Exciting news today as an image of a new Pandora murano glass design has appeared on Pandora’s UK website, called the Wildflower Tribute. We don’t know yet what exactly this charm is being released for, but rumour has it that it is going to be in commemoration of this year’s Remembrance Day.

The design is similar to the existing Cherry Blossom murano, but with a red and black poppy flower design, the iconic symbol of remembrance for those killed in war. Like most murano glass, it is priced at £30.

pandora wildflower murano tribute

The charm, as far as I’m aware, has only appeared on the UK edition of the Pandora.net website and eStore, so it is possibly an exclusive to the UK. The eStore is listing the charm as out of stock, however, although I don’t know if this is because they have genuinely sold out or it isn’t available to order yet. I did ring my local store this morning to ask about it, but they didn’t seem to have any idea what I was talking about lol.

*UPDATED* Pandora stores in the UK are now quoting the 16th of October as its release date! The charm was originally due out yesterday but there have been issues with delivery.

I have also had an email back from Pandora, who have confirmed that they will be pledging £50,000 of the profits from this charm to the Soldiers Trading Limited, which pays all its taxable profits to the Soldiers’ Charity (registered charity number 1146420 in England and Wales).

My Comment

I think that this is a lovely design, and if it is a release in aid of charity, then so much the better! The Cherry Blossom murano is one of my favourite glass charms, and I love this variation on it.

What do you think of this (possibly) exclusive charm? Will you be trying to obtain one?

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    • Oh me too, I’d love a couple of these for my silver leather bracelet. Definitely a must-have for me. My store just called back and said that they think they should have them in stock by mid-October and that they’d put a couple aside for me. ^^ That sounds beautiful! <3 With the red in the cherry blossom murano, I think they'd look nice together too!

    • well, we don’t know for sure that it’s a UK exclusive :) but if it is, I’m sure there will be people willing to help out – I’d be happy to help you get a couple!

  1. They were putting all those poppies in the Tower when I was in London, so I would love to have one. If anyone needs any US exclusive charms (like the Black Friday if I can get my hands on them!), I’d be happy to do an exchange of charms!

    • I love this one, too, and how fun if it’s a country exclusive! I think the Black Friday might be available in the uk this year but the Pandora Rose and Disney charms would make a great exchange. :)

  2. Hi Are these priced at 30 or 35 GBP? Someone posted a receipt on one of the groups saying they are 35 and that the extra 5 pounds goes to the charity?

    • I saw that, too, and honestly I’m not sure what the answer is yet. On the official pandora website and the app, they are still priced at £30 and I bought one on Friday for £30 from Argento. I haven’t seen £35 listed anywhere else as of yet. I’d be a little annoyed if it was £35 – it seems a little mean not to donate from their own profits…

      • Pandora have pledged £50,000 to a soldiers charity…. I paid £30 at Argento but there is a lady who bought from a concept store and paid £35. It’s not on argento anymore so either priced wrong – or sold out?

        • Yes, I saw that the Argento link vanished – perhaps they were selling it before they were allowed to. If it should be priced at £35, it is a little odd that they’ve not corrected it yet on the official Pandora website/app. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

      • If they are charging the extra money as the charitable donation, I personally think that it is very cheap of Pandora and not at all charitable.

  3. I hear they will be available in Australia end of October 2014.
    Just curious, are they Limited Edition or like the cherry blossom muranos, permanent?

    • Yes I heard that too! Really exciting news! As for their status in the collection, I queried it with Pandora UK and they said explicitly that they are not limited edition. :)

  4. Picked up my wildflower tribute charm today :) stores dont have the codes for them yet but they are on sale now x

    also back in stock on pandoras estore (uk)

    • Yay, I got mine in the post today too! It’s pretty, isn’t it? Thanks very much for the heads-up and info – that’s so helpful of you! I’m writing an updated post on it soon xx

  5. I wonder how that would look with your little Japanese Doll charm? I really like that one, though it doesn’t go with the bracelets I currently have in progress.

    • It’s funny because I was actually planning on wearing it with the Japanese Doll, but when I put them together I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would! Consequently I didn’t put the Doll in the Wildflower review I just published – but I’ll add a picture in of them together over the weekend. The doll is lovely, it’s just quite hard to match with other Pandora charms!

    • I took a super quick shot of them together as I’ve been really busy – sorry! It’s not great at all but I hope this gives you some idea. I do actually like them better together than I thought – a red and white theme featuring them both might be quite pretty!

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