Today’s post features my September round-up of all Pandora news and rumours for the upcoming month! This feature encompasses all the dates you need to know for September, but usually features little bits and pieces of news that didn’t make it to their own post. The beautiful Pandora Autumn 2014 and Pandora Essence Autumn 2014 collections just launched at the end of last month, and September offers some great promotions if you want to indulge in some of the new pieces!

pandora fall 2014 a

US Bracelet Promotion 

pandora essence bracelet promotion
The biggest Pandora news for September has to be the US and Canada’s amazing free bracelet promotion, which is set to be better than ever this time around, and will run from the 18th until the 21st of September (or the 22nd if your store is closed on a Sunday). There is an incredible range of free bracelets up for grabs:

  • spend $100 USD ($125 CAD) and receive your choice of the Pandora silver barrel clasp bracelet, the Pandora silver bangle or the Pandora Essence bracelet
  • spend $500 USD ($550 CAD) and receive the Pandora two-tone bracelet
  • spend $3,000 USD ($3,300 CAD) and receive the 14kt gold Pandora barrel clasp bracelet

This is a simply fantastic opportunity to try out the Pandora Essence bracelet, or to just go for it and invest in a gold Pandora bracelet. The initial spend might be pretty steep, but the amount you’d save is phenomenal! :D

UK Silver Bracelet Promotion

In contrast to the US promo, the Pandora silver bracelet promotion may seem a little pedestrian – however, it’s still good to finally have confirmation on the details for this promotion! While it was originally scheduled to take place in July this year, it’s now been moved to this month.

  • The promotion will take place from the 25th to the 28th of September and, if you spend £125 or more in a single transaction, then you will receive a free silver barrel clasp bracelet.

With the lovely new Autumn 2014 pieces to choose from, I don’t imagine that you’ll have too much difficulty hitting that spend! ;)

Pandora Rose Silver Release

pandora rose silver banner

I posted last month about the upcoming October release of the Pandora Rose Silver collection in the US – it’s worth including here, as retailers in the US often receive upcoming collections a little before their release date, so keep an eye out for it near the end of September! :D

However, I do have a possible update regarding the international release of this collection. I have since contacted Pandora in the UK regarding the Rose Silver collection, only to receive this reply:

email from pandora regarding pandora rose

Customer service reps are often cagey about revealing details about upcoming collections, but I was a little concerned to get such a definite statement that it wouldn’t be released in the UK. Consequently, we’ll have to wait and see if the Pandora Rose Silver collection is going to be available in other regions too. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be released in other regions eventually, considering the fact that it was tested in multiple markets. If anyone has any information, please feel free to share. ;)

My Comment

I absolutely loved the Autumn 2014 releases, and I think my focus for September will be acquiring a couple more of those and working out some designs with them! ^^ I don’t think that I am going to be taking part in either bracelet promotion this time around (my collection is definitely big enough for now, haha!) but I am kind of bowled over by how much range is being offered in the North American bracelet promotion. What an amazing selection of bracelets! I’d definitely be tempted to save up if the UK offered something similar – it’s a great opportunity to get the two-tone bracelet or to start the Pandora Essence collection.

In terms of blog news, I’m planning a series of reviews heading up to the promotion dates, encompassing some different bracelet types and some reviews of some of the Pandora Autumn 2014 collection. Hopefully this will help to give you some inspiration if you’re deciding what to get in the promos, or just to get you in the mood!

Will you be doing any of the promos for this month? Have you bought any Pandora Autumn 2014 pieces? Let me know!

31 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up For September 2014

  1. Hello, I informed near the Belgian Pandora supplier concerning the Rose Silver collection but now answer yet. From the new collection I ordered the Openwork floral heart padlock silver charm and the Angel wing silver dangle with 14k heart. I hope they will bring out the Rose collection in Belgium.

    • Oh good, hopefully it will be the answer you’re hoping for – I’d be very surprised if it really was a US-only release. Please do let us know if you hear anything! :) Beautiful choices; I especially love the Floral Heart Padlock, although the Love and Guidance charm is very pretty too! <3

      • Hello Ellie, Yesterday I received the answer that the release of the Rose collection is only for Australia and for the moment no other countries. Strange answer I think. I think I have to wait and see. I would be very disappointed if the collection would not be released in Belgium. Greetz.

        • Hi Petra, that’s a strange answer indeed… I’ve seen the US booklet for the Pandora Rose collection and it’s definitely coming out there! We will have to wait and see, and keep our fingers crossed I suppose. Thanks very much for filling us in! :)

  2. I was curious to hear if anyone purchased the floral padlock heart? I viewed it in the store was was so disappointed! The silver seemed dull and lifeless and it was so uninspiring! I was so looking forward to that charm–the beauty shots seemed lovely. By contrast, king of the jungle is amazing! I have a child named Leo, so the charm was a delightful no brainer. One out of two-not bad. Just wondering about what others may have thought…

    • I purchased the Floral Heart Padlock myself and I’ll admit that I love it. The little flower and leaf detailing up close is just lovely. However I can definitely understand why it disappointed; it is a bit chunkier than it looks in the stock images, and it just doesn’t look quite the same. I have read comments from a number of people who saw it in person and decided it wasn’t for them, just like you. On the other hand, I didn’t think the silver was dull exactly – it features a lot of oxidised detail but in natural light I think it’s still quite shiny! :) I’m going to publish a review on it soon, so I’ll have some more thoughts on it then.
      However I also completely adore the King of the Jungle and he is next on my wish list! I didn’t take that much notice of him when the stock images first came out, but he is just lovely in person. ^^

  3. Ooh so glad we’ve got a date now.. Thanks for updating us :) now to save my pennies and get ready for a blow out.. Just my wish list is so long it’s deciding which charms I want :D definitely the new bear hug charm and not sure what else… Need to decide :D so excited xx

    • Yes, finally! ^^ Aha, I’m glad you’re excited – my wish list for the Autumn collection is about as long as my arm too haha. The Bear Hug is just too adorable – look forward to hearing about what you get! xx

      • Think I’ve decided on the bear hug charm and the sleigh charm.. And maybe one more.. Had my eye on the sleigh one since I got my first bracelet a few weeks ago.. Can’t wait now :D xx

  4. Ahh finally the uk bracelet promo! Am planning to indulge as the 25th is my payday, eek! Planning to start with the floral heart padlock eek! Thanks Ellie! Xx

  5. Hi — love your posts……..
    Pandora did not update anything for Halloween themes..huh ? Would love to see a Pandora Skull … As they are so popular today…

    • Hi! :D No, I was disappointed and a little surprised, too, that they weren’t bringing out some more Halloween charms. A skull would be popular but I think they will always go with safer designs unfortunately :/ I’d love to see a new ghost charm (although the original one was very cute!), a bat, a cauldron, a spider’s web… there are so many fun ones they could do! You never know, maybe they’ll be out next year…

  6. Hi! I love your site and I check it near daily. (Even at work!) I was lucky enough to receive the floral padlock from my boyfriend when the collection first showed up in my area here in Western Canada. I love it! In regards to some above comments- I too thought it would be more substantial, but I have a lot of the light, open work charms like Wanderlust, Silver Linings and Autumn Bliss, so I think it fits in wonderfully! I am so excited for the bracelet promo- my store will do the oxidized bracelet for $5 extra, so I plan to pick that one up, as well as the lovely Mystic Floral and Evening Floral!

    • Hi Alexis! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy the blog; thank you for taking the time to tell me! I love the Floral Heart Padlock, too, and it was my first must-have from this collection. I’m a fan of the openwork charms as well, so the light, intricate feel to it really appeals to me. My only reservation in that respect was that I did think that it was priced highly for what it was.
      Gorgeous promo choices – they are both on my own wish list! <3 I'm about to publish a review of the oxidised bracelet, too (although I'll reveal in advance that I love it haha). Thanks for commenting, and I hope you enjoy your promo pieces!

  7. I love the sparking leaves ring, necklace and earrings and the braid ring from the autumn release. I’ve added those to my overflowing wishlist! I really wish they would bring out the Silver Rose collection over here as I’m loving the look of rose gold at the moment but cannot afford real rose gold.

    Make-up your mind –

    • They are lovely! <3 My wish list is also overflowing with Autumn pieces haha; this collection is just too pretty. I'm really hoping that the Pandora Rose is coming out here, too – I'm the same as you, in that I love the look of rose gold jewellery, but the price for solid Pandora rose gold is just too high. My current plated Rose Silver pieces have held up really well so far, too, so hopefuly they'll make a good alternative! Thanks for commenting ! :)

  8. Has anyone compared what USA and UK will have to pay to get their free bracelet? I think we in the UK get a poor deal!

    • Yes, the US promo is so much better that it’s almost insulting. ;) $100 is roughly £60, so the spend is much lower in the US for starters! Lots of ladies in the UK opt to get someone in the US to help out instead.

  9. I only get to choose 6 charms when my cousins came to visit me for my belated birthday celebration :D Then I could not resist the cute Labrador dog charm :D I didn’t like it from the stock photo but when I saw it in person, I just have to buy it! So I bought it because it means a lot to me for buying it out of my own pocket instead of receiving it as a birthday gift :D Will style it soon too LOL!! Hahaahah! xoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3

    • Aw, I look forward to seeing it on your bracelet! <3 The pictures you posted already of the Dolls were just beautiful – I need to get the Japanese one! I thought the Lab was so adorable in person, too, but both my dogs are spaniels so I didn't get him. ^^ Do you have a dog? xxxxxx

  10. Oh no :( I didn’t realise that the rose gold isn’t coming to the UK, that’s so depressing. I really want a bracelet, the charms I can live without but the bracelet I’ve lusted after for a while! Wahh xx

    • It still might be! I don’t 100% trust the customer service reps to have told me the truth haha. Although she did sound quite definite. :/ At least we’d be forced to get them from the US, which would most probably be cheaper? The bracelet is gorgeous – that was my most-wanted too. xx

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