*UPDATED December 2014 with additional details and pics* Exciting news today as we have an early sneak peek at the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection! It feels kind of bizarre to be writing ‘2015’ already, but I am definitely not complaining. ;) The collection, unsurprisingly, focuses once again on soft romantic themes, with pretty pinks and heart motifs characterising the pieces. I don’t have any concrete information yet as to release dates or pricing, but Valentine’s Day releases tend to be out in mid-January. This collection is scheduled for release on the 15th of January. 

These images are shared with the kind permission of the Pandora’s Angels Facebook page, so please do not reproduce them without crediting them! :)

Charms & Bracelets

The collection includes a number of new charms and bracelets – perhaps the most striking of these is a new heart clasp Pandora Moments bracelet! I love the way Pandora are experimenting with changing the clasps on the bracelets – we’ve previously seen LE pavé clasps for the Pandora bangle, and it’s about time the traditional bracelet got the same treatment. ;) Up until now, special clasp bracelets have been limited edition, so it’s possible that this one will be too.

pandora valentines-day 2015 bracelets

There are also a couple of two-tone pieces and a gold version of the popular Pavé Heart series. I am something of a pink-lover, and my eyes were immediately drawn to what looks to be a new, more delicate pink shade of the Fizzle muranos. I have long maintained that the existing one is more peach than pink!

pandora valentine's day 2015

There will, of course, also be a selection of pavé charms. These include a pavé ‘Love’ pendant, and some more heart designs – the Pavé Heart in the bottom left hand corner looks to be a clip. I usually love Pandora’s heart-lock-and-key motifs, but this pavé version looks a little oddly-proportioned from the stock image. :S

The With Love charm is a Jared’s exclusive charm in the US.

pandora valentine's day 2015 pave


The rings feature similar motifs, with pavé detailing and two-tone decoration. The first two-tone ring is gorgeous, and I’m intrigued by the ‘LOVE’ ring – the cubic zirconia detailing looks a little off from the stock image, but I get the feeling that it’s one of those pieces that will look great in person. The Hugs and Kisses ring will be a Jared’s exclusive in the US.


My Comment

From a first impression, I like this collection a lot. Some of the pieces are a little too pavé for my liking, but I adore the new pink murano, the heart-clasp bracelet and the two-tone Love charm! :D

For those who continue to yearn for the subtler aesthetic and genuine gemstones of Pandora’s older pieces, this collection still isn’t going to please. However, I think overall it’s an improvement on last year’s Valentine’s Day collection, with a softer colour scheme and some pretty two-tone pieces.

What do you think of the collection? Are any of these pieces for you?

32 Comments on Preview: Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 Collection

  1. As exciting as this is, I’m really just can’t think of any release except the disney one! I’m so excited to see what they come out with!

    • Aha, I can totally understand that – I’m dying to know which characters they’ve chosen. According to the Disney Parks blog, we should be getting some more images later this month!

  2. I am a HUGE heart fan so I cannot wait for this collection to come out!!! Love the bracelets and rings!! Cannot wait! Saving up from now haha. Thank You Ellie for yet another awesome post!!!

    Sara A.

    • I love hearts too! :D The bracelet in particular is lovely. I’m sure I’ll talk myself into getting that one at least (even though I definitely do not need another bracelet), so I’d better get saving too haha!
      Thanks for commenting, Sara! Glad you’re excited :D xxxx

  3. Hi dear!! As you are aware I am still on med leave :D LOL!! So nice to be at home, love being lazy most of the time!! LOL! Wow! I missed so many things here and also on IG! LOL! I second what you said about the Pink Fizzle murano!! The existing Pink fizzle is indeed more peach than pink! LOL!! This pink is more subtle but again, never know until we see it in person though! :D I am still quite upset with the Yellow/Golden murano. hahaha! I know why the heart-lock-and-key pave looked so odd! The size of the key looked like as though it’s not meant for the heart padlock because the keyhole of the heart padlock looked tiny. LOL What have I just said? I am sorry I am not good at describing LOL!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 I like the new heart clasp of the bracelet! Finally something nice from Pandora to look forward to LOL!!!

    • Hi lovely! I am VERY glad to hear that you are having some lazy days, and it was very nice to wake up to some comments from you, too. ^^ Glad you’re on the mend. <3
      I was quite disappointed in the Pink Fizzle when it first came out, as it just wasn't pink, so hopefully this new one will make up for it! Although maybe it’ll be peachy in person too. ;) I actually quite liked the golden murano in person! It looks very pretty with two-tone and gold. Why don't you like it? :) Is it not yellow enough? Aha, what you said made perfect sense – the proportions do look all out in that charm! It could just be the stock image though. :S
      Aha, it is lovely – but is Pandora not doing it for you at the moment? xxxxx

      • Hi beautiful! LOL!! :D Yes, so nice to get the chance to be lazy last week. Hmm, I kinda suspect that every batch of the golden murano is different. The ones here still not nice in person though. The colour was too mellow :( Precisely, not that kind of bright yellow :( I have just designed the bracelet with the new Dove of Peace pendant LOL! I will be wearing it this evening for dinner! LOL! See you on IG. Have a good Tuesday there! hugs! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

        • Mm, there’s probably a lot of variation with this murano too. However I’ve not seen any that are a bright yellow – they’re all a golden amber colour. I really like it, but it would be lovely if there was one more sunshine-y for you! ;)
          Can’t wait to see your bracelet with the Dove! I’ve been considering getting him and some inspiration is exactly what I need haha. Hope you had a great Tuesday also – and that you have a lovely Wednesday too. ^^ xxxxxxxx

      • LOL!! Sunshine-y LOL! :D Unfortunately I was not really impressed with the golden amber colour in person though. Perhaps can be different on retail photos methinks :P I am sorry that I have also been very busy at work lately that I did not get the chance to be on IG that often too :( Hugs <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxo :D

      • Hi Sarah! Wow! Tee~hee! Yes indeed I am :P LOL!! xoxo
        Hi Tia! Yes, am as fit as a fiddle now :D LOL!! thank you xoxo
        Hope all of you have a WONDERFUL Friday and BLESSED weekend ahead!! Muacks~! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxo

    • Hey Ann and Ellie! I’m Tia a.k.a. ‘adornablearts’ from Instagram. :)

      I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but I find that the Valentine’s 2015 collection looks like a regurgitation of charms that have previously been released. The heart clasp bracelet is nice, but Chamilia has already released a heart clasp bangle a while ago so I feel like it’s not anything new.

      Right now, I’m just looking forward to the Pandora Rose release and Xmas 2014 collection as there are a few charms that I want to get.

      Hope you guys are doing well!

      • Hi Tia! :D Nice to see you here! I do get what you mean – the Valentine’s Day collection is usually the weakest creatively, I think, and always relies heavily on stock heart and love motifs. Having said that, I do very much like the heart-clasp bracelet and a couple of other pieces, despite them lacking originality perhaps. ^^ I can completely understand why you’re not overly enthused, though.
        I’m more excited for the Pandora Rose and Disney collections (and I’m very much hoping it makes it to the UK), but I’m sure I’ll be prodding my OH for one of these pieces come Valentine’s Day next year haha.
        Thanks for commenting! <3

      • Omigosh! You are Tia, our adorablearts from IG! So HAPPY to see you here my dear!! :D (Come Ellie, let’s clap our hands to welcome our lovely Tia! LOL!! Pardon my craziness today. I am in the office, have done my part but waiting for the super slow manager to review the work done earlier. He’s like a SNAIL sometimes! LOL!! I hope Pandora would come out with a SNAIL charm so that I can wear it to work to remind the SNAIL-demeanour manager here! LOL!!!) There’s no Chamilia here so I am quite thrilled to see the Pandora’s heart clasp bangle in due course :D Me too! I am looking forward to the Pandora Rose and Christmas collections! Have a great Tuesday there! <3 <3 <3 xoxoxo

      • Hey Ann! LOL.. I think there is a retired snail charm! I’ve seen pictures of it before, but I don’t have one though.

        Glad to see you’re feeling better and back at work now!

  4. I love theTT heart dangle, the pink murano (and I’m not a murano lover!) and the heart bracelet… But I’m not too keen on the rest, it’s all a bit too pave for me, but I can appreciate it all. All very pretty, oddly I prefer last years collection even though I barely own any of that ;) haha! But the rings are my favourite, I need the tt hearts and the ca hearts argh! Xx

    • No, I’m not overly keen on the more pavé pieces from these images – although the pavé charms do usually tend to look quite a lot better in person! I’m always happy when I only like a few pieces from a collection, though (so long as I really like them!); my wallet can breathe a little bit haha. I suppose there were some more original pieces in last year’s collection, such as the adorable Love Note charm (the only one I got). These don’t really move beyond the obvious heart and love motifs, but I do think that some are nicely done!
      The rings are very pretty, especially the two-tone! I really need to start a Pandora ring collection haha. I’m so charm-focused! Xx

  5. It’s funny because I have been eyeing up the chamilia bangle with the heart clasp recently, and then this pops up! I will definitely be purchasing the heart clasp bracelet, I wonder how they will present it? I mean will they sell it alone? Or in a bundle I wonder? If they team it up with the new fizzle I’ll be happy ?. Lol.

    • Haha, serendipity! I love that bracelet, too, and I expect I’ll get it – even though I’ve hit double figures in terms of my bracelet collection :o I hadn’t thought about bundling – although, knowing Pandora UK, they probably will do that. :/ But pairing it with the new Fizzle would be perfect! If they choose any of the others, it would be a little annoying lol.

      • Double figures!? Whaaat!? Lol me too. But I don’t care. I love them all!!!!!
        Yeah will be annoying if they bundle the bracelet with one of the other charms. I bet they do. Just to annoy us ?

  6. I agree and I like this much better than last V-day collection, which really feels like yesterday to me… Anyhow I think I will be getting the heart dangle with the gold in the middle because I have the “be my valentine” dangle with rhodolite and I think they would look great on a bracelet together. And I also love the padlock heart and the heart clasp bracelet. Also in love with the pave round bead with what appears to be (and I hope) is black hearts. And lastly I always wanted the pink effervescence but don’t like the “peachiness” like you say so maybe this one will be the one my heart desires lol Although it looks a little bright and I get the feeling it is going to lean on the neon side, which is nice, but not for my collection. Can’t wait to see this in live shots along with the Disney! The Disney suspense is killing me here!

    • Aha, me too, it does seem like two minutes ago. Although I suppose it wasn’t actually that long ago – these pictures are out very early! We didn’t get a preview of the last Valentine’s collection until December.
      Oooh yes, those would look lovely together! Haha, I’m hoping that the Fizzle murano isn’t too neon/bright, I’d rather a lovely soft pink pastel shade! Something more like the existing pink Looking Glass murano, which is one of my favourites. A lot of the Pandora pink muranos are kind of peachy, so I’m hopeful for this one! ;)
      Oh gosh, I know. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to see those Disney charms. They know how to ramp up the suspense, don’t they? ;)

  7. Meh. Not seeing a lot that I’m crazy about with these new introductions, mainly because I’m really not a pink person at ALL. I do like the snake bracelet with the heart clasp. I also like the openwork pave hearts and the openwork pave two-tone Love one. May of them look like alterations of existing pieces, though, and there aren’t any I’m burning to own (unlike the fall and winter lines!).

    I’ve got to agree with Danielle. Dis-NEY, Dis-NEY, Dis-NEY! :-) I’m going on a Disney cruise and Disney World in November, as luck would have it, and I can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon.

    • Haha, I really love pink! So the murano alone (providing it is the same colour IRL) is perfect for me. The fact that a lot of the newer charms are variations on existing designs and themes bugs me slightly too, however. Especially the endless re-imagining of pavé heart openworks haha.
      Eugh, I know – I’m getting impatient too. Hopefully there will be some pics out soon! ;) I just read something from someone who has seen the collection and apparently there’s no Winnie the Pooh, though. :(

        • Lol, he was my most-wished for too! :( Well, they have a ten year contract with Disney so hopefully he will be released at some point. Apparently it’s mainly Mickey and Minnie…

    • Hi Kayla, I’m afraid that the Jared’s exclusives are not usually available at all in Canada. :( Consequently I don’t think you’ll be able to buy the With Love charm in Canadian stores. It’s a shame as it’s one of my favourites from the collection!

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