Today’s post brings the news that the Pandora Rose collection is beginning to trickle into stores in the US! While Pandora does set official release dates, retailers in North America often receive stocks of the new pieces before this. To celebrate the collection’s imminent debut, I’m also sharing some gorgeous images from an official preview of the upcoming Pandora Rose Silver release that took place at the New York Fashion Week.

pandora rose collection

For those who are unaware, Pandora Rose is a new collection of rose-plated jewellery, featuring a new silver/copper alloy as its base metal. If you want to know more about this release, you can see my complete preview of the Pandora Rose Silver collection here, which offers stock images and US pricing! Its official release date in the US is the 2nd of October – however there is no information on a global release yet. :(

Pandora Rose begins to arrive in stores

The Pandora Rose collection is beginning to hit stores in the US, and I’m really enjoying seeing the new images of the jewellery! This shot taken by the Pandora store at the OC Mall is perfect for highlighting the difference between the regular yellow gold and the plated rose gold. To the right, some Pandora Rose pieces are modelled on the new two-tone bangle:

Image by Pandora OC Mall
Image by Pandora Ocean County Mall

And this image by Pandora Freehold provides a wonderful close-up look at the Rose bracelet and charms:

pandora rose pandora freehold
Image by Pandora Freehold

However, you should still be sure to call your store to see if they have the new charms in before visiting!

Pandora Rose Collection at New York Fashion Week

The Pandora Rose collection was officially showcased earlier this month during the New York Fashion Week at the Empire Hotel – and, to be honest, the event itself looks pretty amazing, featuring 10,000 roses in its decoration! :o

Image by Pandora_NA
Image by Pandora_NA

The following images are published courtesy of Lara at Pretty Connected. You should check out her excellent write-up of the event, too!

As the Pandora Rose Silver collection came out as a test release back in April, we’re all pretty familiar with its individual pieces. However this fashion preview does set off and showcase the jewellery remarkably well!

Image by PrettyConnected
Image by PrettyConnected

I absolutely love the delicate pink flowers they chose to set off the jewellery.

Image by PrettyConnected
Image by PrettyConnected

My favourite pieces from this collection are perhaps the Light as a Feather set – I absolutely love the silver versions, and they are just as pretty set in rose gold. <3

Image by PrettyConnected
Image by PrettyConnected

However, it wasn’t all delicate pinks and roses – the jewellery also looked great toughened up with the silver leather bracelet. They look so pretty and contemporary – I’m definitely a fan of this collection. ;)

pandora rose silver preview 4 prettyconnected
Image by Pretty Connected

My Comment

I am definitely a pink fan, so the delicate florals that Pandora have chosen for this collection are exactly to my taste!

If it is not coming out in the UK, then I will definitely be trying to get hold of a couple of these pieces from overseas. I already have the Rose bracelet and the smooth heart charm, but I’d love to add at least the Rose Light as a Feather and the Centre of Attention to my collection!

Are you looking forward to the Rose Silver release? Which pieces would you like to get?

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  1. Ah sounds nice actually. I’ve managed to get my paws on a Black Friday 2011 charm today so a Christmas bracelet has to happen! X

    • Oh it is, I really like it. Ah how exciting! I’m actually thinking about getting one too – I still haven’t decided what to do with the Stella I got in the summer sale, and the 2011 BF would look pretty with it I think. ^^ Look forward to seeing how you style it! x

      • Argh I wish I’d bought the Stella in the achica sale, it’s gorgeous! :( will have to keep my eyes peeled I think. I think the darker two tones look amazing on an oxy bracelet, shame I now need to buy one;) x

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