Exciting news for Pandora shoppers in the UK, as details of the annual Pandora summer sale have emerged. The sale is due to start on Thursday 12th June, at 9am BST, and will offer discounts on retired Pandora charms and other jewellery! The stock being featured in the sale will apparently be retiring for good – so this is your chance to acquire them before they’re gone!

pandora summer sale 2014

The summer sale will be both in store, and online with authorised Pandora UK retailers. However, this particular promotional poster is actually from online stockist Republic of Jewels – and so I’m not sure whether the 70% rate of discount will apply to all retailers, or just to Republic of Jewels. It’s possible that Republic of Jewels are offering an increased discount, as this seems like an amazing amount off! The official Pandora sale includes discounts of up to 50%; the 70% rate discount is exclusive to ROJ! :D

International readers should bear in mind that, in general, retailers are not permitted to ship outside of their geographical regions, and so you will have to find a friend in the UK to help you. However, international Pandora retailer Republic of Jewels will also be running this sale; based in Ireland, they offer international shipping to a number of countries. So you may be able to pick up a bargain there!

My Comment

I’m pretty excited to see what will be included in the sale stock this time around – there are a number of classic silver charms that have been recently retired that I’d love to get! <3

Are you looking forward to the sale?

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    • Me too – I don’t usually get over-excited about sales but I’m really hoping that there’s some good stuff in this one! :D The last ROJ sale was incredible. x

      • Aw, me too! I wasn’t disappointed either, eek! Spent far too much, but I did save more than I bought! X

        • Ooh I’m excited to see what you got! I bought quite a bit too… including another bracelet, which was really bad of me. ;) And yet I’m still thinking about going to the store when I’m in town tomorrow and having a look at what’s there, haha! x

      • Yeah. I’m now debating on some of the beadazzle stuff now too haha. Too many bargains and not enough money! ;) x

      • I’ve got them… and I’m very disapointed. Two of the charms have some strange markings on the surface. One is retired, but I compared the second one in my local pandora store… it’s different. :(

        • Ah… I’m not 100%, but I think it’s because they’re from Ireland, where the law dictates that they require extra hallmarking. :( I didn’t think that they’d be that prominent, though! I haven’t received my order yet, so I can’t check mine. You could always return them if you’re not happy? :/

        • Yes, I’ve received two out of three! I only got two charms in the orders, though, and none of them have any additional hallmarking on them as far as I can tell… However, I have heard other people complain about hallmarking from Ireland and ROJ.

    • Sorry, I meant to put that in the post! The official Pandora UK sale is scheduled to last a week (although last time they extended it, I think) – however I’m not sure how long the ROJ sale will last.

  1. I’ve bought a couple of items from RoJ this week and note they don’t adhere to their normal delivery policy during sale. Does anyone have any idea of how long they take to deliver? Also on the UK site (not sure about the international one) they seem to be adding the odd new item. I just bought Splish Splash for £12!

    • Last time they ran this sale in January it took a couple of weeks for my order to arrive. I’ve heard that it took up to three weeks for some people, too. :) However, they seem a little better prepared this time around, so you never know, it might be faster!
      I noticed that – the Splish Splash is a great deal, especially for summer! ^^ I’m surprised to see it in the sale, actually.

  2. Hi there
    Is anyone having trouble getting republic of jewels to ship to uk, cause I ordered from them last week and got it sent to a uk address but can not put an order through today as it will only let me ship to Notheran Ireland.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m having the same trouble – they seem to be only shipping to Ireland right now. :/ I tried to order something on the spur of the moment last night, and it wouldn’t let me ship to a UK address either. I’m not sure why this is, or if they’ll open it up to international addresses again. :( It would be good if they put a notice up on their site explaining why delivery is now restricted, tbh!

  3. Anyone else had problems with getting Republic of Jewels to refund? They have acknowledged receipt of my return, asked for some additional card details and then went silent over a week ago. They still appear to be trading so I’m not sure what is going on.

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