means that in the US it will be sold exclusively in Jared’s stores and nowhere else. This usually means that it won’t be available in Canada, where there I don’t think there are any Jared’s stores. Sorry for not making that clear! ;)
      I love the stars, too – and the muranos look stunning. Bet it all looks better again in person, too! :D

      • Hi Ellie!

        Everything made sense. Thank You ! And yes! I bet it all looks gorgeous live! I can’t wait! Keep those pictures coming haha. Love them all!!

        Thanks again! Have a great one Ellie!

        • Hey Ellie,

          One more question. Does Jared’s Jewelry usually launch the same day Pandora does??

          Thanks again.

        • You’re very welcome! Glad that you’re as excited as I am for this collection haha. And yes, the Jared’s exclusive pieces will launch on the same day! :D
          Hope you have a good week, and thank you for commenting, Sara!

        • That’s great!!! Now I’m even more excited for this collection to launch!! Thank You so much Ellie. Have a great week as well.

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