With all the excitement over this week’s amazing Pandora sales and the exciting bargains to be had, I thought it might be appropriate to post this month’s installment of my Pandora haul feature, wherein I share what’s new to my Pandora collection for the month and encourage you to share yours! It’s actually kind of nice to be posting a regular blog feature after all the exciting previews of the upcoming collections – although those will continue in the next couple of weeks, haha.

This haul post covers the pieces I added to my collection in May – it’s a little late yet again, primarily due to all the exciting news about the Autumn and Winter 2014 collections that has emerged lately.

pandora new to may 2014 3 mark


I acquired quite a few pieces last month – more than usual – and I am excited to have found myself the retired Perfume Bottle! I also got the Butterfly Openwork, the lovely Bicycle dangle, which I reviewed here, and the Lucky Penny – a review of this cute good luck charm will be up soon.

My parents went on holiday to Amsterdam and brought me back the Open Sky spacers, which have never been available in the UK for some reason. They also bought me the adorable Windmill from Summer 2014 – however, I’ve been allowed it only to photograph for review :P. It’s now gone back for Christmas, so I won’t be including it here haha.

pandora new to may 2014 1 mark

I added the adorable butterfly openwork to my LE bangle – I’m not sure whether to add another silver openwork to it, or leave it as it is.pandora new to may 2014 2 mark

The rest I have added, for now, to what will be my blue and white bracelet – I like the combination of the blue Butterfly Kisses with the new spacers! I’m planning to add a couple of white muranos to this bracelet and some more decorative pieces, to pull it all together.

pandora haul


I’m really glad to have acquired my two must-have pieces from the Summer 2014 collection – I did toy with the idea of taking the plunge and getting some orange or teal, but so far I’ve decided to be good and choose what fitted with my existing collection!

I’d love to hear about what the pieces you might have acquired this month, or even what you’re thinking of getting for your bracelet designs. Have you bought anything from Summer 2014? Or did you get anything in the sales?

14 Comments on May 2014 Haul: New to my Pandora Collection

    • No, not in the end… but never say never, haha. I just got myself an oxidised bracelet in the sale, and I’m 99% sure that I want to do a teal theme for that, though!

  1. Wow! The Open Sky spacers are so pretty!! The Lucky Penny looks good too! Your LE bangle may look good with the Open Sky spacers? I have not thought of how to style the Lucky Penny on my bracelet yet. Hahaha! I have recently received the LE Teddy Bear with Gold Heart charm which I purchased via Victoria Highfield! Have not thought of styling it yet because I cannot stop gawking at it, it’s just too cute and adorable in person!! :D hahaha! xoxo <3

    • They’re gorgeous! Yet for some reason they were never released over here. I have no idea why. Oooh that’s a nice idea – so many things look pretty with that bangle! I have got a couple of things in the sale so I’m going to wait for them to arrive and then have a bit of a play with my collection… everything needs reshuffling. ;)
      Eek, yes, I saw that! You’re right, he’s just too adorable – I love mine <3. They've released some pretty beautiful limited edition charms. I look forward to seeing how you style him eventually all the same ;) xxxx

  2. Hahaha! Thank you my dear sweetie pie! I am still cracking my head now in styling him on my bracelet! Lol! <3 xoxo :D

      • Hahaha! I cannot wait to see the teal on your oxidised bracelet! :D Thanks dear sweetie! I managed to style the teddy bear on the Father’s Day theme bracelet! Hahaha! Cannot believe sometimes I can talk/narrate that much :D A sign of aging… LOL! xoxo :D

        • It’ll be in my next haul post, I hope! ;) I saw that just now – it looked so sweet with the Father’s Day theme. You have a real eye for design! Haha, your comments are always lovely – the longer the better, I should think! ;) xxxx

  3. Aw I adore the bicycle, it’s now fully on my want list! Great haul, I can’t wait to see what you got from the sales! X

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