Today’s post brings a full preview of the second summer release from Pandora, alongside details of pricing for the US market! The release contains Pandora’s much-anticipated foray into rose gold, alongside some new pavé bracelets and pendants.
pandora late summer pre autumn 2014

As you can probably see from the campaign image colours, this mini-collection is an extension of the Summer 2014, one which features more designs in the cubic zirconia pendant range. There isn’t an awful lot here that wasn’t featured in my initial sneak peek at these summer pieces, but this post contains full details on this mini release.

This collection is currently set for a release on the 31st of July. Once again, I’m afraid I only have details on US pricing as of now – this is, however, a global release.

The Collection

Perhaps most exciting of the Late Summer collection are the rose gold pendants, which represent something of a new direction for Pandora! These are solid 14 ct rose gold, studded with cubic zirconia – however, the bases of the pendants are silver. They are completely separate from the trial Pandora Rose collection that Pandora released back in April. There is no news currently on whether the Pandora Rose collection will see an official release, unfortunately.

The pendants are all priced at $120 in the US, with the exception of the Lucky in Love, which is priced at $140 due to its larger design.


Included in the collection are six new additions to the range of cubic zirconia pendants that debuted with the Summer 2014 collection – once again, each piece represents a specific value, such as ‘aspiration’ or ‘guidance’. These will be $35.

pandora pre autumn late summer 2014

To accompany the alphabet charms that were released with the Spring 2014 collection, we have matching number pendants. These seem like a cute way to represent special birthdays that don’t have dedicated charms, or even a memorable date. These are also $35 each.

pandora summer 2014 part 2 number pendants mark

Finally, there are a series of complementary bracelets, which feature versions of the cubic zirconia pendants. These are priced at $50 each. A similar bracelet released in the Valentine’s Day 2014 collection has proven to be popular – and consequently I could see these little bracelets doing quite well alongside Pandora’s main charm bracelet concept.

pandora summer 2014 part 2 pavé bracelet heart pandora summer 2014 part 2 pavé bracelet handpandora pre-autumn 2014 pandora pre-autumn 2014pandora late summer 2014

My Comment

In terms of the release overall, this is obviously a very small collection, one which focuses exclusively on the new cubic zirconia pendant concept that Pandora debuted with the alphabet charms in the Spring 2014 collection. Consequently, if you’re not a fan of those, this collection will have limited appeal. While I’m really excited to see the rose gold in person, and just excited full-stop that Pandora are doing rose gold at all, I’m always a little reluctant to buy high-ticket pieces that contain cubic zirconia stones. I don’t know whether to hope that they wow me in person or not, as I expect that the UK prices will not be pretty either! ;)

Otherwise, of the new cubic zirconia pendant designs, I particularly like the new heart key! I’m not sure whether I’d get it, but I do think it’s sweet. Especially for the price, too! On the other hand, I still find the Insight eye pendant a little unsettling…

What do you think of this release? Are you a fan of the new cubic zirconia pendants?

11 Comments on Complete Preview: Pandora Late Summer / Pre-Autumn 2014 Collection

  1. I’m a little disappointed with the horse-shoe (dangle) in that It’s the wrong way up they are supposed to be the other way up like a “u” to catch all the luck and hold it there, Also the more I look at these the more I feel they are for younger audience (I’m in my 20s) which is fine but not for me. In saying that I am very excited for more rose gold to come out! :D can’t wait as I wasnt able to get my hand on any of the pandora limited release rose gold charms collection as no store in New Zealand were sent it so very pleased about this.

    • Oh yes, I’ve noted that before – I guess it’s kind of hard to design a charm where the horse shoe faces upwards :/ Their original horseshoe dangle was the same. People have said the same about the lucky elephant charm, where its trunk should face up to be considered lucky.
      I completely agree about the rose gold! I was lucky enough to get a couple of pieces of the Pandora Rose, but I’m excited to see that Pandora are introducing rose gold officially into their line. It would be great to see them expand it further too… rose gold accents on charms would be so pretty!

  2. The is awesome! I thought the pendants were plated @ 120$ a piece, which will be higher in Canada :( but knowing they are solid makes it much more appealing to me. I think I will get the heart and the key.

    • :D Yes, I’m glad they’re not plated too… I love my Pandora Rose pieces but as a rule I’m not as keen on plated jewellery. I hope this is just the start for Pandora and rose gold – I’d love to see some two tone rose gold charms! I really like the key design, too!

  3. Wow! The Rose Gold pendants are very beautiful! I hope it’s beautiful in person though because the silver ones from the Summer Collection not really as beautiful as I thought it would be though :D Hahaha! The Pure Heart bracelet looks pretty!! :D Thanks for updating this yes? xoxo :D

    • Yeah, I’m a bit cold on this whole pendant concept… The initials can look quite sweet, though. I do, however, really like the heart key design, which seems a bit more interesting, and I am dying to see what the rose gold looks like in person. ;) You’re welcome! Xxxx

  4. On the pave charm bracelets, can you put a clip on the segment before the clasp, or what is it purpose? Do you know if they are coming in different sizes like the other bracelets?
    Thank you!

    • Hmm, good catch – I hadn’t actually noticed that! It does look like you could maybe put a clip there, but I’m not sure as to whether that’s the purpose or not… I’ve not seen any stock images with clips on the bracelets, and I’d surprised if you could, as I don’t see how it would suit the overall look of the bracelet. I could be wrong though!
      And yes, the bracelets will come in three sizes. :) These are 16, 18 and 20 cm – just like the Valentine’s Day 2014 pavé heart bracelet.

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