Today’s post brings a couple of additional sneak peeks at the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection, with images of a couple of new unseen pieces! I also have some lovely campaign images, which showcase some of the new jewellery and give you a little inspiration. This collection is due to be released on the 15th of January – you can preview all the other charms coming out with the collection by having a look back through the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 tag. :)

New pieces

I have images of two new pieces: an additional charm and a ring! I am not entirely sure, but I think these two may be Jared’s exclusives in North America – meaning that they will be sold exclusively through Jared’s Galleria stores. This does not affect the rest of the world, where they will be sold normally.

The charm is a heart-shaped silver gift box, with pink cubic zirconia detailing. It strikes me as a Valentine’s Day version of the Sparkling Surprise charm for Winter 2014. Personally, I absolutely love the look of this piece – that delicate shade of pink is just lovely!

pandora valentine's day 2015 collectino preview

The second piece is a new ring, with an ‘XOXO’ pattern detailed in cubic zirconia.

pandora valentine's day 2015 sneak peek

Campaign Images

In this first image, you’ll notice the new heart box gift charm in the top corner! I also love the look of the new heart clasp bracelet! <3

pandora preview valentine's day 2015

In the next shot, you can see the new Tumbling Hearts pavé charm, accompanied by the Open Your Heart pavé clips and Lock of Love padlock charm.

pandora preview valentine's day 2015

The two-tone Message of Love charm looks really pretty here, alongside the new two-tone heart dangle. While it might be an openwork, it’s also one of my favourites from this collection.

pandora valentine's day 2015 campaign 4

Finally, we have a shot of the new rings coming out for Valentine’s Day, all on a sparkling theme.

pandora preview valentine's day 2015

My Comment

While not all of these pieces are to my taste, there are a number of individual charms that I love from this collection, and I’m adding the heart gift box charm to my wish list. I absolutely love that shade of soft pink, similar to that of the Circle of Love bangle from Mother’s Day this year, and so I’ll probably be dropping hints to my OH for it next Valentine’s Day. ;)

What do you think of these new pieces? Is anything going on your wish list?

14 Comments on Additional Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 Sneak Peeks!

  1. Ohh they are beautiful. I just hope they will all be available in Australia- do you have that info? Thanks for this amazing post!

    • Ah well, sometimes it’s good not to like too much from a new collection! ;) I’m after the bracelet, the two-tone love charm, the murano and now this gift box charm haha.

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