Today’s post covers Pandora’s recent release of country-exclusive versions of the Unforgettable Moments pendants. These include a limited edition World Cup 2014 charm for Brazil, and a series of destination charms for the US and Canada. All these charms are engraved versions of the Unforgettable Moments dangle, and will have this design on one side:

pandora 2014 unforgettable moments

World Cup 2014 Charm

pandora brazil world cup charms

As the World Cup 2014 gets underway, Pandora have released this limited edition charm to commemorate the event! This charm is exclusive to Brazil and is available from their official Pandora eStore. It is priced at R$ 175.00 (approximately $77 or £46), although it is discounted to R$ 122.50 currently. I’m not a big football fan myself, but I imagine this would be a nice commemoration for enthusiasts of the sport – even if the recycling of the Unforgettable Moments design is perhaps something of a perfunctory effort from Pandora.

pandora world cup 2014 brazil

Retailers are not allowed to ship outside of their geographical region, so if you want to obtain this charm, you’d have to have some willing to help you in Brazil. For those who are unable to obtain this charm, but would like to commemorate the 2014 World Cup, there is always the Brazil charm that debuted with either the Spring or Summer 2014 collection (depending on your region):

pandora spring 2014 brazil

 Destination Pendants for US & Canada

Also released earlier this month were these Destination Charms for the US and Canada, a range of travel-themed pendants are exclusive to North America. Each dangle represents an iconic image associated with various popular destinations throughout the US and Canada. They are priced at $60 USD – however, some stores may not carry all the pendants, so you should check with your store first. They are available from some online retailers, however.

pandora destination pendants us

Again, official retailers in the US are not allowed to ship internationally – consequently, international readers would have to find a friend in North America to help them.

My Comment

I really like the idea of having charms for the states in the US & Canada – I could imagine going on holiday to a state and picking one of these up as a fun way to remember my visit! The actual engravings on the charms are nicely done, too, and do a good job of conveying the different character of each place.

On the other hand, the World Cup 2014 dangle is a little unexciting; I know it’s only seeing a very limited release, but a more substantial charm might have had some appeal worldwide. World cup fever has certainly taken hold here in England, for example!

Would you get any of these country-exclusive charms? Are you a football fan?

10 Comments on New Country-Exclusive Unforgettable Moments Pendants

  1. Hahaha! I ain’t a football fan but I love watching it sometimes though! The World Cup this time seems more interesting than the previous! I quite like the engraving and just like you, picking one of these up as a fun way to remember the visit! Fortunately only within USA! We can save more for some rose gold charms later! Hahaha! xoxo <3 :D

    • Hehe, I do watch football occasionally… mostly when there are guys around. I didn’t watch any of England’s games this time – it doesn’t sound like I missed much, though. ;)
      Aha good point! <3 I'm very impatient to see what these rose gold pendants will be like… although I suspect even if I saved up for them they might be a bit pricey for me! ;) xxxx

    • I’m not 100% on the specifics of this, but it doesn’t appear that the Las Vegas pendant is officially part of this range. It’s not listed for sale online with the other pendants. It has been around longer for one thing, too!

  2. I was surprised this past week when i went to pennsylvania (US) and was in a tiny little town called Intercourse. I couldn’t believe they had a Pandora store and was even more surprised when they had their own little personalized Pandora dangle charm for this little town with a picture of a wagon and horse representing the amish town it is with the town name below. They offered the same charm without the name too. They were also priced at $60. I was wondering if there are a lot more towns and cities that have exclusive charms. I will be on the lookout now whenever i see a pandora store in a new location.

    • Hi Tammy Pandora have a lot of exclusive towns charms, that you can’t find on line, they also personalize muranos, I got a Whistler charm and the Canada Murano when I was vacationing there, and they told me that those beads can only be purchased on that store. I also have a murano with the Puerto Rico’ s flag. So I’m always using the Pandora store locator when I travel.

      • I just picked up a murano from Cancun Pandora that says Cancun and was thinking it was fake at first. I have never seen any of these online before. Do you have pictures of the ones you got? Can you do a post on these? Loving your blog!

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