At the end of May, I previously reported on a list of charms that would be retiring in the second half of 2014 – however, retailers in the US & Canada have posted a new list detailing the full extent of the charms that will be retiring in their region. While the following charms are not officially listed as retired on yet, retailers in the US will now begin to send these back to Pandora – so I’d advise you to check with your local store when that will be, and to get anything you want sooner rather than later.

pandora retiring rockstar clips

As to how this North American list corresponds with what pieces will be retired globally, it’s hard to say – while there is a global list of retiring pieces from Pandora, each region is free to retire pieces outside of that list. Consequently, there is inevitably variation between each territory. For example, some of the pieces listed here may already be retired in your region.

Pandora Second Retirement 2014

This US list has even more pieces on it that I am sad to see go – many of my favourite charms that I own are included, and I’m slightly baffled as to why so many much-loved and classic silver pieces are leaving the collection. It seems to me that Pandora are reshaping the look and style of their jewellery dramatically, and the majority of their older pieces are being gradually retired.

pandora second retirement 2014

This might not seem like too many two tone charms on the face of it, but it does represent quite a chunk of the two tone collection, which is much smaller than the silver range. The Heart of Gold was my first two tone charm, and one of my favourites – however, I suppose that it does exemplify an older, more simple aesthetic that doesn’t quite fit with Pandora’s new output.pandora second retirement 2014

So many of my favourite silver charms are on the list – the adorable Alarm Clock, the Rose, and the beautifully-detailed Teddy Bear. I’m a little concerned that so many of the more affordable silver charms are being retired, as Pandora are not re-introducing that many into their new collections; most of the new charms have accents in the form of enamel or cubic zirconia. The Pig Head and the Hippo were already retired in the US, but I was working from an older collage and forgot to take those off. Sorry!

pandora retirement part ii 2014 silver

There are a large number of charms with enamel and gemstone accents retiring, too. Pandora are really going in for the kill with some of these – even one of the classic Pandora heart charms is going! There aren’t too many of these that I would miss that much, although I love the Russian Doll charm, which went in the UK sale – however, I’ve yet to get it.

pandora retirement part ii 2014 accent charms

I’m perplexed, too, as to why Pandora are retiring their murano glass at such a voracious rate. I’m wondering if they are trying to phase out the larger silver cored muranos in lieu of the new style muranos, which feature slimmer silver cores. Some have wondered if murano glass simply isn’t that popular, but I do find that a little hard to believe – not only do many dedicated collectors incorporate them into their bracelet designs, but most of the designs that I see out and about do feature the muranos.

pandora retirement part ii 2014 murano wood

Once again, I’m saddened that many of these pendant charms are being discontinued. I am absolutely amazed to see the beautiful Viola Bloom/Garden Odyssey pendant retire – this is one of my favourite pieces that I own, and it is just exquisite. It’s certainly one of my most treasured charms, and if it proves to retire globally, I suppose it can only become more special. I’ll also be on the look out to see if the Pearl of Hearts pendant will be retiring here in the UK, as I might need to snap that up too before it’s gone.

pandora retirement part ii 2014 pendants

I am a little gobsmacked to see all these clips retiring! :( I particularly love the star clip and the amazing Rockstar clips – I’d have thought they’d have fitted very well with the starry themes of the Winter 2014 collection, too. On the other hand, I have never been a fan of the Dogwood clips, so I’m not too surprised to see those going.pandora 2014 second retirement

I can’t say that I’m personally concerned to see the discontinuation of the smooth leather bracelet range, as they have never appealed to me quite as much as the original cord leather bracelets. Moreover, I heard about some issues with production on these leather bracelets. The fabric cord bracelets, too, have met with mixed reactions from fans, with some expressing concerns over their durability and difficulties in keeping them looking nice.

pandora retirement part ii 2014 bracelets

My Comment

Some of these charms are relatively new to Pandora’s Moments collection, which makes me wonder if this represents the start of a slightly new model wherein there’s a higher turnover of charms being released and retired. However, there are a lot of the older pieces being retired, too, suggesting that Pandora wants to distance itself from its older, simpler aesthetic and focus on its new style, which features a greater use of enamel and cubic zirconia accenting – one that has had mixed reviews from long-time collectors.

I personally own and love quite a few of the charms on this list, and prefer them to some of the new ones. :/ At least this gives me the push I need to actually go out and get them!

Will you be looking to acquire any of these before they go? What do you make of the reasoning behind the decision to retire these pieces?


19 Comments on Second Pandora Retirement 2014

  1. I just got the ladybug this past weekend along with my orange charm that I was waiting so long to get. I love the way the murano charms look on my bracelet so I hope they don’t retire too many at one time. I was thinking of getting the pretzel and since they are retiring it maybe I should. Lol

    • Aw, I’m glad you finally got your orange charm! I love the murano charms, too, and I’ve never designed a bracelet without them! I find that they really give my designs personality, so to speak. ;) Haha, the Pretzel is a really fun charm – you never know, maybe it’ll become hard to find, too, lol.

  2. I just bought the poinsettia charm (for Christmas/winter) from the recent sale on Rue La La. I like the red, white and blue murano.I have orange and black muranos on my bracelet.

  3. Yay to Viola Bloom! xoxo :D Fortunately I have the Red Clover as well as the Green Clover LOL! :D Unfortunately, I cannot find the alarm clock anymore :( sob sob sob :(

    • But nay to its retirement? ;) aw, I’m sorry, the Alarm clock is so cute. :( I decided that I had to have it right at the end of the sale, and it was really hard to find here too! I managed to grab the last one in a little independent jewellers, though. Hope you manage to find one too!! xxxx

  4. My retailer was packing up all the retired charms so I couldnt get the pretzel so I got the butterfly garden charm. I was also very lucky I got their last teal charm lol.

  5. There are charms in the Fall collection that I want so I’ll leave the pretzel for now. I don’t want to overwhelm my husband with so many charms at once lol

  6. I made a list of 7 charms I want from the retiring list hopefully RueLala will have them when they have the next sale. Most of them are heart charms since I am thinking about making an all heart bracelet soon.

    • Rue La La usually get all the retired pieces eventually, so hopefully you guys will get some good prices on these! I love the idea of an all heart bracelet – Pandora offer so many lovely heart charms that there’s no end of inspiration for them! <3

  7. Hi!
    Does Russian doll have a stamp S925 Ale or 925 Ale? And is it possible that both of them can be found on the same type of charm? I bought two russian dolls and they have different stamps :(

    • Hi, yes that’s possible – it depends on when each doll charm was made. Any before 2012 will not have the S :)

      • Thank you Ellie!
        You are a life saver and your blog is just amazing!!! It is a real pleasure to follow all your posts! Good luck and all the best in the future ?

  8. Hi, I love your blog. I had some unhappy things happen as 2017 started. I went in to a Pandora obsession that lasted 4 months. I still love my charms, I have about 200. Now I’m not sure how to figure out in the cold light of day if I have any fakes; if I do they are really good. How do I find out when they debuted in order to determine the S or not in the Hallmark. Please, I spent a lot of money the way some gamble but I need to better assess what I have, Please Help!

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